What is the Best GPS for Snowmobiles?

Winter is just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere, and GPS for snowmobiles is the intelligent solution to finding the fastest and most adventurous track.

gps for sleds

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It could be snow-covered meadows, woods, and good ice fishing spots on frozen lakes, rivers, and even sea bays.

I would not like to write a classic-style product review or pretend to be a great snowmobiling expert. Only the honest overview of the topic as I like ice fishing and know about GPS and other satellite navigation systems. Even more, I used to drive a snowmobile quite a lot, though have no my own. On the other hand, I have an experience of icy lake moving by four-wheel drive cars such as Land Rover Freelander 2 and Volvo XC70.

Every angler knows that not in every place are fishes. To find out where they are, you must know the depths, the pits, depth exchange places, rocks or snags, and other relief peculiarities.

It is crucial not to waste time searching for a good fishing spot and get satisfaction by catching fish. The experienced old generation of fishers might say that you must feel the fish place. Maybe, but I know how to use marine charts and even more, many new generation anglers are familiar with GPS fishfinders and other helpful electronic devices.

Let’s skip car driving a car on ice because mainly, even on most powerful off-roaders, you must follow some rules set by local authorities and sooner or later you have reached the limit. Either hummock or deep snow.

Let’s stick with snowmobiles. You can reach more distant areas although a car has some advantages like the place to escape from icy winds and warm up a bit.

Depending on size and distances of the ice fishing area, mainly distance from shore, you have to have your exact position. Not only to find the right place to drill the fishing hole but it is for your safety.

Today almost everyone has a smartphone with GPS option and theoretically no problems by placing pinpoint to returns to the starting position guiding by phone GPS directions.

I would say that only smartphone GPS solution is worse than not the GPS assistant at all.

In most cases, it is so, and people relax and rely solely on the Phone’s GPS. I would say that only a smartphone GPS solution is worse than not the GPS assistant at all.

I do not want to argue that the phone’s GPS is useless.

I use it quite often, both in the car and sometimes even on the yacht. Actually, I have an iPhone in my inner, the closest to the body, pocket even when on the ice fishing as the backup unit.gps for OHV

So, now I want to find out what is the best GPS for snowmobile when it is used for ice fishing.

I have a post about GPS for ATV trails, the mentioned GPS as Trail Tech 912-301 Voyager GPS, and other devices that could be used for a snowmobile ride. Voyager is the perfect device for the trail rider’s GPS.
I say again that I am not so conversant in snowmobile details and therefore, I am searching for what I do not know on the internet.

I am surprisingly found that no especially for snowmobile designed GPS device.

At least by simply typing in Google with the keyword GPS for snowmobiles.

Some manufacturers try to do something to fill this gap with the help of a smartphone app by connecting a phone to the factory-installed infotainment system. One of it is a Polaris Interactive Display 2.0.

Is it a good solution to show the real riders’ reviews? I have not found any until now.

What to do at present to enjoy the safe and pleasant ride by snowmobile and not to get lost in the woods or to safely reach solid ground when sudden fog or a snowstorm hits you on the ice far from shore.

Not so big choice of a good GPS for snowmobiles, but some solutions have been found.

Firstly, I would like to consider the idea which was suggested by one of my site’s visitors.

Why not use a marine GPS device for your snowmachine?

Many known brand devices are fit for snowmobiling conditions. By conditions, I mean low temperatures and shatter-proof.

I would not like to dive deep into the details to say that it could be an option for ice anglers who already have a GPS for boats.

When you do not have such a device, then it is better and cheaper is looking for something else, even GPS watches.

Garmin Montana 6xx series devices are what I am looking for

Skipping nuances of the search process, I concluded that the Garmin Montana 6xx series devices are what I am looking for.

First of all, Garmin Montana series units are designed for outdoor use. Operating temperature range: From -20º to 55ºC (from -4º to 131ºF)

Charging temperature range: From 0º to 45ºC (from 32º to 113ºF).

For snowmobiling, it is crucial. We used to sled in conditions when the temperature is close or even below the temperature range, and the GPS unit may unexpectedly shut down.

