Car Dashboard Cameras

Now I’d like to speak about such an interesting and valuable car’s “MUST HAVE” device as car Dashboard Camera.

On this website, we are talking about the different types of GPS devices and themes more or less related to the transport and security. We took a look at the car GPS systems, marine navigation satellite systems and a variety of GPS trackers. What are standard GPS navigation and car dash cam?

BlackVue Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD

Dashboard cameras are also known as dashcams, car cameras, car DVRs, dash cams, traffic recorders or even car or bike accident recorders.

I don’t want to talk much about $10 scrap, but take a look at durable and helpful well-known brands cameras or traffic recorders with integrated GPS function.

As an avid different GPS systems and appliances admirer, I am also the owner of Blackvue  GPS integrated car dashboard traffic recorder. I enjoy Blackvue Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD dashboard traffic recorder on my windscreen for almost three years and able,  with a relatively high reliability, give comments regarding those dashboard cameras.

Couple of words about Dashboard Cameras. What is dashboard camera?

It is a device in your car which records your car’s video and an audio environment in time. This unit stores those data in memory so you can playback on and use it for designated purposes.

The market is full of different types, quality, and budget dash cameras. You can try $20 with low quality very basic mode camera with no any additional options, or purchase $400 with high-quality dual-channel Wi-Fi and GPS receiver integrated state of the art device.

Which one is for you, your choice. By me, whether you think about buying a dashboard camera just to record your great vacation trip and hold it just for short time, no necessary to spend hundreds. Log in China AliExpress online shop or other similar low-value places. Order for $20, if lucky get it by mail in 1-3 month, enjoy for next trip and after throw it in the trash bin.

Other story when you think about Dashboard traffic recording camera seriously.

By me, not even spend time and search for dashcam price below $100. Low quality and cheap cameras lifetime are short. I know it not just from different people reviews online. Many of my friends, colleagues at work and acquaintances (about 30 of them) have a wide range, and types of dashboard cameras in their cars and I made a poll among them many times in a hidden manner.

I do not explain details of my investigation or research just say that no one, I say again not any of 18 checked so-called traffic recorders from cheap online shops had been usable after one year time.

Some of those units have a full list of functions and even prices close to hundred dollars.  It is just a visual beauty. Undercover is fake and low-quality hardware. Just to know and somewhere in my website already has mentioned, never purchase any electronics (cable, batteries, etc.) for genuine Apple products as iPhones, MacBooks or iPads in those cheap online shops. These items look good sometimes even better than Apple made. Sooner or later they become unusable. Money wasting action.

I don’t wanna talk any more about these ”masterpieces”. Let’s take a look at real durable and money worth dashboard cameras.

What is an opportunities and value when your car is equipped such a reliable device.

  1. You can prove a case when car accident;
  2. Insurance fraud protection;
  3. Record and after report about dangerous drivers on road;
  4. Some parking protection;
  5. Record and check your or your kids driving manner (route and speed);
  6. Record your scenic routes during holidays and share it with your friends.

Naturally my list could be even bigger, but this is enough to consider of purchase one of good dashboard camera. You can argue so; it is such a function in many smartphone apps. Yes, you are right, but I always want to remind you that stand alone device, for almost any kind and purpose GPS devices, is better than a multipurpose unit.

What are functions have to consider if choose a GOOD Dashboard camera?  I’ll try to arrange the functions in order of importance

Video resolution– not less than 720p which is called as HD. Better 1080p or even 1296p

Loop Recording– When memory storage card is full, data  overwriting old files so to infinity;

G-Sensor– A G-sensor is triggered when an impact or a sudden braking. As soon as such a g-force has happened, the camera will automatically make a mark to the current footage and save;

Motion detection– It is not G-Sensor. When a camera is in parking mode, it still recording but not keeping data in memory.  As soon as any motion is detected data saving  resumes;

GPS– need to move this option up. Very, very useful. Always correct time stamp. Exact position on street or even off road. Some cameras have options for external GPS but very inconvenient wiring and installation. Integrated GPS receiver makes dashcam useful onboard devices;

Dual-channel– kind and helpful option as you be able to watch and record rear view.

There are some more functions but by my mind, those are main ones.

In coming posts I’ll give my review on BlackVue Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD dashboard camera installed on my VOLVO XC 70.

Before I say goodbye, for now, want to say, You can become YouTube star as the minimum if accidentally dashboard camera records an extreme or very rare situation on your way back home.

Remember plane crash footage or Siberian meteorite back on 15 February 2013, millions of views.

 When it comes to legal aspect of dash cam use then not one direct answer could be found. No traces of illegality of holding and recording by car dashboard cameras  except prohibited in Austria and partly in Switzerland and Luxembourg.  Another issue is how recordings could help as evidence. Just one example from my country Latvia. Dash cam must be certified by local authorities to have legal effect.  In reality, not clear many nuances and the police even very willingly accepted footages from dash cams that help an investigation of the accident.


  1. LakanDula

    I’m a person who is extremely cautious about getting fucked with on the road, drivers today can just be really stupid. Yes, GPS as and dashcams can be really handy when trying to prove something to the police, or trying to find out that asshole that put you through a hit and run attack.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi! You are right about blockheads on roads and dashcams somehow could be helpful. In my country more and more common practice is send footage from DVR to local popular well known public websites and you can even get some awards for best weekly videos. Either it is traffic intruders or car accident or simply beautiful sunrise.

  2. navadimovas

    I sure would like some of those when i was driving on snowy road behind military hammer which was causing traffic colon. I was trying to make a record with phone but it was too awkward to drive and filmig at the same time besides car glass didnt make it easier to be well seen.
    So i miss my opportunity to be a youtube star, because i am sure it would be funny watching heavy duty car beeing the slowest in somewhat not so trivial weather conditions.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi and thanks for stopping by! I like dashcam. After watching on PC so many great and good quality still pics could be made from video. And as I mentioned somewhere in my posts, police if noticed DVR on windscreen usually became very polite. And of course, if not you can miss to become a Youtube star.


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