Does GPS Tracking for Dogs and Cats Really Helps?

That’s understandable to care about our pets safety, and GPS trackers for dogs and cats could be one of the ways to take care of them.

If we live in a private house, then we build the fence not only against thieves but that our dog is not able to run away. Often a fence is sufficient, but for cat and even some dogs, it is not an obstacle.

In this case, the GPS tracking for pets is a great solution.Mikanoss

The majority of people love their dog, cat or other pet. There are different types of pet trackers available on the market Today.

GPS pet trackers are increasingly gaining popularity.

This type of dog tracker maybe is not the cheapest way to protect our pets, but if we really love our dogs or cats, then about $ 100 is not a big price.  We paid for a dog significantly more money. And when summing expenses for dog dental treatments, vaccination and other, then investing the money in GPS pet tracker, we actually protect our property.

I have both a dog and cat, but none of them have GPS pet tracker.

I live in the countryside, and in fact, I have not yet had any problems. No, I remember, had a headache with my cat when he was about a year old. Mikanoss (my cat’s name) had disappeared for about ten days, and I already think it is dead or eaten by a fox. He came back quite hungry and gaunt. It was ten years ago, and if I had known about the GPS tracking system for the pet, I definitely would have bought it.

Technologies developing at tremendous pace and now are available really great, comfortable and practical pet guards and tracking devices. As mainly my site revolves around the GPS, then I’ll try to explain this in the form of the popular manner about basic operating principles and some of the latest and coolest GPS pet tracking devices.

These devices operate in connection with GPS, GSM, and the Internet.

The global positioning system (GPS) sending signals to receivers GPS navigation systems to our cars, boats, smartphones and tracking devices. In the car, we are sitting behind a GPS devices screen and watching information where and how to drive as well as in iPhone or another smartphone.

In the case of GPS tracking for the pet, we are asking information from GPS tracker device on dog’s collar via the help of GSM signal or WiFi when available.

In practice, you have to buy a GPS dog tracking device. You need new GSM operator SIM card. How much money to the SIM card, it will depend on the frequency of tracking of your pet. If you follow your dog with the help of computers, then the Internet connection will be required.tagg pet gps plus

After purchasing of GPS dog tracker, you just follow the start-up instructions. It is straightforward. New SIM card has to be purchased and activated. If you are using a traditional mobile phone, then nothing more is needed, you’ll get from the tracker SMS with the geographical coordinates or information if there is a breach of Geofencing.

When used to the iPhone or an Android smartphone,

then load the appropriate applications that are normally free of charge.  With Smartphones you will be able to follow the dog on the map as Google map or in any other way selected by you.

Many modern GPS pet tracking device makes it possible to follow in your pet’s health condition and able to record and store data.

What I liked is that some devices can function even in wi-fi mode.

It can significantly reduce the costs of GSM. Rarely home today has no a wifi network tagg pet gps plusand also in cities in very fast rates develops free WiFi. For example my home city Riga, Latvia already around 85% of the territory is covered by free wifi network.

One of the latest is the  Whistle GPS Pet tracker.

Whistle GPS service plan

More reviews you can read here. What I do not quite understand why it can be used only in the USA. Let’s say, Tagg Pet GPS plus tracker can be used in many countries, and the reviews are more positive. The latest news that Tagg now is part of Whistle and at this time applications for smartphones are in improvement mode. There are a lot of frustrated users at the present moment. I hope that when you buy you your Whistle GPS Pet Tracker, then this problem will be resolved.

You can see Tag GPS coverage map here.

Whatever you use the tracker, do not forget to watch your dog or cat by yourself. Do not forget that a GPS pet tracker can not entirely replace human eyes, ears, and hands. A cat can crawl into a pipe where GPS and GSM signal could disappear and so on.

If my cat one more time does not come home after a day or so, then I’ll buy a GPS tracking device for my cat, but I guess my British Shorthair is so smart and does not want to wear the GPS tracking collar.