The cold kills any phone when using GPS. Therefore, smartphone app cannot be as main navigation source for snowmobile adventures.

The battery life of the Montana device is also significantly reduced by the cold, so need to look for a constant power source. Even more, mount a GPS device in the most wind-protected place and do it in a way that is easily removable from the cradle or holder to put into a pocket close to your body to heat up.

The cold can cause the fragility of plastic, and the GPS device’s display is slowing down. So, the extremely low temperature is not the best friend of any electronic device, and we must use it with maximum caution.

How could this be solved?

Only by heating the GPS unit that is not so easy to do, but it is possible.

Modern snowmobiles can be fitted with plug-in outlets to power nice-to-have items like a GPS, heated apparel or electric visors and add some heating to the glove box. Because the glove box is the perfect place to install Garmin Montana 650, e.g., I found the great instructional YouTube video and if your hands are in the right place, then you can easily DIY in the garage.

Relating to the options features and characteristics of Garmin Montana 600, 610,650, and the latest model Montana 680.

 Not as much difference could be found regarding the main purpose- obtaining your geographical position.

The only more or less considerable improvement I found is the GLONASS receiver for Garmin Montana 680t. In some situations, it can improve accuracy and accessibility. In fact, it is a consistent improvement for sled journeys in high latitudes.

GLONASS is a Russian Satellite navigation system, and orbits of navigational satellites allow terrestrial objects to be found at latitude 60º+ with more accuracy. So, if you are about to hit the ride in Alaska, Northern Canada, or Lapland, then GLONASS feature could help.

Montana has a good reputation among ATV riders and except the cold, driving conditions are about the same.

Finally, but not less important is maps.

 Garmin GPS devices have a wide range of mapping solutions.

For road driving, you can use turn-by-turn navigation like City Navigator NT maps.

For hiking and even for ATV or a snowmobile, you can use TOPO Maps.

Blue Chart maps are for boaters and yachts.

There are some companies that develop GPS maps directly for ATV and snowmobile trails, like GPS trailmasters and Garmin units are top consumers.

„Our GPS snowmobile trail maps and GPS ATV trail maps are ONLY compatible with Garmin brand GPS units. In general, we tell people that our maps are compatible with just about any Garmin GPS that is less than 10 years old. This means you can use your automotive GSP as well as outdoor units.“

But do not be sad if for your region is not yet covered by ready-to-go GPS trails for sleds.

There are ways to create your own trails or use the Topo maps.

Owners Manual

In any case, with Garmin Montana GPS for snowmobiles, you will never get lost, whether it be a snowy mountain slope or a deep ice-covered lake.

November 27, 2018.

Read my latest post about the new Trail Tech Voyager PRO. I warmly recommend.

February 12, 2020.

Maybe such an infirmary will be valid for the owners of Polaris snowmobile.

Recently, a couple of visitors to my page purchased a relatively expensive device

Polaris 2880402 Interactive Digital Display

with the installation kit and Stud Boy Deuce Bar. In my opinion, an excellent solution for both GPS navigation and the use of smartphone functions while driving on a snowmobile.



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  1. Nick

    A few winters ago my friend and I decided to go out on our sleds for a little winter fun. We stuck to the trails but where I’m from, the trails are hundreds of miles long. We got a bit worried if we would run out of gas before the next stop. Luckily we found a restaurant and were able to fuel up. Its moments like this that I wished we had a GPS on our sleds. We could have used our phones, but with the temperature being in the teens, it would’ve been a terrible idea. I will def have to look more into a GPS for my sled for this upcoming year so I can go on adventures without being scared of getting lost!

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks Nick for stopping by.

      You are right, and I mentioned in my post that the very low temperatures could stop any electronic device. The good habit is to keep paper maps or topo charts and magnetic compass in sled’s glovebox or backpack. Once you get lost and GPS is dead keep warm it in your inner pocket.

      As your smartphone is all the time kept in heat switch it on, obtain your geographical position and put it on the paper map. Then switch on your school time brain cells and find the right direction bay the help of a magnetic compass.

