Hello, everyone! I am ex-merchant marine navigation officer.

Two words about me.  Today my daily job is closely related to ships and ports. Honestly, I like my job and even enough to live relatively well. I graduated  Maritime Academy back in the mid-80’s.

Amongst specialized knowledge of maritime navigation, nautical astronomy, ship theory, maritime history, marine weather, hydrography, Oceanology and many others. There were the very first information and the theory of the satellite navigation system.

These were the years of the Cold War between the US and the USSR. The two mega-states competed in many areas, and one of them was in space technology.

The first satellite positioning system was invented primarily for military purposes and was secret. Merchant ships using radio navigation systems such as LORAN and DECA to determine your location at sea. In the open ocean, it was used traditional astronomy navigation techniques with the help of sextant and other instruments.

As a student, I wrote term papers on the TRANSIT satellite system and hydrographic measurements merger. My work was evaluated with a high mark. Over the years, my interest in satellite navigation only increased.

When working on merchant ships, I met with the first GPS stands for Global Positioning System. At first, they were relatively inaccurate because of US military secrecy needs. Today GPS devices accuracy is very high. More information you can find in May website gpsnavigationsite.com.
Use GPS or Global Positioning Systems to find your location on the earth’s surface.

It is hard to imagine in today’s everyday life without GPS. From aircraft and spacecraft in the sky to mobile phones in your pocket.

So my dear friend, as I have knowledge and experience as a researcher and a user I would like to help you choose the right GPS tool that meets your needs.

Maybe you own a great boat or sailboat, or just want to go deep in the woods or in the desert sand. Believe me; I will try to help you find the right path. Do not hesitate to ask me, or simply read my Website to find the answer.

One more thing I’d like to say is that information and data provided on my site are diligently researched and checked before appearing online. However, you and I are just a human, and occasionally we do make mistakes. If you believe there are any inaccuracies or omissions related to any of the content contained on this website, please don’t hesitate to notify me and I will do my best to make the appropriate corrections.

Your feedback, corrections, comments and advice are very welcome and much appreciated. I will do my best to answer all your comments which I hope to see and read.

In conclusion, I would like to add that satellite navigation or GPS navigation system as we used to speak in everyday speech is an essential part of or life and it is hard to find any sphere without it.

See You