Watch and love your pets! They always answer you with twice the love.

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  1. TheDopestMatrix

    I think GPS trackers are really good ideas for your pet just for the simple fact they LOVE to run off! especially if you don’t train them! the only thing I worry about is are they sending a deal of radiation to the pet? Couldn’t that be potentially harmful? I’d like to know 🙂

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Good question. GPS signal reception is very small. It is broadcasting from satellites in a continuous mode. This minuscule signal is received regardless of whether the dog is a GPS tracker collar or not. If you are talking about GSM signal, then it can be a little more negative impact on the dog’s health, but it is just tiny. Although, if a dog or cat is at home, then I suggest, however, GPS tracker collar to be removed.

  2. Chris

    Wow things have really moved on over the last ten years or so! I haven’t had a pet for that period but I definitely would have opted for this if I still did. My last pet was cat named Sammi – loved him to bits. He failed to come home to eat one evening sparking a mad search from my family to find him. Unfortunately he had been knocked over ( car ). This sort of thing would have saved us a lot of worry and search heartache in the long run!

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Yes, with cats it is a little more complicated. They walk where you want, and the fence is usually not an obstacle, if only some kind special. Also, to guard that a cat not be run over by car, a GPS pet trackers hardly help. But at least will know if the cat will have escaped to the streets.

  3. Paul


    Thanks for the information. This is a great device for those who are worried about their animals.I used to have three cats and a rather naughty jack russell (who loved to run off on walks).

    Having a GPS would be reassuring, to know that the cat was just having some extended outdoor time, or the dog wasn’t actually that far away or in some nasty terrain.

    I think you’re right about the price. if you are sufficiently worried and want the best for your animal then $100 isn’t that much.

    Thanks for the information 🙂

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      About New Whistle tracker currently has more dissatisfied users. Tagg tracker’s users who have tried Whistle is very unhappy in its mobile application, in particular with its attraction of social media. I recommend not to hurry with Whistle tracker purchase. Wait until manufacturer will improve an app and device itself.

  4. Julia

    I also bought it. This is just awesome & useful too.

  5. RachelLouise56

    What a cool product! I have six cats (four are still considered kittens) at home that are very precious to me. I live in the country as well so a GPS tracker isn’t really something I’ve considered, but it may be very beneficial like you said in the case of one of them wandering off and getting lost. Definitely something to consider, thanks for the great article!

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks and You are right about cats in countryside. I too partly spend my time out of city and my british shorthair running any place he like. He is back in the morning with couple of mouses left next to doors as present to me. He is smart cat and I believe that do not need a GPS tracker but maybe I’ll buy one in future. I don’t want to loose him.

  6. Dog Tracker Review

    Hi! Anyone here using a dog gps tracker? I think dog tracker is really a very good piece of equipment for our dogs or puppies. It can really protect them and if they got lost we can easily find them. May I suggest to take a look at this article for some guides.

  7. SamDal

    Excellent idea especially for those pets who bolt when you open the door.

    Cats would also be easier to track since they tend to wander off constantly patrolling their territory especially at night. Mine would do that a lot and sometimes vanish completely for over a week – to the point I was resigned to the fact they were gone for good…only to return again and look at me like nothing was wrong or anything out of the ordinary ever happened.

    Let’s just hope GPS on pets doesn’t freeze like the ones in our cars do!

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Well I can exactly said the same about my cat. He also tends to disappear for days, and then come back as if nothing had been with surprised look and meowing claim for his favorite shrimp and his delicious snack. One could try to impose upon him the GPS tracker and see where he prowl.

  8. Debby

    This is great information Andre. I like the idea of a collar for tracking much better than the chips that the vet implants. The chips only help if someone finds your pet and then takes it to a vet to scan the chip. With this collar, you can find your pet for yourself. They use something like this with the dogs some of my husband’s hunting buddies have, but I don’t think it actually has a GPS signal. I’m going to share this information with my husband so he can share with his hunting buddies. Thanks.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi Debby!