  2. Paul

    With winter around the corner in my area, I am in the process at looking at getting a snowmobile. Came across your site as I was looking at the various attachments or gadgets that I should consider to add and how much it would cost.
    It’s interesting to see that there really isn’t any specific GPS device made for snowmobiles.
    Nice to see you’ve done all the research and found an option with the Garmin 600 series.
    Nice to see that it is portable and would be able to use it for other purposes than snowmobiles.
    Is the 600 series waterproof? How deep underwater can it go?
    Thanks again for providing various options, including the importance of paper map and compass if electronics break down.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks Paul for commenting my post. Regarding your question about waterproof. So e.g. Garmin Montana 680t water rating is IPX7. It means that such a device is protected from accidental submersion in 1m (about 3.3 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes. More info here

      For sledding it is enough but I think that for summer fun like water scooter better look for more specific devices.

  3. Egils

    Sakiet lūdzu vai priekš Latvijas arī ir kādas, tieši sniega motocikliem, veidotas kartes ar ceļiem? Es parasti lietoju Jāņa Sētas topo kartes ar Garmin Montana 650t. No sākuma to lietoju ar iPhone aplikāciju, bet tagad ar Garmin. Darbojas samērā labi, jo pats ar draugiem dalāmies ar iebrauktajiem trekiem un ceļiem. Papētīju amerikāņu NY state snowmobile kartes, manuprāt lielisks darbs un rezultāts. Paldies par informāciju.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Sveiks Egīl!
      Es nedomāju , ka priekš Latvijas ir izveidotas speciāli sniega motocikliem vai kvadrocikliem GPS kartes, bet, kā jau kaut kur savā lapā minēju, ir pieejama lieliska Topogrāfiskā karte. Tur informācijas avots pārsvarā ir no padomju laika slepenajām armijas kartēm un detalizācija ir lieliska. Es to bieži lietoju savā aifonā ar maksas JS aplikāciju. Cik noprotu, tad arī pats esi pazīstams ar to.
      Katru gadu braucu pie brālēna uz Somiju uz trīs-četru dienu izbraucienu ar sniega močiem. Es gan tad sevišķi neiedziļinājos maršrutā, jo bija priekšbraucēji. Ja finanses atļaus, tad šogad noteikti braukšu bet jau ar specifiskā kartēm un GPS rīkiem.

  4. Brendon

    Great read you have here. I live in northern Wisconsin and well snowmobiling is a big thing here!
    Usually I just wing it when I am out, but I was given a Garmin Montana as a gift so I figured I would put it to use.
    Overall it is a great GPS works very well. However as you mentioned. It did cut out on me twice during very cold ride sessions.
    Just something to think about for your readers. I do have to be honest, I was out when maybe I should have just stayed home, but in either case I recommend not using it to much below zero.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hello Brendon and thank you for taking the time to comment! The real user’s comment always is value. When it comes to GPS performance in cold weather then the main problem is a battery. Need to think how to wire device to vehicle’s battery, it’s not that complicated. Almost every Garmin handheld GPS comes with different type of holders and wiring sets.

  5. Kelly Elliott

    I love how technology has advanced over the years. Having things like GPS available are not just great for recreational purposes but for safety as well. Being a mom if my kids were out somewhere I would feel much more comfortable knowing that they had the equipment they needed to protect them from harmful areas. Thank you for the great information 

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      You are absolutely right Kelly. Make a perfect Christmas Gift for your kids.

  6. Chris

    My family have been looking into upgrading our current snowmobile and along with that, we’ve also noticed the increase in the amount of gadgets that are now on the market. GPS is obviously one that caught our eye as it is so important (and could save lives!). 

    Would you say that the 600 series can handle ALL levels of weather – you do mention at one point that it can possibly cut out?

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi Chris. A Garmin Montana 6xx series GPS devices are a perfect choice, but for more extreme weather conditions you need to make some extra preparations as I wrote in my site. The main condition is not allowed to very low temperatures. Keep it in the heated glove box or occasionally warm up. 

  7. Jayde Butcher

    snow is beautiful, but boy it can be dangerous to drive in, so i’m so glad for these kind of articles, showing us whats out there to make our streets safer during the snowy weather. Thank you! This snowmobile is perfect, I may have to invest in one for this winter coming up!

