Perfection and Elegance of Seiko GPS Solar Watches.

Technology is developing at a fast pace, and along with many others, watchmakers also do not stand still. One of the examples is Seiko GPS Solar Watches.

Why I choose this Seiko brand?

The main reason is my personal experience of this watches. My ex-wife presented me the Seiko about ten years ago, and it is in good condition so far. It is battery powered, and the factory installed one was replaced just about three years ago. Time accuracy is simply great. I still wearing my Seiko and use this watch to this day.


Seiko watches never been the low budget items, but they make really good products. Mainly it is the watches for women and man as Japanese Seiko Watch Corporation is the first quartz watchmakers in the world since 1969.

There are hundreds of watch brands all over the world as A. Lange, Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, Breitling, Bulgari, Cartier, Casio, Citizen and more. Seiko is amongst the most famous one.

Before I start to dive a bit more detailed in Seiko GPS Solar watches a couple of words how to choose your watch in general.

I somewhere came across the next steps to choose your next watches as,

1. Style;

2. Power;

3. Atomic & GPS;

4. Material;

5. Watch Brands;

6. Water Resistance,

7. Size.

I’m a pretty practical person, and for me, the most important from listed above is power, mechanical or battery charge.

Time correction and accuracy as the GPS correction is a winner.

Water resistance as I don’t want to bother much about my watches on a beach or during fishing times.

 I would add a couple of words in point seven about size and weight.

I don’t know why, but recently I found that my Seiko has become a little bit heavy. I’ve been wearing it for nine years, and everything was okay just today I feel slightly uncomfortable to keep my watch for all day on the wrist. From the beginning, I wanted to list it as a disadvantage, but it really is just in my head.  We have smartphones into the pocket or next on the table shoving the very correct time. The weight issue is solved by titanium, extremely light and durable metal.

To see all the beauty, let’s take a look to Seiko Astron Solar GPS 100th Anniversary Men’s Watch. Actually, I hardly believe that ever wear it as the price is rather steep almost $3.5K but who knows.

Here is one happy customer’s review which explains much about this Seiko masterpiece.

“This watch is extremely light (Titanium). Fits very well and comfortably. Time is impeccable. Easy to read time. As I have seen on other posts, hard to stop looking at it. Nicer in person then in the pictures. Having the choice of two bands is very nice too (Alligator or Titanium). I live by the ocean, so the leather strap is going to be for occasional use. I have had no problems linking to satellites. The illumination is fine and easy to read the time at night. Also very sunny where I live, so haven’t seen the power move of FULL.
Overall – Very Happy with this watch. Be careful, there is a Seiko warning about authorized dealer warranties. If you don’t use one (authorized dealer), you take the risk of not being able to get the watch fixed under warranty (3 yrs for this watch). Actual Lesson learned, make sure the serial is not scratched off the back. Hope this helps. I bought mine from Japaha International in Waikiki, HI. Excellent. One last thing – there is a Free APP (Seiko Astron) that will show you how to do the basic satellite finding and Airplane mode, etc…nice touch!

From my side, just summary and why I like Seiko GPS Solar watches at all.

Time accuracy is on the highest level because of the GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites signals.

Wherever you go around the Globe, your watches will show a correct time zone.

Say you took off in New York but landed in Sydney, Australia. As soon as you step out of the plane, a Seiko GPS solar watch will show you the actual time in Sydney. You might object that every smartphone does it. Well, then you do not have to discuss the topic of wristwatch at all.

The light will power up your watches no worries about battery ended up in the very inconvenient moment. I found that Seiko Astron watches solar rechargeable battery volume remains up to 80% even after 20 years. The only you need not completely to drain out power is ambient light in the bedroom for a minute and once per winter time leave solar watch under the reading light for overnight. Even if you have fully empty, then one minute of light will be enough to watch start ticking again.

I will not stop to discuss the design. I never saw the ugly Seiko Astron GPS Solar watch; one is more beautiful than the other.

The desires and demands of your wristwatch may be slightly different, but the key is precision and design. I feel better wearing a fine wristwatch of a prestigious company, and Seiko GPS Solar watches is one of the best choices for me at least.

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  1. swangirl

    My husband likes nice watches. He is always looking for a watch that meets his specific interests. He is picky about the features a watch has but he is not so picky about how it looks. I bet he would like the Seiko Astron Solar GPS watch. I am impressed with how long you say these watches will last! I can’t imagine wearing the same watch for 10 or 20 years. That is certainly a long time to have the same accessory and therefore it would be worth investing in a high quality watch. It is easy to break or lose a cell phone and cell phones now are so large, I would rather have a nice watch!

