GPS Tracking Devices for Automobiles and Kids.

Safety, security, efficiency are just three words explaining GPS tracking devices.

It is humanly to take care and watch your property whether it be a cell phone, a car or a house. We are also concerned about the safety of children and pets. Our homes and cars have installed a variety of security systems, which are also mainly fulfilling its role, reports of car theft or burglary at home.gps tracking devices

Most traditional security systems only report the theft fact, usually to the security company for which you are paying for the service. Often thieves have been captured with the help of security guys. It is when trapping measures have been taken quickly enough.

If, however, the criminals manage to get away, then what to do? According to statistics, at least half of the cases on the positive outcome is difficult to expect.

Modern technology development is at such a high level that there are quite a lot of resources to increase the likelihood of catching the thieves.

One of such technology is called GPS tracking systems.

GPS is a global system and operates in almost any location in the world; then this is an ideal solution for tracking eventuality.  I want to say that the thieves also not a fool and occasionally invent how to bypass GPS tracking systems, but in most cases, however, it works flawlessly.

The GPS tracking devices operating principle is relatively simple and will understand even a child. Such a GPS tracking device is inserted into a car or whatever other movable property which constantly sends a signal to a satellite and then it goes into your computer, on a mobile phone or security company dashboard. It works as long as the device battery has sufficient power capacity. It is something similar to the Find My iPhone.

The market today is full of various types of GPS tracking devices. There are quite a different size and application devices. Any of such devices have a GPS tracking software.

Let’s take as an example-Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker.gps tracking device

This device can be used in almost all cases because it can even be placed in a special waterproof casing. It is a size of a matchbox and can be used as a baby guard, attached to the bottom of the car. It is possible to set a message if crossing geo fence and much more. The device comes with battery operation time up to two weeks: no contract, no activation or cancellation fees. Just pay for your chosen plan, the monthly subscription starting at $25 a month.

Or KINGMAK Vehicle Car Automobile Covert Mini GPS Tracker Professional Spy Hidden Locator Real Time GPS Tracker.  It is a very cheap GPS tracking device and looks like USB lighter plug adapter and able to fulfill all GPS tracker functions.

gps tracking device

You can choose for themselves the appropriate device since the choice is wide enough.

Another very widely GPS tracker devices are used in an area of commercial transportation.

You can use it beginning with pizza delivery and taxi to heavy loaded truck control. It helps organize traffic, save fuel expenses and avoid unnecessary stops.

If you are truck company owner or manager, it is very convenient to track in real time all fleet just sitting in an office — so many ways to improve your transport business including common invoice system, voyage planning and direct communication with customers to avoid misunderstanding regarding cargo delivery time, destination changes and more.

Another globally implemented GPS tracking sphere is maritime traffic. Ship tracking service was the first business which involved and implemented fleet tracking operations, even before GPS or Russian GLONASS. That’s another story I will tell you next time.

Stay safe and use GPS tracking devices to be even safer!

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  1. Don

    Hi Andrejs,

    I can just totally agree on your article and opinion. Nowadays, safety is one the most important points as many of us have a good life and they want to save in order to have a long and good life. The better you save properties the less trouble you have. You also mentioned another very important point and this is saving children. I would like to add another point in saving older people who can’t take care of themselves anymore.

    There are many reasons to go save through life. What kind of devices do you use?


    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi Don! You are absolutely right about elderly people. They are even more likely than children should be supervised. You gave me a fresh idea about to the importance of seniors’ safety and supervision. Thanks!


  2. Adam

    Me and my wife are using bike, the World is already too polluted, we dont want to make it even more “sick”. Anyways, so as bike is the only vechicle in our lives, these are actually quite expensive ones and there are places in the city where i think the bike lock might not be enough… Do you think it is possible to use the device with bikes?


    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hello Adam!

      Definitely you can use GPS trackers for bicycles. You can even try this Bicycle GPS tracker. With the help of a mobile phone and GPS signal will always be able to track your bike. Thanks for interest and your question!


  3. Kaveh

    Thank you so much for the article that’s really useful now a days. It’s really wise to keep your properties safe.
    I want to ask a question, recently I lost my dog but fortunately found it with the help of my neighbors and I decide to stop that happening again, how precise are these trackers? Can I use them to track my dog’s exact place?
    Best wishes and good luck.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi Kaveh! For pets have different trackers, but great, cheap and always at hand is a smartphone. I suggest Whistle GPS PET TRACKER. Real-time tracking: pinpoint your pet’s location at any time. Your dog will always be in controlled area.


