Does NEXTAR GPS Navigation System Still fits in Brand?

While searching information and news about GPS navigation systems, I quite often came across with Nextar GPS navigation system. What the heck is that Nextar GPS?

Nextar GPS is cheap navigation device. The first products can be found back in 2006. Technically with a wide range of options and running on Windows base.nextar gps navigation system

I personally not a Nextar GPS navigator owner, but I borrowed it a couple of times. Even do not remember a reason. The car of my wife is equipped with IGO GPS navigator.  I think that i is very similar on Nextar.

Why did I stop on Nextar? I found a  big number of searches on Google and became interested what about is this tool. As I said, I used Nextar years ago, so I even forgot what a model. What I remember definitely, that I already had an owner of TomTom Go 720 and with some experience as GPS navigation systems user.

As far as I recall, the Nextar Navigator made its primary task well, and no overriding comments or criticism was not deserved. It was some kind of emergency usage device, and I was glad to reach my destination in any available ways.

If you ask me, would I recommend Nextar as the good GPS navigation system for your car? In one word, no. Then you could wonder, why I spend time and write about it? Because as I said, so many people are searching info about NEXTAR GPS navigation devices and I’d like to shed light on it how I see the value of these devices.

Well, let’s try to make traditional pros and cons way. I will begin not as usually about pros.

What are cons by my mind:

–       The biggest minus is that Nextar home page just gone. When typing Brazilian small business management software opens, and they even warn that this is not a Nextar GPS homepage.

–        The first cons lead to the lack of map updates in the usual way. Users are forced to search for different methods sometimes even not legal ways.

–       There is quite a lot of criticism about the fact that the device can accidentally turn off by itself and to revive it user need to either reset unit or wait for the miracle.

 –      Many users complaints about speakers and I watched the video review, yes voice on the speaker is awful

And now about pros:

–       Price tag from about $30,

–       Preloaded US maps on the SD card

–       Voice-guided directions

–       include carrying case by default

–       Windows 7 allows you to do some tricks to some features

–       MP3 play

–       Touchscreen older models come with stylus stick which by me is sometimes even better than finger touch

–       voice commands are pretty accurate, and you can trust that next  U-turn in 500 feet with great confidence

–       When comes about battery included I can only refer to customers reviews, but no one speaks that it withstands less than one day. For someone, it is not sufficient, but for me, it is good enough. My good old TomTom Go 720 screen goes off in 2 minutes after the ignition key is out.

Those are pros and cons on Nextar GPS navigation system devices found on the internet and my short experience with it.

My conclusion is.

Today you can find many car GPS navigation systems on the market with very wide price tags. You can find either Garmin, TomTom or Magellan with prices you could afford. I heard rumors that Nextar was merged with TomTom, just rumors.navigon garmin usa

So I do not think to consider purchase Nextar GPS, think about the proved value or if you have a smartphone holder, just buy NAVIGON USA for about $60 from Garmin Wuerzburg GmbH in Appstore or Google Play. Or TomTom U.S.& Canada even a bit cheaper.

When it comes about to use smartphones as GPS navigators I still stand on my viewpoint- it never outweigh stand alone car GPS navigation systems. Even factory installed GPS systems integrated in MMI (Multi Media Interface) has some cons compared with separate GPS navigators.

Drive safe and use wisely your car’s GPS navigation to reach destination even with help of NEXTAR GPS Navigation System!


Any comments, feedbacks, questions and proposals, feel free to leave it bellow.

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