In response to the title query on ATV storage box seats, it can be unequivocally stated that they are very popular and demanded.

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Some experienced off-road riders may object, how can I know if I do not own an ATV. Yes, I never have my own ATV but I know a dozen owners, and I have been riding ATV trails quite a lot.

One of the reasons why I have quite a lot ATV and snowmobile owner friends is the present website and popularity of posts about GPS for ATV trails and GPS for snowmobiles.

I decided to write the short review of ATV storage box seats and talk with off road club members to share their experience of it. Actually, I wasn’t surprised when did not receive completely identical assessments.

None of them said that this accessory is useless, but there are situations and conditions when a storage box seat could hinder safe driving. Not only does it make it difficult to drive, but it will damage the quad.

Not a very encouraging start, right?

Actually, it’s not so bad at all, because such situations are not so frequently and no one prevents you from removing the box when you are driving solo on two-up seat ATVs.

Partly I would agree that there is a greater load on the rear axle and shock absorbers. In my opinion, while driving two up, usually there is no race, but enjoying nature wherever the four-wheel drive or even hiking cannot be accessed. So you will try to avoid big bumps on high speed, but your passenger feels a bit more comfortable on a long ATV trail sitting on seat box cushions.

Anyway, but any kind of ATV storage boxes are in high demand, and no matter is it front cargo box or big rear combined storage seat box, people are buying them rather actively.

Let’s take a look what the market is offering.

As far as I am not an owner of any the big Google can help me to find out. I spent hours on reading websites, forums, and my favorite Amazon verified customers reviews. Even more, I contacted to real ATV guys to say their point of view and thoughts on the particular item.

What I found that there are several big names in this niche and realized that Wes Industries ATV storage box seats are very popular.

Let’s look at Wes Standard Storage Box And Seat Black WES Industries WS2500-OCP.

What is the main goal of this accessory?

Additional storage space, durability, water tightness, comfortable sitting of the passenger, to not interfere for the driver, price, mounting and replacing features and design as well.

What customers say about the given Wes Industries product.


This is an excellent product I am shocked by how well this actually holds up, I honestly thought when ordering this that it wasn’t going to be that good. When riding a second passenger it completely stabilizes there weight so you don’t have to counteract them when in the trails. I ride a polaris sportsman 570, I’ve ridden close to 500 miles with a second passenger on this seat no problems as of yet.“

At the moment of writing, this item has 4.6 out of 5 stars Amazon rating.

If honestly, my first attention was on Quadboss ATV storage boxes, but after reading some reviews, I decided to look for something else. What are the rivals to Wes Industries and Quadboss?

Camco Black Boar ATV Rear Storage Box and Lounger.

Product description from Amazon

4.3 out of 5 stars

„The Black Boar ATV Rear Storage/Lounger provides a comfortable cushioned seat on the back of your vehicle and doubles as additional storage. The large-capacity storage box is dust and water resistant with a tongue and groove lid system and features over 7 cubic feet of storage space. It’s adjustable latches and stainless steel rust-resistant lock with included keys help prevent theft. The durable rotomolded polyethylene material is impact resistant. All mounting hardware is included and compatible with most tubular racks. The lounger is for use when the vehicle is not in motion. The cushioned seat measures 20″W x 12″D x 16″H with the back rest measuing 13.5″H. The storage space measures 42″W x 26″D x 16″H. Note: The units are shipped with the storage compartment unlocked with hardware.“

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And here is Yesterday’s review

„Much better value than the QuadBoss unit. Only minor complaint is that the bolts stick up into the storage space…they should have at least provides silicon caps to stop these from tearing into items stored there. Locking compartment is a nice feature. Only other thing I would suggest is to buy ~15′ of foam weatherstripping to make your storage mostly dustproof when the lid clamps down on it“


Black Widow ATV-CB-L7500 Storage Box (ATV Rear Lounger)
3.7 Out of 5 Stars
Overall good reviews just some complain about the price but customers are happy with plenty of storage space.

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Need to hide your helmets, then go to  Kolpin ATV Rear Helmet Box.




A big number of reviews (more than 200) with overall ranking 4.2 out of 5 stars. I noticed a five-year-old review and many riders had bought this ATV storage box seat. I guess that it is a good quality indicator.

I guess that there are some other unnamed by me ATV storage box seats producers out there. Which one the best fit for you is only your choice based on experience and needs.

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