Trail Tech Voyager is excellent vehicle’s computing device when comes to trail riding. Either it is ATV or snowmobile or motorbike or self-made off-road machine.


I wrote about it in my March post about the best GPS for ATV trails, and someone could say why I decided to look at this device again as I gave a short review before. Yes, but after an active purchase count rising of Voyager units, I have returned to more detailed research on it.

I will not overwrite the manufacturer information, and real users review just link to the source. Maybe occasionally drop my thoughts about the topic.

…but nothing even comes close to Trail Tech computers

There are some other GPS devices for ATV and snowmobiles on the market, but nothing even comes close to Trail Tech computers. At least I could not find the real rivals.

Voyager was specifically designed to be a trail mapping GPS.

To be clear, the Trail Tech Voyager is not an ordinary GPS turn by turn navigation device like TomTom, Magellan or Garmin. You cannot download any such a navigation maps. The Voyager was specifically designed to be a trail mapping GPS.

I could hear sighs, why do we need such a tool?

Let’s look at the environment where you used to drive ATVs and snowmobile. Is it public roads? Generally, not. Busy city streets? Definitely, not. So, why you need a turn by turn navigation for trail riding?

Yes, it is crucial not to pass any significant turn. No problems, you can put a waypoint mark any place you want on the trail, or WPT has been inserted by your fellow ATV rider which GPX file you downloaded from his SD card.

Well, there are numbers of handheld devices like Garmin Montana 6xx series handheld GPS can perfectly fulfill ATV and snowmobile trail riding task. You can even purchase ready to use trail maps with tons of usable and unusable features. These navigators can be loaded with street navigation and boating maps as well. It is cool and in many cases, also do not need anything other.

Just do not forget that we are talking about ATV computer and GPS feature is another valuable feature along with Bike and Wheel speed, engine temperature, Distance gained from wheel sensor, Compass, Tachometer, Hour Meter, Volt Meter (battery volume), Air Temperature and more.

Will agree with me that no other ordinary GPS device does not include additional options.

Wow, I forget to mention one of the Trail tech guy’s product marvel, it is the Trail Tech Ride Leader.  Awesome program for downloading and sharing your trail maps. It is free software and could be downloaded just for less than in a minute. The only drawback is a lack of Mac version (at least I could not find), but I try my Acer Windows 10 laptop and works just great.

Actually, there are not so hopelessly even for Mac users as by searching „GPX editor” in App Store more than five results pop up for the small price. Only you need to choose one.

I wanted to make a short video how to use and edit in Ride Leader, but do not think that could make it better than it has already originally done and publically accessible in Trail Tech Ride Leader Tutorial videos.

Unfortunately, this video is restricted as private by the owner and not publicly available, so I just drop another informative video about the topic.

I just want to remind that to fully use all Trail Tech Voyager features you have to have some technical skills to install all sensors correctly.

Actually, it is not so hard so far you know how to handle with a screwdriver, drill, and some other everyday car tools. Watch the video guide, and details could vary from vehicle model. Some advice can be seen here.

What’s in the box:

Moto-GPS computer

Temperature sensor

Wheel sensor

Ignition Sensor

Vehicle power harness

Ride Leader GPX Editor (CD)

⅞” handlebar mount

1-⅛” handlebar mount

Rechargeable lithium-Ion battery.

MicroSD memory card (with USB adapter)

User’s Manual (CD)

Install Instructions for various models

Returning to the lack of mapping feature in Voyager device.

Theoretically, having a real map could be helpful in specific situations let’s say if you get hopelessly lost in woods or losing the right direction in the middle of the borderless ice field. In reality, almost everyone has a smartphone in his inner pocket, so one or twice a day take a look at the phone’s GPS map, not a big deal. Yes, but adding at least basic Topo map on the unit’s hard drive might not have such a bad idea.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I made extensive research on the topic by reading and watching different sources beginning from manufacturer web and his partner’s information, from Amazon customers reviews and forum threads.

Disregarding of some cons, as lack of maps and some installation difficulties, Trail Tech Voyager is the best choice for trail rider’s GPS on the market for today.

Here is a useful link for Trail Tech Voyager owners how to update software and more.

November 27th, 2018.

Read my latest post about the new Trail Tech Voyager PRO. I warmly recommend.

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