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Riding a snowmobile is excellent fun and pleasure. Sometimes heavy snow appears unexpectedly so that you could get lost easily. A good and durable GPS for snowmobile can save your nerves and do not lose the driving joy.

  8. Renton

    Oh man! Snowmobiles are the one of the staple images that pop up in my head when you say the word cool (as in awesome not cold). I think you are right that a cellphone has a GPS feature or function but it isn’t the main function of the device so may not be the best the company could build.

    A GPS is designed with a specific job in mind and they are good at that Job because its the only thing you expect them to do.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Right words, dedicated GPS do what is expected to do. Smartphone GPS apps are good as the backup solution in case you encounter standalone GPS device problems. Thanks.

  9. Che

    Hello there, 

    This is a really great and interesting article. We have snow herein Denmark but snowmobiles are not so popular here. Nevertheless, a GPS is nowadays a must to all who drives – in my opinion. Its like the new cars and any other type of automotives come with a built-in GPS. 

    I had a Garmin GPS back in 2015 and It a well functioning and great one – unless you forget to update it once in a while (Like I did lol). 

    Today, I’m honestly just using my mobile phone for the Google maps – the good thing is that it updates automatically and you can download maps for offline use. 

    But, your has encourage me to rethink about a new Garmin GPS for myself.  And I’m considering to buy one – besides it’s a great present idea this coming Christmas – for some of my friends who lives in Switzerland. 

    Thank you for the link on where to buy it best and for a installation video provided here. 

    Have a great day. 

    Best regards, 


    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      You are right as smartphone apps offering numbers of GPS navigation opportunities. Standalone GPS producers are offering many features which are not in applications. When it comes to extreme driving like snowmobiles or ATV, the best choice is a durable cold and water resistant device.

  10. AV 2001

    Hey Andrejs! How are you doing today? To be honest, I’ve really enjoyed reading this blog post regarding “GPS for Snowmobiles” as it contains tonnes of valuable information. There aren’t many blogs out there in Google which provides information like this one does. 

    I use one of the products that you’ve listed in this blog and that is the “Garmin Montana 6xx series”. Unfortunately, I forgot to keep it warm one night and left it outside and that day, the temperature went to around -32 degrees and it stopped working. I gave it for repair. You can use it during day time as well as night but make sure you keep it warm enough for it to function properly. If you become careless like me, your Garmin will freeze to death.

    Thanks a lot for taking your time in creating this post. Cheers!!!

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks for the excellent comment. Cold and low temperatures are one of the biggest problems driving a snowmobile. Electronic devices are poorly tolerated at all by low temperas. The built-in battery will not work clearly for a long time; the GPS has to be connected to the velicle battery and try to warm it during the ride.

  11. ajibola40

    nice article there. Winter is a very cold season of the year and sometime going out can be a problem

    expecially going to places you are not familiar with on a snowmobile and GPS can be a life saving device to have at this period when going out

    Garmin Montana 6xx series GPS devices is gonna be wesome with all functionality it has for winter season

  12. Dammy

    snowmobile GPS are top notch and next level device although you wouldn’t expect a mobile phone GPS to work too great on ice it’s kinda not its job it’s mostly effective on land where you can estimate every circumstances perfectly, but the snowmobile GPS Is great with ice navigation the manufacturers did a great job with the software. Out of all this GPS system the most advisable to use should be Voyager very efficient to use and I have actually had friends tell me how great the system is, it will definitely aid you in your ice fishing endeavors. The Admin did a great job putting this post up very incisive information passed across. Good job 

  13. Mike

    Being an avid skier I can certainly see how a good GPS would be crucial for snowmobiles. My Mum broke her leg on Christmas day about 10 years ago and we were stuck in a pretty nasty blizzard. If the conditions were any worse it would have been impossible for a snowmobile to see the mountain and it could have become a much more serious situation. With these GPS I’m sure they could get around much easier and help them to detect the edge of the cliff!

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      You’re right that a durable dedicated GPS device can even save life at times. Especially if there is a strong frost, smartphone GPS will quickly discharge the battery and may not even be enough for an emergency call.

  14. Kell

    This is a great post on the best GPS for snowmobiles.

