I’ve been looking for some time of the best solution how to do my phone mirroring in a car and finally looks like I have found it. It is the Hudly Wireless heads-up display.

Before I start to praise, this Kickstarter device lets say some words about another similar phone mirroring solutions on the market for today.

Why do I need smartphone mirroring?

The first it is a safety as such a solution can decrease distracted driving by using voice commands like Siri or OK Google.

Secondly, maybe it is not in order of importance, a bigger screen as even the largest iPhone screen is not enough for me to see some details without glasses. I do not need to use glasses for driving but can’t see all the details on the phone roadmaps.

The third and so on, it is so many times I’d just like to see my iPhone’s content on the bigger screen in my car on a parking place or entertain passengers at the longer ride.Not to be said that there is nothing on the market for phone or tablet mirroring. Most popular for today is CarPlay for iOS and Android Auto for Android devices.

I would not like to make a detailed review of those good solutions by Apple and Android phone makers which you can easily find online.

There are at least two drawbacks not acceptable to me for now.

The first one actually is not a drawback just your car have to be equipped with one of those systems.

I have not had such a car for the time being, but I’ve driven and used the car for some time with CarPlay, so it’s not completely alien to me.

Here is my summary of CarPlay.

Second, it is not a complete phone mirroring as Apple does not allow some third parties apps like my favorite Waze Navigation. To be honest regarding Waze looks like a situation is changed after iOS 12 update as Apple’s CarPlay will no longer force you to use Apple Maps to get directions.

All in all, CarPlay has the user-friendly interface, Siri voice control, and control knobs on a steering wheel. The main drawback is limited access to phone applications.

No car produced before 2014 is equipped with the CarPlay interface. An exception could be Pioneer navigation systems which work with CarPlay or Android Auto and can be installed on the limited range of car models.

Another smartphone mirroring way is MirrorLink.

What is MirrorLink?

MirrorLink is a device interoperability standard that offers integration between a smartphone and a car’s infotainment system. MirrorLink transforms smartphones into automotive application platforms where apps are hosted and run on the smartphone while drivers and passengers interact with them through the steering wheel controls, dashboard buttons and touch screens of their car’s In-Vehicle Infotainment system.”

MirrorLink software works with most Android-enabled smartphones but not with any Apple devices so not interesting for me at all.

I found one more screen mirroring option it’s called a mirror box. SmartSee Car WiFi Display Box is one of such a device.

”This mini car box is specially designed for car. Its main function is transferring navigation, audio, video and games information to the screen in your car from smart phone and tablet through the wireless WiFi. With this Car WiFi Display, you can enjoy entertainment better in car.”

Sounds good to be true for $30. Even if my car were equipped with an appropriate display, I would not use this option.

Let’s take a look at the phone mirroring device I would choose, and it is Hudly Wireless Head-Up Display (HUD) for All Cars.

Here are some words from producer site:

Cast absolutely anything on your phone to match your driving experience to your needs. Use apps you already love (like Waze and Google Maps) and instantly access navigation and notifications right in your line of sight. Use our optional Vehicle Health Monitor to get real time stats from your car’s OBD2. Avoid problems with speed, fuel levels & more directly in your line of sight.”

It is exactly what I am looking for; I can see everything from my iPhone on the screen on my car’s dashboard right before my eyes.

Is it really as good as advertised by the producer?

I did fairly extensive research on the internet and here is my conclusion.

I found the Hudly Wireless Head-up display as the best solution of phone mirroring for my car. I do not wanna say that it is convenient for everyday use, but definitely, it is great on long trips. Actually, you can use it on the daily basis like I use my iPhone Waze app to monitor traffic jams or police traps if you’re not afraid to leave it on the dashboard or trouble yourself with the removal.

What bad I found about Hudly Wireless HUD?

When mirroring from your phone, audio is played through a speaker on the device. It is ok for navigation but not to simultaneously listening HQ music through your car’s Bluetooth stereo.

And again, this issue is not for me as I use music streaming, generally Spotify, by connecting my iPhone X with a cable to AUX. But for those who use a Bluetooth feature for music, it could be a problem. Even in that case, you can use HDMI cable to connect HUD instead of Wi-Fi dongle to listen to your favorite songs via BT.

As I wrote above, you can get your car diagnostics, and much useful info from OBD (on-board diagnostics) sold separately.

I found that some users have problems with it, but I guess that it depends on the car model, e.g., Audi cars could cause headaches to force OBD showing data on Hudly Wireless head-up display.

There are also some remarks regarding the built-in navigation app. It works but with limited options. Regarding navigation, I consider myself a rather knowledgeable and experienced user. As far as you can mirror everything from a smartphone, You are free to use much better GPS navigation apps. I prefer Waze for everyday driving in combination with Sygic for long trips. Both have live traffic information to choose the fastest route and so on. More detailed you can read in my posts.

The price.

From the first look, it is rather steep almost $300 nevertheless I would buy this, but Hudly does not make shipment overseas. Luckily I have a solution as my daughter is about to fly from LA to Latvia next spring. I have time to follow how this Kickstarter device will showcase itself on the market and make a choice.

In conclusion, I would like to say that this is a viable product even if the company can face difficulties. Only you can miss is the support but so far it works, and you enjoy Hudly Wireless Head-Up display features no need to any support at all.

Just to end my post, I found that the best way to purchase the Hudly Wireless Head-Up display is directly from the homepage.

Enjoy your safe trip with Hudly Wireless HUD.

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