Use Waterproof IPhone 6 Plus Case When Smartphone is in GPS for Boats Mode.

There are situations when the boat has not equipped with sat nav hardware then smartphone as a GPS navigation tool is not a bad idea. Having waterproof iPhone 6 plus case significantly increase the effectiveness of smartphone to fulfill it tasks.

I was forced to use iPhone 3 as an emergency GPS receiver as main Raymarine Chartplotter GPS and PC with MaxSea navigation software accidentally were out of order. If anyone interested I wrote about it and more in My Sea Voyage Story on Jeanneau Prestige 36.

Luckily the weather was calm and only concern was for the iPhone would not be dropped on the deck. Mostly not worried about any damage to screen or body but due to some water on deck. Saltwater ingress is not warranty case and for my next iPhone 4, I paid about $250 for restoration. I forgot the smartphone in my fishing suit’s pocket when I fished flounders. The only pocket which was not watertight.

After that case, I always store my phone in the tight plastic bag. This method definitely cannot be considered as usable when a smartphone is used for boat navigation purposes.

I am not sure about durable waterproof cases some five, six years ago, but today technologies allow make such a wonders.

To be honest, I am not yet an owner of such a protective case, but am on my way to find the best waterproof iPhone 6S case. Why exactly for this model, because I own it and hope the next couple of years will stick to it.

Many times I have said that stand alone GPS for boats are the best and more safest way for navigation. But, life is life and you would come across a situation where other navigation tool will not be available.

So a waterproof case for any smartphone is the smart solution to avoid unnecessary headaches. Let’s take a look what today are offered in waterproof smartphone cover case market.

In reality the offer is quite a big so I’d like skip another but review only cases for iPhone 6S plus to shorten search results. I never thought that it so difficult task. Better not read producers homepages or advertisements at all. It is nothing new that they mainly praise their products, so a better way is to conduct a thorough online research.

It would be better to set the primary reasons for this accessory and then resume the search. For me, I set that it could be salt water splash resistant, easily attached to the holder, ability to swipe “up” to access airplane and Wi-Fi menu and safe watertight charger port for onboard charging. No needed to say that enhanced shock proof must be included.

I found some for iPhone 6/6s, which somehow tick all the boxes, but for 5,5-inches model, is much less choice.

I would stick to Optrix by Body Glove Kit for iPhone 6/6s which comes about fifty bucks on Amazon or Hitcase Pro for iPhone 6/6s for about sixty bucks but no options for pluses.

At First, I looked towards LifeProof nüüd Case for iPhone 6, but after reading Customer Reviews from exclude this brand from the search list.

At first, I looked towards LifeProof nüüd Case for iPhone 6s plus, but after reading Customer Reviews from I exclude this brand from the search list although experts praise it.

Every iPhone case has many five stars and only one-star customer reviews, so did not found the perfect one according to my researchers.

When it comes to my conclusion, for the moment I would prefer cheaper choice like iPhone 6s Plwaterproof case for iphone 6us Waterproof Case, Merit SHIELD Series IP68 Protection Rating Waterproof Snow-proof Shockproof and Dirt-poof Protective Case for iPhone 6 plus/iPhone 6s plus 5.5 inch from Amazon for only

My thinking and advice are, try to avoid situations where the necessity of such a water and snow protective case is needed. But to has one in your backpack is a smart decision. I would not recommend to make any watertight tests. When using for boating and yachting as GPS navigation tool try to not touch any openings.

To complete my post, I would like to say that any smartphone is a bit of human masterpiece so let try to save it as much as we can. I have had all the iPhones from iPhone 3 to 6S Plus and by my mind, all of them are worth its price and performs their tasks just great.

If someone finds the perfect Waterproof iPhone 6S case, please let us know, I would be very grateful about it.

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  1. Ashley

    Haha, I really love this idea, I was actually thinking what happened if I wanted to use my cellphone’s GPS while being somewhere in a boat. And you’re right, it would work great, but a waterproof case would be a must, I would say. That especially if you’re a clumsy person, as me. That’s why I always want to make sure my smartphone is safe, as I live close to the sea and I go by boat many times.
    I like that waterproof case from Amazon, it’s really cheap for $25 and as long as it’s waterproof, it’s everything I want for now.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks Ashley for stopping by!
      As a sailboat skipper, I would say that use of a smartphone for navigation is not the smartest idea. The boats heel changes very frequently, so safe fitting and proper site selection are crucial to call for a taxi after mooring.


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