  4. Neil

    I do fully agree that it’s highly important to take care of our loved ones and our possessions in life, so I see GPS tracking as an essential requirement that we need.

    With the way that technology is evloving today, I can see how it’s becoming easier to track people 🙂

    I love GPS because it means that I never get lost in my car anymore, lol.

    GPS is easy to use, and I wish they had of created the technology a lot sooner.


    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hello Neil! Development of technologies are on fast run and it is hard to imagine what will be after ten years. Maybe your car audio will be able tune up only with the help of our brains and thoughts ? But do not 100% trust in the car GPS navigation device, do it with caution and recheck your path when any doubts. Read in my previous post, what a sad story took place in Rio with the elderly couple.

  5. Eva

    That is really useful info right there, I was going to ask about pets but I can see you have it covered in another article, I once also lost my black dog in the middle of an evening walk and I looked for ages before I found him, it was a horrible experience, I’m definitely going to read up on this pet tracking device, thank you!

    Take Care,

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thank you Eva for your interest! It is really great that we can use modern technology for such a very useful things. I’m a big fan of the GPS and try to apply it for really useful purpose. People often do not know much good things and so I’m trying give a little help to navigate and also to give advice.

  6. Mark

    Hi Andrejs – Security is probably one of the most important aspects today. With crime on the increase being able to locate and recover your property is paramount.
    I also like the product that can pin point your fleet, so you can monitor where your employees are. One big excuse i get these days is the motorway is at a standstill when really they just got up late.
    Thanks for sharing this information

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi Mark and thanks for your opinnion!

      You’re right on both the thieves and for those workers who are lazy to wake up. I was driving to work about 40 minutes earlier and avoid traffic jams. I have one colleague who arrives at work at the very last moment, either after the starting time. I see him on Waze and also the fact that he usually stands in traffic jams. He changed their bad habit only after getting a fine for the delay.i Mark and thanks for good replay!

  7. Justin

    Hello Andrejs,

    I never thought of gps enabled devices as security devices. Most of the time when you say gps, people think of Garmin or TomTom. Thank you for writing this unique article that can actually prove invaluable to someone if it helps to protect them, their children, or their property.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi Justin and thanks for stopping by!

      Yes satellite navigation more and more appears in everyday life and in unbelievable ways. You know that GPS (Global Positioning Systems) is just one of many systems. There are Russian GLONASS, EU GALILEO, China and India Sat Nav systems development are in progress. In future all services should become cheaper and wider.

  8. Neale Reimers

    Thanks for posting this Andrejs.

    Even if you already know where you are going, a GPS device is a great way to avoid heavy traffic.

    And if you are new in town or do a lot of traveling they can be invaluable.

    I had not realized the role that they play in security though! You bring up some great points.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi Neale!

      You know that GPS (Global Positioning System) is just one of satellite constellation. Russia has his own GLONASS, EU shortly will complete their GALILEO, China and India are in last stage their local satnav systems. So for us as customers it is good news and I hope that services should become cheaper and wider.

  9. Tim

    How far have they come with this kind of thing… wow! I like the idea of GPS tracking I think it could be of real benefit in some cases.

    Personally I would love to be able to track my wallet and keys when I lose those, my phone can be tracked through Apple which is cool.

    Is there a device small enough to work with keys?

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      By me good choice could be TrackR or Tile. Free app for iOS and Android and easy to use.

  10. Joon

    This is great. I think eventually it’ll become norm for children to be equipped with these device. As a parent, I often get worried about my kid’s wherebouts and what if anything ever happens to them. This will definitely reduce missing children problems. I can imagine most kids being equipped with small GPS trackers that’s barely visible in the future.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi Joon!

      GPS tracker is possible to build even into a neck pendant, which the child wears every day. Also, for the elderly such a device can be useful. Although I think that better not to wear it all 24 hours a day. So far I have not heard a negative impact on health due to the presence of GPS tracking devices.

  11. Fabian

    I totally agree with your article. We should try to use the modern technology in order to live more safe and give crime no chance.
    But as I can see, the gps tracker can be also used to spy on other people. Do you have any tips to protect yourself from methods like this?

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi and thanks for the comment and good question.

      One way to protect your cell phone privacy against spying is protective privacy cases.

      When it comes to cars and boats not to be tracked by spy GPS tracker stuck to your vehicle, then only James Bond could help either make a complete car inspection.


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