Essentially it is not so easy to answer the question what is the best external battery charger for GPS or other on the go devices.

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This topic is very broad, so I will stick to handheld GPS devices and related to this smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

There are so many external battery chargers on the market today but I found Zendure as one of the best.


As always, I made a thorough study of themes, but this does not mean that my conclusions are the most correct. Experience and common sense led me to the following results.

So, depending on a situation and mainly of the time interval when no other power sources as wall 110-220 V or 12V car or boat socket, I prefer Zendure A5 Portable Charger 16750mAh – Ultra-durable External Battery Power Bank and Goal Zero 42011 Sherpa 100 Solar Recharging Kit.

Which manufacturer will say that his product is from So-So Lines– not the best, not the worst?

While reading the manufacturer’s specifications and characteristics I look only to the purely specific values such as Amperage, Voltage and the dimensions. I am rarely interested in their songs of praise. Which manufacturer will say that his product is from So-So Lines– not the best, not the worst?

The best way, except your own real experience, is read reviews from different sources. My favorite is Amazon Customer Reviews and the theme forums. Although about the information obtained from the forums should be careful to make decisions.

Just for information. I have Philips 1000mA Power Bank, and I checked to know how long can operate my good old TomTom GO720 GPS navigator. Philips completely discharged after two hours. It is no doubt that GPS device with Zendure A5 16750mAh capacity will run much longer.

Well, Zendure A5 is powerful (not the most one from A series) portable charger for handheld GPS, cell phones, tablets and other on the go devices.

Just a brief introduction, read the remaining here:

Originated from one of the most successful external battery projects on Kickstarter. Trusted by hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. Join the Zendure experience today.“

Why I choose Zendure from hundreds of similar brands?

The first, durability. There’s no doubt, see the video can not be tampered with.

Second, third and so on; long-lasting charging, 95% of charge after half a year, excellent indicator.
Made in the USA, at least I could not find other data.
Zen+, Ultimate compatibility. The USB Ports automatically detects your device and fine tunes the output. By me, it is the significant value.
…and other good features.

Let’s be realistic; it is for up to two to four days without other electric power access.

 I found that Zendure A5, PC Advisor Winner 2014-2017, is one of the best power bank or external battery charger for on the go devices. Let’s be realistic; it is for up to two to four days without other electric power access.

What about a month long wild nature adventure?

It is nothing new that solar power is another alternative.

 Sounds great but manufacturers producing tons of solar powered battery chargers. Honestly, I have very bad experience with this kind of electric energy powered things. Either it is pool fountain or gardens solar lights, scrap for a couple of dollars.

But in fact, it is not so hopeless and you just need to know how to choose a Solar Charger.

Only you need to know is voltage, amperage and some other technical terms like watts…OMG.
I will not be burdensome to you with these high school physic values as a lot of them I have already forgotten. I found the great solution for long independence from electrical sources. One of the key features is solar power integration.

It is „Goal Zero 42011 Sherpa 100 Solar Recharging Kit“. Actually, it is power bank.

 You can charge it in three ways the car, wall and the Sun. Theoretically and partly in fact with Sherpa Kit you can pretend to be a modern Robinson Crusoe on a desert uninhabited tropical island and listen the Deep Purple for months without leaving the bungalow.

You can charge almost everything, even AC powered tools by attached inverter.

Here are lines from Amazon Customer Reviews
„…I recently spent 40 days doing survival training and needed packable solar charging system that would keep my cameras and iPhone/s alive in the field so that I could communicate and shoot video… and my Goal Zero Sherpa 100 did just fine.
The Sherpa 100 Kit includes the Sherpa 100 charger with removable AC inverter AND the Nomad 20 foldable and packable solar panel. I won’t get into ALL of the ridiculously well thought out aspects of this package but I will say that this guy works and does charge up to full in 10 – 20 hours of direct sunlight.
…One last story… so when I went to my 40 day survival training, 3 of the other guys also showed up with Goal Zero units… and all of us agreed… For portable Solar Power… Goal Zero is the best choice because it works – PERIOD.“

What else to add, clear and real user verdict.

For me, both external battery chargers for GPS could be a smart solution for next sailing trips as not all sailboats have 12V sockets.


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