Two Years Results of the GPS Navigation Site.

Hello, my dear readers from all over the World.

It is almost two years around as I started my GPS Navigation Site.

Am I happy with what I’m doing?

It is hard to answer just by Yes or No. It depends on how to look at my result. It is no secret that the main goal of creating the site is making some money as an Amazon Associate and I have never hidden it. Trust me that it is not so easy.

With almost a decade of experience in the Internet Marketing, I have got the rock-hard confidence that only way to the succeeds is by creating the valuable and unique content. All the tricks and tips to gain the visitors by way of so-called Black Hat marketing or even Grey Hat marketing sooner or later collapse.

My GPS navigation

niche is medium competitively concerning organic search engine traffic. My site, on the date of writing July 4, 2017, includes about one hundred pages and posts. By reviewing statistics, I have found that some of the content has never reached readers by organic or natural search.

I mean e.g. by typing in Google keyword phrase like „Garmin GPS watch“ no one has landed on my site. However, searching for „GPS for boats“ or „GPS for ATV Trails“ my site statistics in Google Analytics indicates about two hundred visitors daily. It is not such big numbers, but the main indicator by my mind and more important is how those visitors convert into real buyers. So here it comes as month by month slowly but steadily my site conversion rate is growing.

Day by day I am becoming smarter, I hope so. I am constantly learning. Luckily I found the best teacher in the world which name is Wealthy Affiliate University. Those who may be interested are very welcome to take a look. No hidden tricks, just honest business and knowledge.

Wealthy Affiliate learns how to make money online by creating your real property on the worldwide web. No gambling, no scam, no Blackhat Marketing just hard work. Where You are the Boss, the Owner, and employee in one person. Where no borders, no office hours, early wake ups and tired weekends. Just laptop and internet, luckily available almost everywhere in the modern World. And your wish to live better and more active

The Results are inevitable and what I like very much is that your property day by day becoming more and more valuable in time. It is like a wine in oak barrels.

So, it is my brief review of the work I have done in the past two, no, actually during the last ten years.

I like what I am doing. I am not yet ready to quit my day job and actually not necessary to do it. But what may be even more pleasant if there are belief and confidence in a stable source of additional income which gradually but inevitably increases?

Watch the short video related to my day job.

In conclusion a couple of words to my GPS Navigation Site visitors.

I admit that there are flaws in my written posts and pages but I will leave them what they are. Sometimes it’s rather hard to write and explain all exactly I would like to due to my language barrier but I am trying.

Over time, I have come to the conclusion to not make my content in a typical review way but try to put myself in a place of seeker and user of promoted product. Definitely that I can not have an opportunity to test every GPS device or other product by myself. Many who claims the opposite is lying. I am doing online research, visiting forums, reading Amazon verified purchase reviews and Q&A, asking friends and real users. But most important using common sense and my own knowledge of the topic to bring real value to my readers.

Many ideas of new posts bring me my Amazon buyers.

It is no secret that at least one-third of purchases made is not the from the direct affiliate links or items I promoted. I have numbers of continuous niche items purchased which never has been mentioned on my site.

GPS navigation devices are constantly developing and improving and no way to follow all of the markets. Buyers often tell me in advance what products they are interested in.

For example, a Magellan eXplorist TRX7 GPS navigation device for OHV stands for off highway vehicle.

Honestly, I never consider this brand as the best GPS navigation unit option. Even more, this given device is the pricey purchase. Nevertheless, I made and research and wrote a post which still is very new to be found organic but anyway I have another two purchase of this off-roaders GPS unit obviously after visitors surfing my site’s content.

I hope that I will continue my work. The only obstacle can be is MYSELF and more specifically, a laziness that is so natural for all of us.

It is so easy to check my job quality and not needed to guess, the monthly $$ growth is the best evaluation of my work.

Have a Great Day and Welcome to my