    I remembered when I got lost in the mountains my third trip out ATV’ing. Seriously, if I did not have the Garmin GPS, I would have had to call someone for help. It got me back to my pickup safely. I won’t be going ATV’ing without it. It sure does a lot of functions, probably more than I will ever need.

    Same thing applies to snowmobiling here. We really need a good GPS to help us with our location so we don’t find ourselves in a lost state.

    Thank you for this awesome article.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hello Kell and thanks for the comment! Today, many think you don’t need a stand-alone GPS device as every smartphone comes with a GPS receiver. It really is, but in extreme situations like ATV or snowmobile riding, you can’t just rely on phone navigation. Vibration, low or high temperatures, and battery duration are just a few of the reasons why a dedicated GPS unit is a must-have for offroad trails.

  15. Samikingss

    I hope this GPS device can indicate safe tracks where there are no bears and all that. 

    On stormy day one can easily get to where they want to be on a snowmobile but you won’t have a place to hide from the biting cold. 

    Atleast there’s this gps guide to point out your routes.

    Is this expensive to get? There are several gps devices on the market but this one sounds quite interesting, I just hope it does things as promised. 

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      The bears go where they want, and no GPS will show you where they are. If you really have to run away from someone, it’s better to do it along a known track that will lead you to your hiding place.

      GPS better to choose something that is cold-resistant.

      And don’t forget about the extra battery. A smartphone is just like a backup device.

  16. Shanta Rahman

    Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .It’s winter here and GPS is the smart and fastest adventure track tracking solution for snowmobiles .I love ice fishing and I have a lot of knowledge about GPS systems .I am familiar with many new generation Fisher GPS Fishfinder and auxiliary electronic devices. Enjoyed a safe and pleasant ride by snowmobile because this device played a very effective role when the snowstorm hit me on the ice off the coast .I look for Garmin Montana 6xx series devices because they seem to me the best GPS for snowmobiles. For the snowmobile this device is very efficient and the battery is very good .I’ve finished my outdoor event very nicely for this device and I hope everyone will find their Best GPS for Slow Mobile Device from your article and share their new experience with you soon.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks, Shanta, for sharing your experience on GPS for snowmobiles. I wonder a little why there has been a lost interest in Trail Tech Voyager or Pro version. I think it’s a great device.

  17. MD Sharif

    Thank you so much for providing such a beautiful information.The improvement of current technology has made our lives much easier.The GPS system is very interesting to me, in fact, it can be very easy to navigate…I wonder how much easier our lives have become now because of the advancement of technology.Anyway, I’ll still say I enjoyed your article very much.
    That’s why I thank you again for giving us such a beautiful information

  18. Dr. SD

    During my search for the best GPS for Snowmobiles, I check two of the GPS you shared here,

    1. Trail Tech 912-301 Voyager Stealth Black Moto-GPS

    2. Garmin Montana 680

    The first one is probably unavailable at this moment, but the later one is a pretty perfect one as per it’s specifications.

    It has a good temperature range that is from -20º to 55ºC and a perfect one for my upcoming trip. Can you please tell me how it is effective at a nomadic destination where no mobile tower works?

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Try to check this one  Trail Tech Voyager Pro. 

  19. Brian

    I’ve used snowmobiles before while I’ve visited Colorado, but I’ve always tried to rely on my smartphone for GPS and I have to admit that it wasn’t the greatest, kind of like you said. I’m glad to know that they actually make GPS units specifically for snowmobiles and tend to be more weather resistant than your smartphone. The Garmin Montana GPS device sounds amazing and I’m gonna look into buying one. It’s nice to know they can hold for awhile in extreme cold temperatures. What’s the longest one of those units lasted you on a single charge?

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks, Brain, for the comment.

      On the GPS of the Garmin Montana series, I can only say kind words. In my opinion, the best proof of this is the real people who buy it. Almost every week, someone buys one of the Montana 6xx series GPS through my links.

  20. Michael

    Hello Andrejs,

    I don’t own a snowmobile but I do have an online retail website where I sell GPS devices.And I have been getting somewhat of a negative review on one of the GPS devices that I sell. It would be a great chance to try out the “Garmin Montana 6xx series” since you’ve thoroughly reviewed it. 

