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In most cases, cars are equipped with navigation systems and GPS for cars is just one of the area where navigation systems are widely used.

For Luxury car, it is already as standard equipment, but mostly car GPS nGps Navigation fo carsavigation system is as an additional extra. It is clear that a car with factory built-in touch screen and multimedia integrated good looking equipment is a pleasure to drive. In most cases for drivers, it is enough, and they are happy.

Could you say that by then more talk about it? But why the market is full of car GPS navigation systems? There are even very handy portable GPS navigation systems, which can be used for car, boat and geocaching. The reason is as there is a significant demand for nonsatisfied built-in apparatus users and those drivers with no GPS in a car.

I will not speak about the factory-installed devices.

Although one thing I’d like to say. It is about the reality of cartography or road maps. Roads are being built, and therefore constantly changing traffic relevance to the actual situation. Why do we often come to dead end, or even sometimes a guiding voice makes driving in the opposite lane? That is because the maps are not updated promptly.

The built-in GPS navigation system owners are prompted to buy a high priced CD with updated cartography. Sometimes it is already included in the price of the car, but for a limited time. If multimedia is a possible Internet connection, then things are already promising. You can also restore soft via USB or car multimedia slot. Often built-in factory machine has different degrees of protection. To access you must call for an authorized dealer, and it is usually an expensive pleasure. People continue to drive into the opposite lane, dead-end, and other false paths.

In short, the dealer’s equipped car with GPS navigation system can always ride with renewed navigational charts, but it will be quite an expensive pleasure. In many cases more expensive than separately purchased GPS Navigator.

You might say, why it is necessary to buy a car GPS navigation system?

I take a smartphone, place it into the holder and drive to your destination. Many people consider that the best portable GPS navigation system is the smartphone. Exactly, and I’m doing it in some cases. The market is full of many GPS   Navigation apps for iPhone or Android gadgets today. I will talk about them later.

Tiny smartphone apps never will outweigh brand stand alone GPS navigators. Furthermore e.g. Tom-Tom application for iPhone cost almost a price of a dedicated device. But this is another story.

I probably diverge from the beginning of the topic and thoughts. So, is it worth to buy a separate GPS navigator for a car, their pros, and cons? If to say in one single word then definitely-YES.

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I have had a lot of GPS devices for cars and boats . I was addicted in navigation from its inception and know what I am talking about.

The first navigator I had a laptop loaded with navigation software and a Bluetooth GPS antenna.

I was proud and boasted of it to my friends. In reality, it was not so long ago. Next was Nokia N8 with somehow found ToTom Go720 GPS for carvery rough maps and the same Bluetooth antenna. After came TomTom GO 720, which is still in use and showing good results. Constantly updated and fewer errors and dead ends. I’ve traveled half of Europe and only a few times in Poland was forced to use an alternative route because of road building works.

I’ll try to write a review about a particular device, but only on the GPS that I ever use. When quick answer about car navigation GPS system, then the best portable GPS navigation system is better to search for GARMIN brand, but TOMTOM by my mind is the best software and customer service. That is my opinion. Your point of view could differ.

Safe driving and then you can reach your destination without problems.

It is more than a year since I have published this post and all in all, I am not changed his mind with regard to smartphone navigation apps, stand alone and factory installed sat nav systems.

Actually, my position regarding smartphone restriction or even ban while driving has even strengthened.

Cell phones dangers while driving is so obvious and no one can challenge.

I agree that factory installed GPS navigation systems in many cases have quite complex menu from the first time, but they remain ever-friendly. Manufacturers developing so powerful and users friendly dedicated GPS for cars only the problem is to choose the best one which fits to your needs.

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  1. Andrejs (Post author)

    Hi and thanks for stopping by!
    I suppose that you mean the Target is that any car GPS navigation app never would outweigh stand-alone navigators. That is true. Right now I am looking for a solution for ATV trails. Not so many offers are on the market. Actually, there are mobile apps for this but sorry, this is an extreme riding, and you must be crazy to attach $ 900 iPhone to bumping jumping ATV.


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