I want to make my online comparison of Garmin Montana 600 vs. 650 and Garmin Montana 680t.

garmin montana 650screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-09-44-44

Not a comparison in a classic way but, let’s say, what folks say is good for one but for other series, devices are absent and so on.

Why? Because of constant interest of this website readers to dedicated for ATV trails sat nav devices.

Actually not just an interest but growing numbers of purchased units mainly dedicated to using for outdoor activities like hiking, biking and off-road.

 In fact, no secret that all Garmin Montana 6xx series models mainly are specialized for the lovers of the active lifestyle.

It is not so easy to make one straightforward answer and say that, e.g., Garmin Montana 650 is better than Garmin Montana 600, Garmin Montana 610 or newcomers 680 units. Nothing is perfect and always will be those who say good and who are searching only for cons. Unfortunately, but maybe it even not as bad at all.

Just one note regarding GPS (Global Positioning System). Latest models like Montana 680t can receive other satellite system GLONASS (Russian sat nav system) signals, which in some situations can significantly increase an accuracy of the position. BTW many smartphones are equipped with such combined chips.

Let’s skip technical characteristics listing I will mention only a few if I think they are necessary.

Common for all Garmin Montana 6xx series satellite navigation devices are:

Take it hiking. Take it hunting. Take it on the water. And on the busy city streets as turn by turn navigation.

There is so many information about given devices, and no one universal truth could be found. I will try to approach as a total beginner who has purchased let’s say a brand new first ever Polaris ATV, wants to make a ride and not get lost.

When it comes to the brand, it is clear.

I have heard that Garmin is the trustworthy GPS maker even more that it producing portable devices not only for cars and boats but as well as GPS for ATV trails, hiking needs and off-roads. In other words, for active lifestyle lovers.

Next, I need is how convenient I can adjust it to my vehicle but keeping in mind that even want to use GPS for hiking, biking, and even skiing.

Searching online and talking to guys who have some experience I found that Garmin Montana 6xx series is the right direction to choose.

I narrowed my choice to Montana 600 and 650 models but keeping in mind one of the latest Garmin Montana 680t edition.

As usual, I began my research by checking a customer’s reviews in Amazon.com but at the same time read different GPS forums threads and take a look in Garmin home page as well.

As you see in the screenshot, not any difference amongst the models except camera for Montana 650.

garmin montana 600 vs 650

Another big drawback I found is that model 600 is discontinued from the manufacturer, and it means that how good it could be but in relations with a customer’s service can meet problems in any case. Another issue is, that available on stock GPS units prices difference are huge, though you can find online used units even for about $200.

Obviously, a choice remains to number 650 for three and half hundred bucks or Montana 650t for three sixty with preloaded US Topo maps.

In fact, I even do not see any practical value for Topo 100K maps if you are about to real off-road driving.

For the US and Canada users a 650t model seems that it would be advantageous to purchase, but actually, you are just going to have to buy Topo 24K maps for real adventurous trails driving. In fact, I even do not see any practical value for Topo 100K maps if you are about to real off-road driving.

I forgot to mention that for me, and I guess that for active lifestyle gulls and guys,  boating and rafting is a part of outdoor activities. For this purpose, Garmin Montana 650 easily can easily accomplish this task by plugin BlueChart g2 preloaded cards for the real navigation on lakes and rivers.

„With an array of compatible mounts, Montana 650 is designed for use on ATVs, in boats, as a handheld or in your car. Use the auto mount with City Navigator maps for spoken, turn-by-turn driving directions or the rugged mount for your motorcycle or ATV.“

Above is the phrase from Montana 650 description in Amazon shop, exactly what I was searching.

Another great feature, unfortunately not for Europe users, is WAAS (WIDE AREA AUGMENTATION SYSTEM). It uses a network of ground-based stations in conjunction with GPS satellites to increase the accuracy of any GPS receiver. Access to this superior accuracy is largely limited to North America, but Europe and remaining parts of the world have or are developing, comparable services.

In other words, no more get lost in deep canyons or amongst skyscrapers in the city jungles.

I would not like to retype the technical characteristics to add content; you can easily found it here.

Just one more addition. When I tried to make a real order in Amazon.com the only I found for Garmin Montana 650t model was the Refurbished condition for three seventy.

Garmin Montana 650t GPS receiver, remanufactured by Garmin to perfect new condition, never used since. Not a scratch on it. Still, has protector on the screen. Includes Montana 650 unit and battery ONLY. No other accessories are included. This item will be fulfilled (shipped) by Amazon.

To be honest, there are New ones for seven hundred and even for 1,2K???

My conclusion regarding this issue is that either this device is superb in his range or, Garmin does not produce it anymore and replacing it with the next model 680.

Well, not an as big difference between refurbished like new one Garmin Montana 650 and brand new one 680 just about one hundred dollars. Maybe it is worth to look for the newest model? Need to make a bit more research regarding Garmin Montana 680 handheld GPS/GLONASS navigation device.

One more addition before to completing this post. Amazon customer’s reviews are trustworthy information source just you have to look at it smartly. When it comes to Garmin Montana 600 vs. 650 and in particular relating to 650 model, then Four and Five Stars ratings are more than %70. screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-11-14-12

It is the very high evaluation. Make your conclusion by yourself. Garmin Montana 600 and Montana 650t are good multipurpose handheld GPS navigation devices.

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