Is Lowrance Boat Box Bundle Worth the Money?

I recently came across Lowrance Boat Box Bundle. It is presented as an outfit of your boat in terms of „all in one box. “ Let’s look what this marine electronics manufacturer is offering in this miracle box and is it really include everything for perfect fishing as it is not just another GPS for boat device. By searching in…
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Why to Choose Cobra Marine VHF Handheld Radio?

The short answer to the heading question about Cobra marine VHF handheld radio choice is – high quality for reasonable price. Some may argue me that there are much better walkie-talkies on the market, and maybe it is so. Although, if we are talking mainly about recreational boating needs so Cobra VHF is an excellent choice. raising awareness about safety,…
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Led Marine Navigation Lights Cheap and Effective Solution.

I found that the by purchasing a led marine navigation lights could be a quick, cheap and convenient way to solve a problem of lack of navigation lights at all or in a case of replacement these. I have noted many times that Safety First when you are sailing on any size of the boat. Navigation equipment like GPS, radar,…
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Used Marine GPS for Sale, Why Not?

Sometimes purchasing a used marine GPS for sale could save much money especially when for brand new GPS Chartplotter price is over $1K. Not always the latest and high priced models are the best choices. Producers have their own tricks to attract customers unfortunately sometimes with totally unusable new features just to raise the unit prices. Not every time those…
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Furuno Marine GPS Continues to be a Favorite Brand For Professionals.

Furuno GPS was the first receiver I met in my job as a navigating officer on merchant ships. I had undeservedly forgotten to mention one of the marine electronic manufacturer giants as Furuno Electric Co. Furuno is a Japanese company established in 1951. Main products are marine radars, GPS, fishfinders and other marine electronics. It was in the beginnings of…
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The Backup Option for Boat GPS Equipment is Essential.

The final post of my adventurous sea voyage and why GPS for boats needs a backup, read below. From the very young ages, I have been taught, that the Sea should be respected. I have always tried to follow it. Often, this also applies to everyday matters. Every sailor knows that obtaining high accuracy ship’s position leads to safer sailing…
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Expected Short Stopover in Den Helder The Netherlands Turned into the Two-Day Unforgettable Stay.

So we are underway to the Den Helder The Netherlands. It is home to the country’s main naval base and in any other way a great place to be. Calculated distance and ETA to „Koninklijke Marine Jacht Club“ is 145 nautical miles. After first twenty glorious flying mode sailing, I slowed down to about 15 knots. I expected busy fishing…
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Kiel Canal Transit and Lessons Learned on the Way to Den Helder Holland.

I decided to resume Kiel Canal transit very early in the morning but had to cancel departure from friendly marina’s company. Dense fog covered navigation fairway, so, in any case, no pleasure craft movement as stated in Kiel Canal Pleasure Craft Instruction. Had breakfast, rechecked fuel calculations and assume that not needed to refueling here, smarter will take fuel in…
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Next Stage to Kiel Holtenau Includes Inshore Sailing.

Now my marine voyage entering in more exciting, inshore sailing and busy ship traffic area. We are leaving wonderful short stay in Leba. Say goodbye to Polish Border Guards and full steam towards Stralsund in Germany. Leba- Stralsund. Calculated distance 164 nautical miles ETA (expected the time of arrival) next morning after 8 a.m. to fit in Stralsund Gas Station…
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