It looks like that GPS for ATV Trails is not a big choice on the market today.

I am not a big fan of ATV riding, but once I used to ride with a friend in the woods and meadows on his Polaris ATV vehicle.

It is no problems to ride in familiar forest tracks or along a beach and other familiar tracks, but when it comes to driving in thick forest or rocky mountain path? How to find a way and not to get lost?

As a GPS navigation system fan, I decided to do a research and find, what could be the best solution GPS for ATV trails.

I was disappointed to found that just a few GPS navigators the market is offering uniquely for ATV  GPS.

I try to search App Store and find that only more or less valuable for off-road riding is Trimble Outdoors Navigator. I downloaded it to my iPhone 6S for free but to thoroughly enjoy all features you have to purchase maps, e.g., private LandMaps for Alabama goes for about $ 45. Even more, only the US maps are available, so for me as European other solution has to be found.

For me, an idea to use an iPhone for ATV and other off-road adventures is not a good one. Even more, it is not a smart decision somehow DIY attach your $900 worth smartphone in open, rain and vulnerable mud impact way at your ATV.

When it comes to stand-alone GPS navigation systems for ATV trails the only what I found is Garmin eTrex 30x or Garmin eTrex 20x, but the best choice by my mind is Trail Tech 912-301 Voyager Stealth Black Moto-GPS Computer.

Product Description in Amazon online shop is  very informative: „Voyager is like no other GPS you have seen on the market. The one and only GPS designed and manufactured for off-road. Whether you ride motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles or 4 wheel drives, Voyager is your unit. Display: The Voyager 400 x 240 WQVGA LCD display has no rival on the market, featuring incredible resolution and contrast. In intense sunlight, the transflective properties go to work creating a bright, vivid display. An LED backlight lights the display after the sun goes down. Mounting: Voyager mounts directly to your vehicle, bolted at or below the handle bars. This unique mounting solution allows Voyager to become an integral part of your vehicle. Voyager is the first GPS product that has a dedicated peace-of-mind mounting system for an off-road motorcycle. Smart data logging: When your engine stops so does the GPS trail logging – eliminating random data points from your track when you’re not moving. Explore new trail areas with confidence. Voyager also offers on and off the trail file sharing between units via the waterproof MicroSD card (reads most GPS brands). Temperature: Voyager provides both ambient and engine temperature. Engine temperature is saved in track data points and graphed for comparison with altitude changes. Diagnostic screens help you review engine performance from past trails. GPS speed, distance, compass, altitude, temperature, maps, wheel sensor, engine performance linked to GPS data, crash resistant, off-road design mounts below the bars for protection, upload routes from any GPS or PC, customizable user screens, model-specific integrated kits, accepts AC or DC power from virtually any vehicle, rugged handlebar mounts – 7/8 inch to 1-1/8 inch, waterproof. Screens: Data is intuitively arranged and quickly accessed using joy-stick navigation. Mapping: Accurate tracks, even in the toughest terrain. Pan, zoom, graphs, waypoints, and more.“

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What else to be added to this.

Only one from my personal point of view. I’m a little envious of the American colleagues because it is already quite a lot of ready-made ATV trails in the US and just have them load the GPS navigator.

 Voyager GPS kit comes with free complimentary software RideLeader to help you create, edit and save your trails. This unit perfectly fits as GPS for motorcycles, especially for off-road riding enthusiasts.

If you are the lack of ideas where to ride, just go to Great ORV maps GPS and printed search in

There are a lot of ideas and ready to go trails. I was failed to open it in Chrome browser but no problems in Safari and Firefox. Unfortunately, the Google Earth plugin is currently only available for Windows and Mac OS X 10.6+, so my attempts to open it on iPhone was unsuccessful.

I thought that only American ATV riders are ready to ride ATV, snowmobile, and off-road Trails, but maybe I just still do not know how to find. Have to look in European ATV riders forums.

I definitely will, but it turns out that is not so hopeless to create your private trails.

It is a way to create your unique personal trails and transfer them to Voyager. I found a very useful video tutorial how to do it. Maybe a little complicated from the first look, but, in any case, it is not a Chinese alphabet.

I would not make a traditional pros and cons listing just to say that found some not happy with hard operating procedures, but after a short workout, it turns out that is not so difficult.

 Trail Tech 912-301 Voyager GPS is great GPS for ATV trails and having it on board you will definitely not get lost in adventurous ATV ride, either it will be desert or rocky mountain ride or deep dark green forest trails.

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Added 16 December 2016.

My dear readers and brave ATV and snowmobile riders!

Since you are reading this article then you are interested in off-road and adventurous driving.

As you can see that many of my reviewed GPS devices are linked to Amazon shopping and no secret that this is one of the most popular and one of the cheapest places almost for anything you need. Definitely that there are other shops and online stores but me any many others prefer Amazon as no other places with so detailed real customers reviews base. 

What I try to say?

This post is on the top ten in Google search by keyword „GPS for ATV trails, “ and Trail Tech Voyager device has been purchased more than twenty times. So, I guess that only this figure alone suggests that this device is valuable and I decided to devote a separate review.

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November 27,2018.

Read my latest post about the new Trail Tech Voyager PRO. I warmly recommend.

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