Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch Is a Good Choice.

After spending hours researching GPS golf gears, I finally stopped at Garmin Approach S20 GPS watch.garmin approach s20 golf gps watch

I am not a big golf fan but used to play this exciting game from time to time. My friend’s wife knowing my addiction to GPS things has asked me to help her choose the best golf GPS tool as the birthday present for her husband.

She is one of the few women who I know that pretty well oriented in various modern technologies. I do not want to say that other girls do not know anything about GPS or other rocket science news. So a call for help was not surprised to me.

I even was thankful her for new GPS topic idea. Even more, I had never thought that it is such a demanded product. I mean that there is so big choice of different GPS and laser golf tools and devices on the market, and it is hard to find the right one.

I would like to remind readers that my research is done solely based on online research as I have never used those advanced and helpful golf tools myself. One more to remind I wrote before. I always try to make any decisions or suggestions based mainly on a real user’s experience. Yes, mostly from the beginning I visited the manufacturer’s website. Got the first insight into product and technical characteristics which as a rule is correct. Naturally, the manufacturer praises their product, but how else?

Another, not to only my, observation and recommendation is, read professionals reviews, but not to make your choice solely on the recommendations. Unfortunately, very often these are far from reality.

How to evaluate it, I do not know?

You could ask, who better than prof can make the valuable conclusion? Yes, if this techie guy is a live user of given device and description of features is honest. How to evaluate it, I do not know? The only way is to try to find numbers of independent users reviews, compare and switch on common sense.

Well, let’s back to golf GPS devices and in our case Garmin Approach S20 golf watch.

To be honest and for my website’s new readers I would like to confess that my favorite GPS brand is TomTom, but even though, I always compare TomTom devices firstly with Garmin very picky.

In our case, I had to make the pretty hard decision amongst TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch and above mentioned Garmin golf tool. This time, scales leaned in favor of Garmin.

At first, I checked the SkyCaddie GPS golf watch.

A large number of golfer’s complaints have been found, mainly for weak battery problems and dissatisfaction with customer’s service and some rumors about hidden fees for membership.

So, the next I moved to Bushnell NEO XS Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch.

If we are taking as base customers reviews that not so bad at all a golf tool except complaints about the low quality of the band and some are groaning about the inaccuracy.  Nevertheless, I placed it on my wish list.

but for my friend important nuance.

Now about my favorite TomTom brand contribution in this niche –TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch. „Drive Your Golf game to the Next Level “as announced from Manufacturer.tomtom golfer 2

Just a few customer’s reviews and not real user’s comments. According to the TomTom and features included a very cool device and definitely would be considered as one of the best choices.

Comparing TomTom vs. Garmin Approach S20 in some positions TomTom theoretically outperform Garmin tool, but it is one tiny but for my friend important nuance.

He doesn’t like a touch screen so still even used Blueberry phone but Garmin Approach S20 works with buttons, and all in all is an excellent golf GPS watch.

Here is the Product Description from

„Approach S20 is the golfing partner that doubles as your everyday watch. Stylish, sleek and lightweight, this versatile GPS device features more than 40,000 courses plus automatic map updates, daily activity tracking and smart notifications to connect with your healthy lifestyle. On the course, you’ll see precise distances to the front, back, and middle of the green, as well as hazards. Garmin AutoShot round analyzer measures your shot distances and auto-records them for review on your Garmin Connect account. In addition, receive smart notifications for calls, texts, emails and other alerts right on your wrist.“

I do not insist that Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch is the best product in your niche, but that it is a good I’m sure.

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  1. Parmi

    Wow never even knew this was a thing. A golf watch? Haha, I’ve played golf a couple of times, but never ever knew this was what some people used. This is so technologically advanced that I’m not sure where the next advancement will take us. I see that it doesn’t affect the swing much and it’s good for analysis of your shots and games. But do you not think it’s something that bothers golfers? Maybe it’s just me but I would rather not have anything on my while I’m swinging the gold clubs haha.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi Parmi and thanks for stopping by.

       Honestly, I am not a big golf fan but used to play this great game from time to time. I asked about your question to my friend who uses this Garmin Approach S20 golf watch.

       The answer was like that he even cannot imagine how he played before. 


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