    Thanks for taking the time to share this valuable content.

  21. Feji ben

    Nice article there. Winter is a very cold season of the year and sometime going out can be a problem expecially going to places you are not familiar with on a snowmobile and GPS can be a life saving device to have at this period when going out.Garmin Montana 6xx series GPS devices is gonna be wesome with all functionality it has for winter season

  22. Md Millat

    Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful article with us. The article is very informative and instructive. Ice fishing is my favorite thing to do. Many times I get into trouble when I go fishing. From now on I will do a GPS solution so I can fish better. I have bookmarked your site so that you can come back later. I will share the article with my friends so that they too can benefit from it also.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      “When nothing is going, right? Just go fishing” 

  23. Harish

    Hello,I love how technology has advanced over the years. Having things like GPS available are not just great for recreational purposes but for safety as well. Overall it is a great GPS works very well. However as you mentioned. It did cut out on me twice during very cold ride sessions.Just something to think about for your readers. I do have to be honest, I was out when maybe I should have just stayed home, but in either case I recommend not using it to much below zero. Thank you for the great information

  24. Parveen

    Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your guide on best GPS  and find it very useful for everyone.  GPS is nowadays a must to all who drives – in my opinion. Its like the new cars and any other type of automotives come with a built-in GPS. Now I know there are some companies which develop GPS maps directly for ATV and snowmobile trails like GPS trailmasters, and Garmin units are top consumers.

    Today, I’m honestly just using my mobile phone for the Google maps – the good thing is that it updates automatically and you can download maps for offline use.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      You’re right, a smartphone is very comfortable and always on hand. It can be easily used in a car or when walking in an unfamiliar city, but when it comes to extreme driving or using a boat, it is recommended that you use the stand-alone GPS device.

  25. natasa1234

    I think that nowadays it is very irresponsible not to use GPS. With such opportunities to waste time and nerves is totally unnecessary. I use GPS every day and I don’t know what I would do without it. Fortunately, we live in the 21st century and there is no need to bother at least when it comes to navigating. Thank you for a great article, you gave me new ideas for a new GPS.

  26. Patricia Bracy

    Thank you for sharing this article on GPS systems.  I live in the south where there is very little snow and when it does snow, it is like a big celebration.  However, I have a friend that travels during the winter just to able to use a snowmobile.  I have bookmarked the page to share with him.  I really learned a lot about GPS and navigation reading this article.   During road travel I use the Garmin.  I learned the hard way that my smartphone does not work as well as my GPS for long road travels.  Thanks for sharing this information.

  27. DarmiMaddie

    Thank you for sharing this here. It cab be the best thing to stay on the side of caution during the falls when riding the snowmobiles as anythj g xab happen and the unexpected might actually lead to dangers. That is the reason I am sure to definitely look forward to any problem from existing or coming up. Surely a good one to see gere. Thanks

  28. Sophie

    Hello there! Thank you very much for dropping this article. It’s interesting to see that there isn’t really any specific gps made for automobiles. You must have spent quality time making this research and I appreciate your thoughtfulness. When winter comes, it’s sure that I’d definitely need this as it’s very important. I honestly love how technology have improved during these years. Thank you 

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      One recommendation. Do not trust the iPhone or Samsung navigation for snowmobile driving. No matter how advanced and accurate they are, in extreme conditions, especially in the cold, the phone is not an assistant.

  29. Jbryce

    Thanks a lot for sharing this interesting and help article, it’s always important that we get gps tracker for our snowmobile in order to be able to always find our way back home  or to be able to find someone in the middle of nowhere. These gos are very nice and I like their durability, very

  30. philebur

    The GPS for snowmobile is one vital device in winter seasons as it keeps track of where you are. This season is also the best time for fishing. Although I’m yet to experience this kind of adventure but I’ve heard quite a few interesting stories from friends about how the season usually goes. Thanks for sharing this review

  31. Bogadi


    Thank you for the article, I know that I was supposed to focus on the best GPS system for snowmobiles but I found myself focused on the ice fishing concept. I would love to learn more about that, never knew such existed. Maybe its because here in South Africa , we hardly ever have snow . I have learned about ice fishing and that you actually need a GPS to navigate 

  32. Joshua

    Hello, after i have got to peruse this article I got to understand a whole lot about Germin GPS for snowmobiling activities, and i am happy i did, because I have been searching for this to assist me in getting along on the snow with friends each time i am going out for fun. Glad i came across your article and getting to see one here in this article is amazing. Thanks for educating us about this wonderful product.

