Use GPS Tracker TrackmateGPS Hydro to track Jetski, Boat or Bike in the Best Way.

I accidentally came across with the GPS Tracker TrackmateGPS’ HYDRO which I guess is worth to research a bit more detailed.


Product: TrackmateGPS’ HYDROtrackmategps hydro

The manufacturer: TrackmateGPS, USA, New York City-based company (info based on web search)

Cheapest place to Buy:

Dimensions: 3.3 X 2.4 X 1 (Inches) / 87 X 64 X 26 (mm)
Weight of device: 5 oz / 140 g
Band: 900/1800/1900MHz or 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPS chip
SiRF III chip
SIM 800W or SIM 840W
GPS sensitivity-159dBm
GPS accuracy: 15ft / 5 m
Time To First Fix: Reacquisition 0.1s Cold status 45s Warm status 35s Hot status 1s
Work Voltage: DC 9V-30V
Battery: Rechargeable 3.7V / 600-800 Mah Li-ion
Guarantee: One year

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


I have some GPS tracker reviews in previous posts and they still in good ratings with their pros and cons. For example, iTrack 2.0 could be used as GPS tracker for a boat just a price is  a higher comparing above mentioned tracker.

Although you can easily find information about GPS trackers, I just wanna remind the basics.

The main goal of this product is an ability to track something or someone in the distance with the help of a GPS receiver. To fulfill this task one more component is essential; it is a  GSM network.

So, as a rule, a small device, equipped with GSM SIM card is placed somehow on or in tracking object whatever it could be like a dog, bike, car, boat, drone, jet ski, ATV and more.

The tracker is fed by its own battery or from another source you like.trackmategps hydro

A GPS signal is continuously tracking the tracker position, and as soon as it receives the request, the GSM is sending a message to the requester. Easy. The information sent can contain a wide range of data, as exact geographical coordinates, a speed of the object, violation of set fences and more.

For me as a big fan of water activities, a TrackmateGPS’ HYDRO looks really cool device. It is not a first GPS tracker with water protection capability but reading the real users reviews; it seems that it has a promising future. By „future“ I mean that this device could become a bestseller on its niche. At least I cannot find any negative reviews for now.

Wow, I forget to say that the main real great feature is a complete and proven by users waterproof and extreme vibrations resistance.


Here is just one of the Customer Review from

…After a period of testing, I can recommend the HYDRO with confidence. The install is incredibly simply (just two wires) and the small size, and lack of external antenna make securing the unit in a variety of hidden areas incredible easy. We’ve repeatedly soaked the unit in salt water and exposed it to extreme vibrations and jarring hits from the jet skis jumping the waves and it performs flawlessly.

And one more important thing about TrackmateGPS company, only the best feedback of customer’s service. It is so very valuable evaluation but keeps it in high level is a difficult task.

I hope that future reviews of TrackmateGPS Hydro will be not less than four stars.

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  1. serres

    Very nice and detailed review! i didn’t know that these devices use sim card.
    The main advantage of TrackmateGPS’ HYDRO is , apart from water and vibrating resistance, the size and the weight. It is small sized and lightweight .But , what is the main use of it? it is e.g for a car? or what?

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi. Thanks for stopping by.

      Actually, I need to review my post as far as you ask me what the heck the tracker is for. The short answer is, GPS tracker mainly is used to distantly check an object geographical position by mean of satellite navigation system signal in combination with GSM network. It could be any movable object on the land or water.

      GPS signal can not be accessible underwater and deep underground or covered by solid materials like concrete walls and bunkers. A TrackmateGPS Hydro is one of affordable for everyone solution in order to protect your jetski, ATV or bike mainly due to water resistance and small dimensions.

      In fact you can find even cheaper GPS trackers in the China market but I not recommend it as have so bad experience.


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