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GPS Navigācija un Cita Noderīga Informācija Ceļojot ar Auto uz Horvātiju.??

Nesen ar ģimeni biju ceļojumā ar auto uz Horvātiju. Nav jau nekāds varoņdarbs, bet domāju, ka šis tas no manas pieredzes varētu noderēt citiem ceļot gribētājiem. Tā kā šī weblapa ir orientēta par un ap GPS Navigācijas tēmu, tad šis raksts daudzmaz arī atbilst topikam. Arī es pats pirms došanās ceļā meklēju un, arī atradu, padomus un ieteikumus no Latvijas…
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Cell Phone Dangers While Driving Even Using GPS Navigation.

It is so obvious that cell phone dangers while driving exists. Not only typing and speaking but even using GPS navigation could lead to the car accident. This problem is well known, but I became interested after I’ve read the article on the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal regulations related to the ban on the use of phone’s GPS app while…
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The Becker Map Pilot Still Is Widely Used for Mercedes Cars.

In short, the Becker Map Pilot is the removable navigation system that is fully integrated into the vehicle electronics system. It is a combination of a fixed sat nav and has advantages of mobile GPS for cars. Not so bad alternative to car multimedia system. Interesting and smart GPS navigation solution from such well-known German brands as Mercedes-Benz and Harman…
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Is Navdy HUD a Step to the Future?

What is Navdy HUD (Heads up Display) and how it relates to my site GPS topic? Navdy Hud is not more available as the company is bankrupt. Luckily it is another option much more independent even if something bad happens with the company you still can use a device. It is Hudly Wireless heads-up display. Before I make suggestions or…
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Magellan Roadmate GPS Ever Going to be in My Car?

Answering the title question about Magellan Roadmate GPS system I would say, it’s only when a GPS device I would have got for free. Magellan has declared themselves as a leading portable GPS navigation consumer electronics company. Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California. I never had Magellan portable sat nav device but many various reviews have been…
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Short Insight on Volvo Navigation System.

Many of Volvo cars came with factory installed Volvo navigation systems. It is just a normal when purchasing 40K- 60K Euros or even dollars’ worth car, then another couple of thousand bucks for GPS navigation system would not make a big hole in your budget. It is well known that Volvo is famous for its safety and reliability and many…
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My Conclusion Is That iTrack 2.0 Fits as GPS Tracker for Boats.

Product: iTrack 2.0 GSM GPRS GPS Portable Tracker Price: The manufacturer: ElectroFlipp LLC, USA Cheapest place to Buy: Amazon.com Dimensions and Weight: 4 x 3 x 2 inches/1 pounds Guarantee: One year My Rating: 8.5 out of 10 ______________________________________________________________ More and more people are looking for GPS tracker for boats and another vehicle to sleep sweet and live more peacefully. GPS…
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Garmin Nuvi 55LM GPS Navigation System #1 Best Seller. Why?

It is not a Garmin nüvi 55LM GPS Navigator System Review but my two cents opinion. Product: Garmin nüvi 55LM GPS Navigator System Price: Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com Display: 5-inch touchscreen Coverage: Preloaded Maps and Speed Limit Displays (Lower 49 U.S. States), lifetime maps Display Resolution:     480 x 272 pixels Origin: Imported (China) Date First Available:   January 6, 2014…
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Does NEXTAR GPS Navigation System Still fits in Brand?

While searching information and news about GPS navigation systems, I quite often came across with Nextar GPS navigation system. What the heck is that Nextar GPS? Nextar GPS is cheap navigation device. The first products can be found back in 2006. Technically with a wide range of options and running on Windows base. I personally not a Nextar GPS navigator owner,…
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