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Is Navdy HUD a Step to the Future?

What is Navdy HUD (Heads up Display) and how it relates to my site GPS topic? Navdy Hud is not more available as the company is bankrupt. Luckily it is another option much more independent even if something bad happens with the company you still can use a device. It is Hudly Wireless heads-up display. Before I make suggestions or…
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Nedaudz par GPS Sekošanas Ierīcēm Bērnu Drošībai??

Cik polulāra Latvijā ir GPS sekošana un to ierīču praktiskā pielietošana? Man, darbojoties ar savu GPS navigācijas mājas lapu angliski runājošajai publikai, netaisnoti biju piemirsies, ka arī Latvijā cilvēkus interesē šīs lietas. Ideju par šo man piespēlēja sieva. Laikam jau tomēr tiešām vīriešu un sieviešu smadzenes darbojas nedaudz savādāk. Lai nu paliek lirika, bet ceru, ka kādam reāli mans rakstiņš…
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How NAVIONICS Navigation App Could Help for Safe Sailing.

Navionics is the best marine navigation App for smartphones or just one of many? Let’s take look! All the time I have argued that a stand-alone marine GPS navigation system is must-have equipment on a yacht or any other ship and I still claim so. But it doesn’t mean that for smartphones developed marine navigation app could not be used…
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Marine Software Pioneers-Transas Still in Good Shape

After I had resumed surfing browsers for marine or nautical software for laptop and other personal use electronic devices, I decided to stop it for a while. I do not want it forever, but there are so many offers in this market as has got stuck and confused a little bit. To refresh my memory, I decided to check what…
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