Today I’d like to talk about What is the best GPS for boats.

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I do not consider myself a very great expert in this field, but I have considerable personal experience as a user of GPS hardware and software.

I cannot assert which of the navigation hardware is better, and if it would, then I would be lying. Ultimately this is a subjective judgment what I am going to do. A wide range of information about marine navigation systems could be found on the internet and other sources. For to not lose orientation in this vast database you must have knowledge which I have, and I like this theme very much.

Everyone has some criteria for which he was looking for things. Mostly they are quality and price. Also, each of these indicators may vary. On average, the most expensive item is the better quality, but not always. And therefore, it is often unpleasant and even painful when we purchased low quality but the precious commodity.

Let’s go back to the boats and yachts.

The most expensive yachts have been equipped with navigational equipment in the boatyard. It is rare today to meet simple GPS receiver to obtain Geographical coordinates to find boat’s position on sea map. Modern watercraft is equipped with chart plotters, Electronic sea charts, AIS (Automatic Identification System), fish finders and other helpful marine navigation tools. I am faced with an entirely inadequate and expensive unnecessary navigation hardware, which is 99% of the cases, are never used.

Today I would like to speak not about commercial ships, that is another story. There are strict international rules for what kind of navigational tools every ship must be equipped which is stated in SOLAS (The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea).

I’ve sailed on the variety of vessels. I served as navigation officer on the large ocean liners to very small sailing and motorboats. I am familiar with the usage of GPS navigation systems since its onset. Today we live in the era of modern techniques which are rapidly evolving, including methods of the vessel positioning. I am not much mistaken if I say that often would be enough with a mobile phone.

Almost everyone has a smartphone equipped with GPS receiver chip.

The market is flooded with free and paid marine navigation application. I am tested many of them, and almost everyone has pros and cons. But today not about mobile apps. Just to say, that those tiny android or mac programs never will outweigh the stationary devices.

One of the most critical devices on board is GPS. Almost every navigation equipment on the modern seagoing ship has a GPS/GLONASS receiver chip which somehow is related to help for safe navigation. Safety is understood as the obtaining of your location with high accuracy. Distance to the coast to calculate sufficient fuel to reach it. Keeping a Safe underwater clearance to not hitting a rock or other Obstacle, and some another mode.

This time, I will not dive deep into the technical data and a detailed description of the pros and cons. I just list GPS devices, what in my opinion is the best GPS for boats.

What Amazon marketplace offering for Raymarine lovers

For bigger boats to safely sail the seas top choice is:

  • Garmin  GPSMAP 1040xs Chartplotter/Sonar Combo

    It is not so cheap, but when You can afford $ 100K boat than a bit more than $1000 is not such big money. It is a cool device. I have never used it by myself but heard from my colleagues just the best words. My friends soon are back from the sailing voyage in the Mediterranean, and I would like to visit the boat to test this device.

In my opinion, the brilliant choice is

Garmin GPS for boats becoming very popular for fishermen and other pleasure yachts    

You could argue me that there are other even more sophisticated marine GPS navigators. Yes, probably it is. But those I have listed have been tested in action and perfectly fulfills its mission.


Good luck fishing and safely reach your destination!


Hello, my dear readers.

I wrote this post more than a year ago, and since then many of GPS for boat devices have been reviewed.

To be honest, when we look at the main players on the market as Garmin, Lowrance, Raymarine or Furuno, it’s not that large technical differences in devices. Main components have been produced by the same manufacturers just boxes and labels are different.

The attitude to customers, this is the Key factor to the success. Mainly it is customers service, acceptable map update fees and real, not hidden pitfalls clear warranty terms. People tend to stick to his favorite brand, but it does not mean that they can never change. Read my reviews, make your own conclusion, agree or disagree with my point of view, purchase your favorite brand GPS for boat and enjoy your next fishing trip or sailboat

Raymarine, Lowrance, Furuno, and Simrad brands offering good quality marine GPS devices as well.

I unfairly forgot to mention Humminbird fishfinders and other affordable GPS units

Read my reviews, make your own conclusion, agree or disagree with my point of view, purchase your favorite brand GPS for boat and enjoy your next fishing trip or sailboat regatta to Paradise Island.

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