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  1. Johel
    May 23, 2017

    Your post is extremely helpful for those of us looking for a way to navigate the sea without being tied to a GPS. Learning this is very important for unexpected occurrences such as power outages or system failures as you mentioned. The knowledge you shared on using the stars for position and landmarks for distance is very insightful and something that I will remember. I also liked the fact that you mentioned items that should always be on board like spare parts, flashlights and radios. It serves as a good check list before heading out. Great job!


    • Andrejs
      May 23, 2017

      Thanks John for stopping by.

      As I wrote using sextant or star globe nowadays is more for the fun and self-education, through knowing these navigational tools would be very helpful in the emergency situation. When we talk about life-saving appliances, everything has to be in due order and sufficient numbers.


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