      Thanks for stopping by. As I am not a hunter it is hard to say does GPS tracking collar really could help in case the dog run away or disappear. I think that GPS tracker could give more hope to find a dog.

  9. Dawn

    What a fantastic idea!

    Our pets are part of the family and the amount of money that is spent of them can be crazy BUT this is a brilliant investment, I see so many missing pet posters and it breaks my heart, this could be the answer to so many people’s problems.

    I am fortunate in that my cat is very homely but I think this is a great buy for anyone who wants that extra reassurance

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      You are right that your pets need to be watched. Especially when we are together in unknown places. For that reason, I have a whistle gps pet tracker GPS Pet Tracker and using it mainly then.

  10. LSeulu24

    Hi there,
    I really enjoyed your article. I’ve been thinking about a tracking device for my dogs but wasn’t too sure on how safe it was. Its not that our dogs get our what we mainly fear is having our dogs stolen (bait). I get paranoid like that. The microchip only is helpful if they find my dog.

    am going to look into this.
    thanks for the info

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks Layne for stopping by!

      Some time is gone after wrote this post about GPS tracker for pets. I have no big dog just small Chihuahua but my neighbour’s Labrador retriever tend to run away from home. I offered him a Whistle GPS tracker and now we are the best friends. In the past, we used to argue about all sorts of little things.

      I definitely advise either Whistle or Tagg. None is perfect but anyway, it helps a lot.

  11. sofia

    Great information. What is the cost to buy the GPS tracker? I have cats and dogs, but my dogs are stupid if they run away. They have a great life where they do nothing. It is like they are on vacation their whole life. I am very protective of my cats so I keep them inside. I don’t live in a big area. I live in the suburbs so my yard is fenced in. Sounds like a good product if I move to bigger land.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi, Sofia and thanks for stopping by!

      Prices for more or less durable pet tracker is around $60 to $100. Which one is the best is hard to say but I prefer Whistle or Tag dog GPS tracker. When it comes to cats my opinion it is useless.

  12. Darren

    I think these GPS pet trackers are a fantastic idea. No one wants to lose their pet, and $100 is not expensive. After all how much are our beloved pets worth to us?

    I particularly love the way you can track your pet on your smartphone. Modern technology never ceases to blow my mind. You have some good options here that I’ll seriously think about for my dog.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi and thanks for the comment.

      You are right that a hundred bucks are a tiny amount of money compared headaches and sorrows for lost beloved dog. Honestly, it is not so unequivocally say that GPS tracker for dog gives hundred percent of safety and peace of mind but at least you tried to do something.

  13. Steven

    We had something similar to GPS tracking for my old dog, bless him he passed away two years ago it was a chip in the back of the neck.

    The only problem was he had to be found first, I wish I had heard of GPS tracking then as he had a terrible habit of running to my mums.

    Me and my fiancee are looking to get a dog so definitely going to get GPS

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks for stopping by Steven!

      Honestly, I never used GPS tracker for the dog as my five’s chihuahua is too small although also tend to get away somewhere.

      I am sure that specially designed tracker for dogs has to fulfill their task so far it sticks to dogs collar and does not do swimming exercises.

  14. Linda

    GPS tracking for dogs and cats seems like a very sound idea. I don’t have a cat but I do have 2 small dogs that are like my kids. We’re very careful to keep them within a fenced yard anytime they’re outside the house but I do worry that someone will leave the gate unlatched. This might help give me more piece of mind. Thanks for the info!

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      I am glad that somehow helped you, Linda!

      Now I can with confidence say that GPS tracker for pets and particularly for small dogs work just great. My neighbors purchased used Chinese cheap GPS dog tracker collar. Unfortunately, after the third dog runaway and the water ingress (tracker was bought as waterproof) device has become unusable. They said that ordered Whistle GPS pet tracker. Although the Chinese tool was gone due to water it has performed tracking just perfect.