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      You are right that wearing the same watch for twenty years is not so pleasing, but you can just leave it for a couple of years and then wear Seiko again. The Seiko Astron watches are real masterpieces, and like Rolex, they never age.

  2. Anita

    My father taught me everything I know about watches. Though I don’t get so much engrossed on which watch to choose so long as it tells the correct time. One thing I know from what my father taught me, Seiko watches are a brand worth the amount.

    This Seiko GPS solar watch must be one if it’s kind, for a traveler like me a watch that can adjust to different time zones without my interference is a plus. One day I will go by my fathers advise and get myself a Seiko watch, this particular one will be my first choice.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi Anita! Seiko is definitely a great choice.

  3. Renton

    I think you are right because I have not heard about those other brands but I definitely have heard about Seiko. I like the fact that it is solar and you said it can charge from ambient light which is great. My watch batteries were always dying.

    This sounds like a brilliant watch in terms of accuracy, power and durability. I will definitely bookmark this page and come back to it, perhaps to select a suitable Christmas present. 

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi Rentont and thanks for the comment. I should like to get such a Christmas present for myself.

  4. Emmanuel Buysse

    I love the info you provide for this watch.

    It seems that the Seiko GPS Solar is a very good one.

    What I like about it is that it is waterproof, you find lots of watches which claims they are waterproof and it turns out not to be at all.

    The change of timezone zone by itself is a cool gadget, for Europe it isn’t too needy, but in other parts of the world I think it could be necessary.

    Anyway, great post and I will check it out!

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks, Emmanuel for stopping by. I own the Seiko watches and swimming everywhere with no any problems at all. Even after seven years and battery change you can be sure that Seiko waterproof is real.

  5. Dwilli

    I personally feel a watch that costs a couple thousand dollars needs to have a few diamonds/carats in it. It is hard to really know for sure unless I can see the watch in person, but the watches appear huge in size, appearing somewhat bulky. Until I saw that Astron line, it looks a little more refined and I can see myself with it on in a business like atmosphere, in a casual setting and it looks like I can wear it just hanging out with my friends at the sports bar. I can tell that Seiko put a lot of time in making the design and its quality visible. The GPS aspect and the solar charging aspect is fantastic!

    These Seiko watches have always looked so busy in terms of style, do you think they will ever somehow slow that busy look down some?

    Thanks for the visibility of this product!


    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      For me, a Seiko watch design seems relatively conservative, but pleasant. I wear it myself almost everywhere like swimming or visit to the theatre.

  6. Chris

    I’ve been looking to get a new, more modern watch for quite some time now, as the watch I currently use is an heirloom given to me by my grandad (a 1950’s Garrad watch). It’s truly beautiful, made by the jewellers to the queen, but I only wear it on special occasions, as I’m petrified I’ll damage or lose it!

    The one thing that struck me about this article is the price on these Seiko watches – nearly as much as the valuation on my Grandfather’s watch! 

    I’d be a bit uneasy about wearing something at this price on my wrist – do they also do cheaper entry level versions?

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hello Chris and it is great to see that you are proud of and respect your grandfather’s gifted watch. It’s a value not to be measured in money. Seiko Astron Solar GPS 100th Anniversary Men’s Watch is a luxury item but it definitely worth the money. I’m sure any Seiko watch is excellent, even those who cost just $200.

  7. Dianne

    I found this article in good time, my partner has his 40th birthday coming up and I was thinking about buying him a watch. 

    I am looking for a watch that can keep or many years ahead and so I am looking for a watch that has longevity and is timeless in its look!

    Your review on Seiko watches is great and you point out some very interesting features, I think I now have Seiko on my list of possibilities for this gift.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi Dianne and thanks for stopping by. I would also love to have such a gift.

  8. Samson Oklobia

    I absolutely love Seiko watches, mostly because of the durability and accuracy with timing with their watches. The Seiko GPS Solar watch will be a true beauty to behold and my fascination is the rechargeable batteries. I have a personal experience with a similar watch and i can whole heartedly recommend this particular one. I hope to get it myself soon, maybe a personal Christmas gift. Cheers

  9. Barry

    Hello Andrejs. Hope you’re having a good time. Thank you for sharing Awesome information about the perfection and elegance of Seiko GPS Solar Watches. I have never imagined that a wrist watch will come with such powerful technology. The price is so high though but it is okay considering the Quality and technology embedded in it.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hello Barry and thank you for reading my article. You are absolutely right about the fact that high-tech is also entering the field of classic wristwatches. Seiko solar GPS watches are a great example of this. I think the relatively high price is entirely justified because the design was and will be classically excellent for a long time.

