Docked at Haven Marina and Relax in Hotels Lowestoft.

Before my expected rest in hotels of Lowestoft, I have to make the final sea trip across the North Sea.

Our Jeanneau Prestige 36 power boat was on the way to cross the North Sea for final stage to Lowestoft, United Kingdom. Calculated distance about 120 nautical miles. The weather forecast for next 8 to 12 hours was promising pleasant sea voyage.oil rigs at north sea

Nothing spectacular except oil rigs and busy ships traffic when we crossed TSS (Traffic Separation Schemes). I saw oil and gas rigs before, but not so close. Spectacular view as I have passed some of the oil platforms in minimum allowed safety zone distance.

I used to joke like „ Why I do not become Meteorologist? The best profession ever. Always a wrong forecast can be shifted to the unpredictability of this science. “

Weather forecast betrayed me.

Yes, this happened on our trip again.  It was ten miles to Lowestoft port entrance breakwaters, and wind force rises to 6 bft, seas 3-4 meters and direction from astern. This sea state we expected a couple of hours later.

Entrance gates width about 100 meters and to safely pass it at actual conditions I had to execute some risky maneuvers. I made a call to Lowestoft  Port Control on VHF Channel 14 to ask permission and after affirmative answer entered the port. I have passed the gates on about 20 knots speed and right after entrance dropped down to 5 kn. Luckily Volvo-Penta engines performance were just excellent, and our boat was moored at hoist-bridge awaiting pontoons.

Lowestoft locksThen we sailed another couple of miles, crossed couple of bridges and one lock. The lock looks very ancient, and I just looked at it later more detailed. After the lock we entered in Oulton Broad and just around the corner to the port side, we moored at Lowestoft Haven Marina berth.

Thus, the trip to the destination was completed, but I have had to take the trip back to Riga. It was stated in my hired contract.

The next morning an owner with the company of two friends arrived on board.

After a short coffee break and look around, fuel and fresh water check, I said goodbye and wishing good hunt and fishing.

I took some personal belongings, laptop and left for hotels Lowestoft. It was nearby classical English style „Wherry Hotel” just some couple of hundreds of meters away from the marina.

„Located on the most easterly point of the British coast, Lowestoft provides an ideal holiday location for all ages. With a mix of sandy beaches, pleasant seaside walks and quality family attractions all set in a traditional seaside town, Lowestoft is an idyllic beach setting for a holiday getaway.

This once flourishing fishing port is now renowned for the quality of its wide, golden sandy beaches. The North & South beaches are considered to be some of the very best in Europe and both currently hold the ENCAMS Blue flag award. The Victorian garden behind the beaches also provide the perfect surrounds to one of the East Coasts highlights.

Donkeys have been reintroduced to Lowestoft’s beaches and another unique feature of the town is the restaurant below – there aren’t many places where you’ll see a thatched restaurant on the seafront!“See more guiness beerat:

Next three days I did nothing just walk around, enjoy Guinness and made a short trip to Great Yarmouth for an excursion.

Well, I will exclude my hotel stay from my story. After three-night hotel stay, I was called by boat owner that hunt fishing actions are completed and welcome back on board. Minor talks about money matters, fuel, money for contingencies and food. No objection to my calculations and right there on the boat the entire amount was transferred to my credit card account.

Excellent business relationship and understanding of the owner’s side.

We said Goodbye to each other and I was ready to way back home. Just weather forecast again was stopping to cast off the lines. Next morning after luckily and surprisingly cheap for UK refueling we have started almost the similar route back to Riga.

Why almost the same?

I skipped visiting of Den Helder and Helgoland and made refueling in Kiel Canal.

I would have been able to skip all way back home story, but had a few interesting and some value moments in my opinion. Therefore, another article will follow.

To be continued


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