Does Magellan eXplorist TRX7 is a Good Choice for GPS for UTV?

I have paid attention to Magellan eXplorist TRX7 as GPS for UTV after growing number of real Amazon purchases via my links.

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I always try to inspect the items, especially expensive devices, when purchases exceed three in short time period. So, let’s try to find out why someone spent almost $2K for three Magellan eXplorist TRX7 GPS Navigators.

I would not like to make the comparison of another GPS for OHV, stands for Off Highway Vehicle. Definitely, there are some alternative options and brands like Garmin Zumo series GPS units or my favourite Trail Tech Voyager. This time only what Magellan eXplorist TRX7 GPS Navigator offer for off-roaders.

Here is an introductory phrase from MagellanGPS home page:

„The Magellan eXplorist TRX7 Series features a 7″ HD touchscreen protected by a ruggedized IP67 casing. Three different mounting systems are available to fit any 4×4, UTV/SxS or ATV vehicle. Designed for the off-road enthusiast, all include an intuitive interface, preloaded trails, hi-res 3D basemap view, and a database of crowd-sourced tracks.“

I think that if it is as the manufacturer has promised then off-road trail riders have another good alternative for next purchase.

For the detailed features and characteristics, you can  make another online search as I do not want to overwrite someone’s text just to fill my post with the copy paste content.

I will bring my own personal short evaluation of this Magellan GPS for UTV, ATV or OHV no matter how you call it.

So, after hours of online research and phone calls to a couple of real off-road enthusiasts now I am ready to make my conclusion.

Magellan eXplorist TRX7 is a serious GPS navigation system for UTV, especially for the US and Canada riders as a device is preloaded with ready to ride rails and database constantly is growing.

For the rest of the world as far as I could find no ready off-road trails but you can create your community and share with trails online. Sync the TRX7 to the eXplorist website and share your new trail for common use.

While you’re on the website you can see what other people have shared and sync those trails back to your TRX7.

Actually, in real life riding off road rarely coincide with the planned track but you can plan your next trail and eXplorist let you know when off trail.

When riding and creating your trail you can map out some of specifics which are preloaded in the device like large rocks, deep ditches or steep uphill. Connect via WIFI to your smartphone and web browser allows you to upload your trail to the web for community members access.

A couple of pros and cons I would like to notice.


Very durable GPS device;

The screen is highly responsive and no delays with GPS;

You can set multiple waypoints (WPT) around your trail;

Rock solid ram mount.


Do not come with on-road navigation;

The windows mount is blocking visibility;

All features only for the US and Canada off-road trail riders.

I have my thoughts about the lack of turn by turn navigation in Magellan eXplorist TRX7 GPS navigation device.

 From the first sight, it could be count as a significant drawback and partly it is so. But, this GPS navigator is created mainly for extreme driving conditions and not for street or highway rides.

Let’s be honest, most of us use smartphone GPS navigation apps for everyday trips. Even statistics show that WAZE navigation app It is so popular that the built-in car navigation often remains unused. Even latest Car play and Android Auto cannot compete with this world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app.

The allegation that the iPhone or Android Smartphones can also be used when running the quads are quite stupid. In theory, it can be used as App Store and Google Play is full of mainly useless apps. Although there are exceptions as GPStrailmasters, Backcountry  Navigator Android GPS ATV Trail Maps and some other.

Another question is whether you will be happy you use your precious phone in the rain, mud, and dust?  I certainly would not do so except in emergency situations.

 Someone can argue that the market is full of rock hard and waterproof iPhone cases and bumpers. Even assuming if it is true, but what about the high vibration and jolts through the pits? These modern phones are not meant for large overloads incurred when driving off-road.

Does Magellan eXplorist TRX7 fit your needs and budget?

Your choice. The market is not so loaded with the similar GPS for UTV though there are some alternatives just any has its pros and cons. Nothing is perfect, and you should set your priorities and choose the most suitable GPS for the off-highway vehicle.

Have a pleasant ride!

Short about Magellan GPS Content Manager read here

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  1. Hunter

    Thank you for this review. The Magellan Explorist seems like a fantastic GPS system and my parents have been looking for a new one. I think I am going to recommend them buy this one. They aren’t very tech savvy, do you think this one is user friendly enough for a couple of 50 year olds??

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope that if your mom and dad know how to cope with iPhone or Samsung then manage with Magellan eXplorist TRX7 also will not be a big problem.

  2. Martin

    This is a good GPS Navigation System and definitely one that I would consider getting when I travel out the country or to another city in the US. It definitely looks like reliable and durable which is definitely a plus. Do you think this would be considered the best navigation system as of this current time. That would be something good to know when I’m ready to make a purchase. Well done on the review and keep it going.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi, Martin and thanks for stopping by. When it comes to turn by turn street navigation device, then Magellan eXplorist is not the best choice as much cheaper alternatives are available even from Magellan brand or Garmin and TomTom. For OHV (off highway vehicles) this device is not a bad choice and even in some points beat the competitors.

  3. Chris

    This Magellan Explorist looks like a good choice of GPS for both myself and my father, as we are planning on taking two cars up to Scotland this January as a planned trip. 

    I have to ask – it looks like it has all the bells and whistles, but how easy is it to get to grips with? My father isn’t exactly clued up with these devices, so I need an easy one to use! 

  4. David

    Good information. I agree with your point that the fact it does not function as an over the road navigator is not a big deal. As you point out, almost everyone uses their phone or tablet for that purpose these days. Apparently this is a product that does one thing well instead of trying to do a lot of things and only being mediocre at doing them. Garmen saw a need and filled it.

  5. Kenny

    Hi and thank you for the great share. I think from what you have described this gps is very reliable and it’s a good thing that it is made to be highly durable too. I would certainly consider this an option if I was in the market for a cool new gps. Thanks again, Kenny 

  6. Kevin

    Just wanted to say thanks for a concise review of the Magellan eXplorist TRX7. I am based in the UK and a group of 5 of us are planning a 3 month trip to the States next year with the intention of riding north to south including a lot of off road routes. I see it comes with 3 version of mounts, I’d be interested to know if one is suitable for motorbike handles, although we can usually adapt something if required. Do you know if they have a second hand value as we would look to sell after we had finished our trip? Thanks again for the review

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hello Kevin. While Magellan eXplorist TRX7 is a great GPS for off-road, I think it’s just for the motorcycle to look in the direction of the new Trail Tech Voyager Pro. You can read about it in one of my last post. I’m absolutely sure you won’t want to sell it and take it back to Europe. I think when it shows up in European stores then it will cost around $1K. Used, I don’t think it would be possible to buy, though, who knows?

  7. Dave

    A worthless product. Go with Garmin or some other product. My TRX7 almost never works and if so some reason it does, it won’t last before the error “Unfortunately Megellan TRX has stopped” will appear again. The unit then won’t load. That NEVER happened with my old Garmin. And in addition, I have entered actual address that the unit can’t find, while my phone, google and Garmin all find without a problem.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks for the comment. Real user feedback is always the most valuable.


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