Does Nobeltec TimeZero Cutting-edge Navigation Software Fits my Needs?

I have made a research on the best marine navigation software which fits my needs, but still in confusion.

Well, I decide to proceed with my evaluation and to begin I tape in Google search engine a keyword phrase ” marine navigation software” to see what is popping up.

Most relevant to upper lines was navigation software

As stated on home page “Nobeltec is a leading developer of PC-based marine navigation software programs and supplier of electronic charts, hardware, and accessories.”

Skipping blah, blah about the company, to the product that it offers.

Nobeltec Inc. offers TimeZero software packages with high value.

TZ Odyssey for use sailing and power boats. It is the right solution for pleasure boats for recreational use: very easy navigation and routing. This soft is integrated with the weather forecast and tide-current options.

TZ Trident– more complicated for the dynamic navigation software solution. It actually could be for professionals and bigger size yachts.

TZ Catch is specially designed for professional commercial fishermen needs. Nautical mapping is the same as TZ Trident with additional fishing tools, as Bathy Recorder. You are an ability to record and update your bathy data from real-time echo-soundings. And some more cool features.

TZ SportFishing is definitely for me in some cases. For amateurs, whose hobby is fishing. Fastest chart engine and top quality marine nautical charts, which means real high precise seabed picture to find the best fishing spots. No way for fellow competitors to overcome you as a laptop is running this software.

I would not like dive deep in the revolutionary TIMEZERO technology just to say that NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) raster and vector charts are included for free for all US waters in price for basic software price.

A raster chart or RNC is a direct scan or copy of an existing paper chart. Raster charts look exactly as paper maps. All information contained within the chart is printed directly on it.

A vector chart or ENC is a series of points and lines that make up the features on a chart. Vector maps look computer generated. Details and data on the chart can be turned on and off.

Primary functions included in TimeZero software are:

-GPS positioning;

-Weather forecast;

-Tide database worldwide;

-Handy Routes and Waypoints management;

AIS (Automatic Identification System)/ARPA  integration.

Not new, but very cool feature, which ten years ago was futuristic, is PhotoFusion. It is a perfect mix of marine charts, satellite Earth picture, and 3D data.

 It gives the best possible sense and feeling of a real natural environment around your boat.

TimeZero uses vector and raster charts from many hydrographic offices around the world.

Crucial to know what is hardware installation requirements.

Operating System(s): Windows 7 or Windows 8 (32 or 64 bits). Not clear how does it feel with Windows 10.  Forum threads write that installation is not so straightforward.

CPU: 1.5 GHz Intel Core2Duo highly recommended

RAM: 2GB (4GB recommended)

Video Board: Minimum: Dedicated Video Board (ATI or NVIDIA) with 256MB VRAM or selected integrated Intel Graphic Chipset (*)

Recommended: Dedicated Video Board (ATI or NVIDIA) with 512MB VRAM

Requirements for other softs could be found here.

Critical absence for me is that TimeZero software is not running on Mac. Although recently have appeared the iOS version for iPad, it does not suit me.

I checked for vector charts in my region North and Baltic seas price $1049 for TZ Odyssey. The Mediterranean and Black seas the same $1049. Not fit into my budget. For US and Canada, area charts are included in software price for $449; it is OK.

After all, my conclusion is to continue research for more affordable marine navigation software for MacBook Pro.

However, at the conclusion of this review should be recognized that Nobeltec TimeZero marine navigation software and its use I liked. How is it would be in real life? It is hard to say before you have not operated it in heavy seas on board of the yacht.

Today is 25th of January 2018, and as a subscriber of General Newsletter from SIGNET Group, I received the following news regarding new TimeZero navigation software.

TZ Navigator v3 software has been designed to answer the navigation needs and requirements of recreational sailors. With features that are truly cutting-edge, it is a software that takes you from cruising with your powerboat or yacht, to racing in regattas. TIMEZERO software has two main objectives: Supreme control and comfort. Discover in this section how TIMEZERO software caters to your needs no matter your marine navigation type.“

 I don’t want to overwrite producers announcement just want to say that after watching the video and as the professional merchant navigation officer as well as sailboat skipper, it is really cool software mainly for coastal navigation. It can be used for ocean sailing as well just for full features you need internet connection although today it is not so expensive by use of satellite Internet capabilities. Only you need to find tasafe place for your MacBook, tablet or any other Windows PC and you are ready for the safe and pleasant voyage.

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