  33. Jack

    Hello andrejs, I really enjoyed reading this article review about best gps for snowmobiles , I find the review quite helpful because we are approaching winter season and one needs to get a good gps for a snowmobile and for a fact that GP’s are good gadgets for recreational purposes and for ones safety likewise, I’m really glad I stumbled on this great article review. I will definitely recommend to my friends and family.

  34. Kelvin

    Adding gadget accessories like a GPS to our snowmobile is highly important as this will help to eliminate any chances of getting lost or finding ourselves in harmful areas. Some people have had terrible stories about how they got lost and somehow manage to find themselves home. It happened to most people because they relied on their phones for GPS which of course we all know is a bad idea because of extreme cool. Assuming they had this simple device attached to their snowmobile, they wouldn’t have face such ugly experiences.

  35. Jackie

    Oh, this is good too. I think it will be good for one to have a good gps for our snow mobile. Really love the information you have on the Snow mobile. It would be nice to give it a try. One needs to have something like this with them when going for ice fishing with the snow mobile.

  36. Energy Kadango

    I have not used a snowmobile before. It must be fun. I know how it is to get lost. A GPS is one of the excellent inventions of the century. If you need a navigation system in a car, I can only imagine what it must be like on a snowmobile and you are lost in the snow. A snow storm is coming and you dont know where you are going. This is a good post  worth sharing with all those who plan to use their snowmobiles this winter.

  37. Riaz Shah

    Wow Garmin’s gone a long way since I last used it many years ago. I had the first edition of Garmin when I was young, used it for god knows how many years until one day I noticed the map wasn’t updated anymore so I figured it’s time to get new one. Garmin for the world! Definitely checking out this one!

    P/S – Your ski bike looks super! 😀

  38. Misael H

    WOW I had no idea that there were options for GPS for snow mobiles! this is what I get for doing a random google search for now that the snow is coming haha. I was not expecting to actually find something that would fit my needs! had to come down here to the comment section and say thank you so much for providing this valuable information for me and for my snow mobile

  39. Bolt

    It is a good idea to have a gps attached to your snow mobiles, this will help you with the locations and it’s also a very good security measure to an able to keep track of where they are at all times. These gos are really nice, I like their features, I’d lo e to get some for my personal use, thanks for sharing.

  40. Josh

    Wow just look how much Technology has advanced Over the years huh? Andrejs! Great review you done here on Best GPS for snowmobiles, glad I came by this. The Garmin Montana series seems like really cool devices, and to think of  the variety of things it can be used. Winter is around the corner! It would do great good sharing this with people

  41. Mike

    Hello there! I personally do not live in the Northern hemisphere where there is ice and snow, but for those that do, I can see why have a great quality GPS when using a snowmobile can be extremely critical. The weather can be quite unpredictable even with the weather forecast so in those areas, storms can probably appear spontaneously. It would be good to be able to know where the nearest safe zone would be and the worst possible thing would be a GPS that stopped working at those low temperatures. Thanks for this post!

  42. Volkert

    Time is a precious thing and worsting it, in order to find a good fishing spot would be a worst of it. Although I haven’t done ice fishing before. But fishing in general is something I do on regular intervals and I think a GPS gadget would be ideal in finding a fishing spot. Great review by the way.

  43. David

    Hey there and thank you for pointing out some very valid points. I have found that a lot of the youth of today are hardly bothered at all about their own safety and the safety of others. They feel that a mobile phones GPS is good enough and of course they will never get lost. Well, I can assure you it is extremely easy to get lost on a skidoo and when temperatures drop drastically and you end up in the middle of a “white out” then a working GPS can save your life. At the end of the day your safety comes first, and Garmin, who are probably the leading authority on GPS systems, provide the best safety GPS systems for skidoo users..