  15. Michelle

    Oh, wow, I had no idea these exsisted. What a brilliant idea! I actually need one of these or maybe two even. My puppy loves to run around and often times disappear. I’m going mad and she’s like off galping like a happy sushi roll. Thank you for the informative article 🙂

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Today I can confirm with confidence that GPS trackers for dogs work. My colleague recently purchased the Tagg Pet GPS Plus tracker collar and with no any problem found his runaway Cocker Spaniel.

  16. Heidi

    I am very slow in adopting modern technology, I still use normal maps – but then, when totally lost, I appreciate Google maps in my I didn’t know about being able to track pets with a gps. Your title tempted me to click and to read your article.
    You asay if you had known that you would have felt better about 10 years ago with your pets disappearing. Well, it was so for me with the young dog I found 2 years ago and he disappeared at first for many hours and I was VERY preoccupied. Now he has become quiet and stays almost always near us – he needs to protect u – so I wouldn’t need the device.

    Do the pets need collars for that? I sort of hesitate to put a collar around the neck of a cat which is used to stroll through fields and woods, for fear that they get caught. Is there a way it works without that? Some of my cats are often absent and I wouzld like to know where they are.
    Thanks for the answer.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi, Heidi And company. Thanks for stopping by. My cat, I mentioned in my post, died three month ago but almost two weeks I have a new kitten. When he grow up and begin to running outwards I’ll definately equip him with GPS tracker. I have the real user experience with TbPt Pet tracker MSP 340 and it helps my friend to find his Siberian Hasky even in -20 celsius cold. BTW it is Taiwan made GPS tracker and I am sure that the US made or Austria (Tractive) is even better. But, even with GPS tracker collar equipped pet can be lost if owner leave unsupervised him.
      BTW I have glanced at your site. Looks good. I definately have to find the time to read some posts.

  17. Anh Nguyen

    Hey there,

    This sounds like a great idea. I don’t know about dogs but my experience with cats is that they tend to jump off everywhere. And there were lots of time we were sick worried about them.

    At one point, we even have to scour the whole neighbourhood because our cat, Nikolai had run off. Only to find him hiding under the sofa. 😛

    My only concern is about the radiation and whether this can cause harm to the pet in anyways?

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi and thanks for comment.

      When it comes to cats then my present theoretical and practical experience say that GPS tracker for normal size cat is a bit awkward due to size and cats habits. If, however, you are about that the cat must be tracked check real costomer reviews and select the most suitable for your cat. No any significant radiation observed. In any case it is not more then cell phone’s effect.

  18. Danny

    This sounds like a really useful concept. So it sort of works a bit like ‘find my iPhone’ but with your pets? And it only costs you around a tenner a month? Sounds like a pretty good deal. 

    From what I understood, you have to manually place a tracker in the dog collar, right? Is that difficult to do? Thanks again for sharing these awesome tips!

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi Danny and thanks for stopping by. 

      GPS trackers for dogs come with different mounting options. Some like BLACK+DECKER Smart Dog Collar is a collar itself but other is pendant type. 

  19. Cathy

    At the vet clinic where I work, we get a few missing dogs/cats every once a while and the owners are very distraught. They would print pamphlets and post on Facebook to look for their furkids to no avail. It’s very sad because we know that it’s totally preventable. Even though most have microchips, they can’t be found. I think having a GPS tracking device put on can help a lot. I need to speak to my boss and see if we can start selling some of these in the clinic so that it becomes more accessible to the owners. 

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      You are absolutely right Cathy that GPS tracker is the good solution to watch over your pet. Just note that this is not a wonder wand.

       The GPS tracker for dogs and cats market is growing, and you can find any sizes and attachment options. So go to your bosses and try to convince them. 

      Good luck!


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