  10. Abigail Pron

    You had a great presentation of your topic and provided pictures that might be captivating to all your readers. Your knowledge about watches has maximized and well-delivered. My experience on watches, choosing nor buying was not that pretty good because I’m not into watches. But my husband has good eye on watches, he loves this stuff. Especially if the watch is branded, water resistance and have lots of features in it. 

    Good job! keep it up. God bless.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hello Abigail and thanks for stopping by. Seiko Astron Solar GPS 100th Anniversary Men’s Watch might be the right thing for your husband’s collection.

  11. Jay

    The watches I buy normally don’t last more than two years. It’s pretty amazing that you have being making use of yours for over 10years. This must be an amazing product. This is the first time I am coming across a GPS watch. How does the GPS work exactly because anything that uses GPS suppose to have a form of connection to the internet. I don’t really know how it works. Can you explain a bit further on this?

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hello Jay and thanks for stopping by. 

      Yes, my Seiko watch has been for about ten years and perfectly are still running. Design, too, is a classic that doesn’t go out of fashion.

       GPS does not require an Internet connection. A GPS receiver chip is on your watch. It receives signals from satellites and calculates your location on the globe.

       There is no additional cost and, depending on your position, determines your time zone in which you get out of the plane. The GPS receiver requires a little more energy, but Seiko’s GPS solar watch charges permanently from any light.

  12. coolbudgetfamilyholidays

    Great Article, I have been wearing a Seiko watch for the last 10 years and have a lifetime guarantee on the battery therefore had never considered changing until now. Until I read your article I was unaware of the Solar Powered watch which corrects the time to which time zone you are in and believe this is a great feature as it will save time messing with your watch every time you go abroad. Do you believe that the Solar Powered watches are designed to last a lifetime? 

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks for the excellent comment. I, too, personally have been convinced of the excellent quality of Seiko’s brand. It wouldn’t be right to talk about the lifetime guarantee anyway, but I’m sure Seiko Solar’s charging will work during entire watches lifetime.

  13. Heather

    Hi. I used to own a GPS watch in the past and I absolutely loved it. It cost me a bit of money, but I bought it especially for one of its features – time changes automatically, depending on the time zone. 

    In the last years, I used to travel a lot so it was really frustrating to have to change my watch every time I changed countries.

    So based on my experience, I can tell GPS watches are really useful from this point of view.

    Now – I never owned a Seiko one, but I must admit that these models look super elegant. Do they have grey versions as well? That would fit my style even better, I believe.

    It also caught my eye that they’re water resistant. Now, I don’t really need that feature – but for some it could be an advantage.

    Seiko doesn’t look like a cheap brand to me. But I plan to buy a GPS watch in the future, so I might consider this brand. It looks to be worth the money to me.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks, Heather for the comment.

       Always enjoyable and useful to read the thoughts and reviews of the real user. Seiko offers a relatively broad color gamut, but expensive models are usually of titanium and are close to gray.

       For the sake of the truth, I didn’t find a GPS watch specifically for women. I think the design of some Seiko models is suitable for both men and women.

  14. MaryLi

    I’m not a watch person as I’d always get water in them and I’ve been traveling quite often it’s pretty troublesome changing the time every time I’m in a new time zone. This watch is waterproof and changes timezone automatically! Also has a very powerful battery so it’ll last super long which will save me the trouble of changing batteries every few years. However it’s pretty expensive for me. Would definitely consider trying it out in the future if I have the money! 

  15. eohia

    I’m not one that is so crazy about masterpiece wristwatches, but I grew up with people who are… my dad and my brothers and I’m married to a lover of wristwatches too, so I learnt to appreciate and admire the look of them (It really looks good on their wrist )

    Your review is very descriptive and informative. For a wristwatch that possess all these awesome features and can last for so long, I think it’s worth the price. I may be looking into this as a surprise gift for someone….

  16. Denis

    I wore a wrist watch since my childhood and I still have one that is ticking away in the drawer somewhere.  The thing that made me stop wearing it was what you have mentioned in your article:  the weight!  It began to feel too heavy and I stopped wearing it for about a year maybe 2 now.  