  44. Cynthia

    Wow, snowmobiling has come a long, long way!  I have never heard of a GPS for a snowmobile but it makes perfect sense.  You make some great points about temperature affecting the effectiveness of the GPS and I like the thought of keeping it safe and precise by putting it in the glovebox. I’m going to pass this along to some snowmobilers that I know.  Thank you for this information!

  45. NoBossExperience

    I live in Quebec, so we know a lot about snow, wind and snowmobile. And I’m interested in snowmobile riding. I’ve found very interesting your comment about phone GPS. And I’m even more surprised to learn that there is not much GPS make exclusively for snowmobile. I liked the fact that you propose other type of GPS to fill the gap like those made for boats. A brilliant idea.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      In fact, you can also use a smartphone to not lost, but you must keep it warm and look only when you can’t understand where you are. Although a more serious GPS apparatus is needed while driving a certain snowmobile trail, like Trail Tech Voyager Pro.

  46. Daniel Tshiyole

    Quick question, what is snowmobile? Is it a motorcycle? Also, I never knew that motorcycles could have a GPS. I wouldn’t know where to put it. Well you learn something new everyday. Thank you for this article. I will be sure to pass it around. I’m sure I have people that will appreciate it. 

  47. Preetam Dutta

    The Handheld GPS navigation systems from Gramin are really very accurate and works in every condition as they produced some really sturdy products over the years. The Gramin Montana 680t is a great product specifically designed for Roads, Mountains, water in every situation, and especially the product is durable and waterproof even works in extreme situations. The product comes with GPS and GLONASS for accurate satellite information, 250k geocaches data with 1 year of free BirdsEye Satellite Imagery, 8MP cam for high resolution geotagging along with Barometric altimeter and 3-axis compass. 

  48. Andy

    Hi, I’ve had a number of GPS devices over the years and each time it felt like I had to climb a new learning curve to understand how the interface works. The worse thing is when you are struggling with an unfamiliar GPS device in a rental car while driving on unfamiliar roads in a foreign country. Been there, done that and I don’t recommend it. I’m sure that on a snowmobile you would need a device that allows you to operate it while wearing gloves. This has to be an application where you need a special device for all the reasons you give. The impact of the cold on battery life alone. I agree with you that a smartphone GPS is going to be better than nothing at all, but for snowmobiling, in wild areas, you really need a GPS especially for that purpose. Best regards, Andy

  49. Johnny

    Hey cool article for us fishers! I totally agree with what you say about smartphones GPS, for personal experience it did not work for me. Thanks for the info about Garmin Montana, I will totally try the 680 and hope the place that I am going is already in its map then! 

    Thanks for the tips!

  50. Aly

    Thank you for sharing your picks for the best snowmobile GPS products. It can be challenging to orient yourself in unfamiliar areas, and even more so when landmarks are blanketed in snow. The added lack of signage can make it even more challenging, so it’s key to have a high-quality GPS to make sure that you can find your destinations. Great points on what to look for in a snowmobile GPS. Much appreciated!

  51. Luka

    Thank you for the info., I really did not know that phone GPS is not working on low temperatures. I like the review becouse you definitely tought me something new and useful. I have never had a situation that my GPS did not work becouse of the weather, I guess I did not feel the real winter.

    Overall the topic is pretty good, content is praising, and also continue with the great work!

    Best wishes,


  52. pasindu dimanka

    I’m impressed by all the ways in which technology has progressed. Having helpful tools like GPS on hand is important for more than just fun and games. As a mother, knowing that my children are well-equipped to avoid potentially dangerous situations when they are out would put my mind at ease. I appreciate the helpful data.

  53. miadinh

    I totally get the struggle with using just a smartphone GPS in extreme conditions. Garmin Montana 6xx series devices seem to be a great fit for snowmobiling. The GLONASS receiver in Montana 680t could be a game-changer in high latitudes like Alaska or Lapland.
    As I am a frequent traveler in snowy conditions, I’m curious about whether the cold weather has any impact on the battery life of the device. Thank you for a very informative post.


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