TomTom Via 1505m World Traveler Edition GPS Navigator
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Product: TomTom Via 1505m World Traveler Edition GPS Navigator with Lifetime Maps
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Display: 5-inch touchscreen
Coverage: US, Canada, Mexico and Europe Lifetime Maps
Guarantee: One year
My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

TomTom Via 1505m WTE Overview


Let’s look at one of the latest TomTom onboard device TomTom Via 1505m. As I mentioned someplace in my website that TomTom is one of my favorite GPS navigation tool. I have been driving with TomTom for about 8 years. Maybe I am a little conservative, but compared to other GPS navigation models, I still prefer TomTom.

You ask why? One of the reasons to be honest, I’m familiar to the interface and other nuances. Also good is that it I am familiar with computer TomTom Home (the software control package), though, To be honest, I will say that it is not the most user-friendly software.
This is a customer replay “TomTom’s absolutely absurd computer interface package, their website, and their policies/support.”

What I really like in TomTom GPS navigation system is an excellent indication of road bend or curve. When driving on unfamiliar roads or in the dark time of the day, I can perfectly predict when and how they will bend and ride safe speed depending on the weather.

Someone can argue me, that other brand’s navigation are able to do the same. Maybe but for me TomTom’s given information is better and more informative. Display and a resolution is good, but more expensive competitors tend to be higher.

City and road maps are good quality, addresses can be found easily by typing street name and home number, zip or postcode. The user can make any adjustments to the map and share it with others. Though other brand GPS navigators nowadays have a similar features and quality of street mapping.

I have read various comments about Lifetime Maps service. A large part of the user is trying to prove that the lifetime is the only USA, Canada and Mexico cards. Somewhere it was cited even TomTom answer ….

My judgment on this device is. Affordable price, even very good for features provided.

If your TomTom Via 1505M World Traveler Edition GPS Navigator with Lifetime Maps are mostly used in the US, Canada or Mexico, then an invaluable contribution to saving on map renewal. If the device is intended for use in Europe, it is recommended to be acquired shortly before the trip across the ocean, then the map will uptodate.

Let me be honest and open. I’ve traveled around Europe a lot. I usually have several navigators on board including one TomTom device. Roads are not built so quickly, and even if the maps are not renewed a year or two, then it also will not lead to large discrepancies on road maps.

And one more thing about what some complain. About wind shield holder of mentioned navigator. I on the contrary, the holder looks very handy and easy to install. Often, people get used to things, and it is difficult to switch to something new.

So this is my brief personal overview about TomTom Via 1505m World Traveler Edition GPS Navigator with Lifetime Maps and again, I recommend this device. You will not loose your path nor in North America nor in Europe.

Safe and joyful driving.

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