    Now with titanium instead of steel in a watch would be of some relief but the price is somewhat steep and I would be scared to wear it.  However, with all the technology in today’s watches (the one in my drawer is a over 10 years old Citizen) and the different advantages like GPS and solar powered all in one is really appealing.  I think that it’s a big plus to have a solar powered watch, but does it really have an advantage over a battery?  

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hello Dennis. If honestly, I think the original Seiko Baterea’s life is even very long. My Seiko’s died only about in six years. If we’re talking about GPS watches, I think the life of the batteries is much shorter, and in this case, the solar source is a smart improvement. 

  17. AV 2001

    Hey Andre,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article on “Seiko GPS Solar Watches” as you’ve provided us with tonnes of valuable information. I’m actually a big fan of Seiko watches simply because of time accuracy. There are other factors like Water Resistance, GPS and Power which I consider while taking a step in purchasing the watch.

    I bought a Seiko GPS Solar Watch this year and it really helped me in time adjustment. I travel a lot so it can be quite frustrating when you have to change the time whenever you try to a new country. Some of the models can be expensive but it’s definitely worth every single penny you spend.

    Thank you for taking your precious time in writing this article. Well Done!

  18. Daniella

    Hi Andres,

    Awesome article! I really enjoyed the reading!

    My husband is crazy about watches, in fact, I can even say he is addicted to them. He has plenty of them and he always wants more. For Christmas, I wanted to buy him a watch as a gift and the one that I like is the Seiko Solar GPS. My husband goes often sailing, so my question is. Will he be able to use the GPS at sea?  Also, saltwater destroys lots of things, so I would like to know if it’s OK to go sailing with this watch? My last question if you don’t mind:) How to maintain the Seiko Solar GPS?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hello Danielle. Thanks for the kind words. As for Seiko watches, I can safely claim that they meet the conditions that the manufacturer has promised. No special service is needed for the wristwatch. The GPS signal is received automatically, and sunlight energy alone keeps the device alive.

       However, it cannot be used as a GPS navigation system. For sailing, I’d suggest you use one of the GPS for boats.

  19. Reinaldo

    Yes, I agree. I think every man loves a good watch. Their is something special about it. I purchased a Citizen Eco-Drive watch about 12 years ago and works great so understand where you are coming from. Never owned a Seiko but nice watches maybe time for a new one.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hello Reinaldo. These days, the wristwatch is more like a fashion matter because everyone has a smartphone in their pocket that shows exact time since constantly correcting after GPS atomic clocks.
      I was wearing my Seiko for a long time, but now it seems a little too heavy to me. I can’t tell why. The Titan corps is much lighter, but the price isn’t small either. I’m sure I’ll never buy Seiko Astron Solar GPS 100 th Aniversary Solar watch for $4K, but if someone presented me it I would undoubtedly be very happy.

  20. Reinaldo

    Great article and do agree about a nice watch there is something about them. I purchased a Citizen Eco-Drive about 12 years ago and love the way it continues to work without skipping a beat. Now we are looking a GPS and Solar watches. Reminds me of Dick Tracy and here we are. 

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hello Reinaldo. Seiko GPS Solar’s wristwatch is really a kind of artwork. It’s not only just showing the right time, but also a thing of luxury, like a Rolex. I was given a Samsung Galaxy Watch for Christmas. The great gadget I wanted a long time ago, but it’s just electronic gadget, not a perfect wristwatch as Seiko.

  21. dmassengill69

    Thanks for the information on solar and GPS. I like wearing watches and never thought about having those capabilities in my watch. How much data do you actually see on the watch from the GPS. I’m not a fan of the Iwatch  that basically is a phones on your wrist, but a watch that works independent of your Phone and can give you data about where you are would be cool.

  22. j52powell

    I’ve long appreciated Seiko watches.  My dad gave me a $70 Seiko 45 years ago that held up very well for many years.  I bought one, though, from a guy in a 7-11 parking lot one time for $15 that fell completely apart in about a week.  That one was a fako Seiko, I guess.

    It appears that they have come a long way since the replaceable battery powered watch I got from my dad.  I like the idea of the accuracy of the GPS system and a solar rechargeable battery and I don’t like dragging out the cell phone to check the time, so I would be a buyer of a Seiko GPS Solar watch the next time I am in the market.

    Thanks for the info.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks for the excellent comment. I’ve also met fake Seiko and also Tag watches, but that’s a different story. The real Seiko, even the cheapest, is a great and reliable watch. The most expensive models I’d like to put in one basket with a Rolex or Tag brand wrist watches.


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