What is the Best GPS for Motorcycles?

To answer the question “What is the best GPS for motorcycles” we can not give a straightforward answer.

No need to say that for John Garmin Zumo series is on Top, but Peter could argue that Tom Tom Rider is second to none.garmin gps for motorcycles

Why I decided, include GPS for motorcycles on my website? Because of the GPSnavigationsite.com readers interest and this is a very related theme to my site’s main intent.

To evaluate all pros and cons we have to establish the main Must-Have features for GPS for motorcycle and how they look versus other chosen navigation models.

Before beginning let’s face that GPS navigators for motorcycles are more expensive than GPS navigation systems for cars. I do not mean factory-installed onboard multimedia systems with a GPS navigation function. When buying a new car, you are forced to choose between installed GPS, or without that, a car’s price difference could reach a couple of thousand dollars. Simple mathematics for $300 you can buy a high-end stand-alone GPS navigation system for a car.

When it comes about motorcycles, I do not think that there are many offers with factory-installed GPS navigators. Fortunately, the GPS navigation system market has a broad range of offers whether they were motorcyclists or cyclists.

So what it is the most essential and indispensable for GPS for motorcycles which distinguish it from the usual car navigation.

One feature I forgot to mention that any motorcycle GPS device easily could be used for your vehicle as well.

First of all-Durable, shock resistant housing to extend lifespan in extreme conditions as riding off-roads and so on.

Secondly, GPS navigator must have water resistance design. No need to say that it is almost impossible to avoid or predict occasional rain showers or water splashes from the oncoming cars. Due to the above, such brands as Garmin and TomTom even comply with the water resistance standards ix7. It means that a device can be immersed to a depth of 1 meter and survive.

Next great feature is the specially customized screen. The glove-friendly display is a standard feature for motorbikes GPS navigators. Special designed anti-glare screen and other weather-related solutions for safe use in various weather conditions.

And lastly, there are especially for motorcycle GPS adapted software. Bikers used to ride their two-wheel friends on off- roads and winding paths so, ability to choose from many routes is a very useful feature.gps for motorcycles

I forgot to mention that very helpful option for bikers GPS is Bluetooth. BT communicates with helmet installed earphones to follow voice navigation commands from GPS device as well as for cell phone hands-free activation.

So which is the best GPS for your motorcycle? That, I believe, is the case when we should start to gaze towards top brands such as Garmin and TomTom.

Such a well-known manufacturer as Garmin has developed ZUMO series which is especially motorcycle designed GPS navigators with all above-mentioned characteristics.

Except for dual orientation display mode, there is a very cool feature as Tire pressure monitor sensor in model ZUMO 595LM. It would be very useful in special, just for motorcyclist known, conditions.

gps for motorcyclesTomTom conquers motorcyclists and other bikers with their flagship RIDERS models. Bluetooth, Lifetime Maps, USB port and computer ability to prepare route at your home office and then by pushing a button to send it to GPS device by MyDrive are just part of many features to enjoy.

It is hard to give a full and detailed review in one short post and to get the most accurate information or very real person’s opinion. I advise you to look at Amazon.com customer’s reviews and answered questions. There is so many useful information when you are about to purchase GPS for motorcycles.  Do not read just five stars reviews. Just look at the experiences of others as well.

Here is my short look at so exciting hobby or healthy addiction as Motorcycling and bicycling. I hope that it brings joy and good mood especially when you never lost at unknown winding roads with the help of decent GPS navigation system.


It is more than a year as I wrote this post about GPS for motorcycles and last week I have three cool orders of Garmin Zumo 595LM for almost 3K via my link. So my conclusions are that regardless of the price, durable and smart Zumo GPS for motorcycle are in demand.


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