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What is GPS Tracking Device for Cars?

I recently came accross with the situation when a person does not have any understanding what a GPS tracking device for cars is. My car insurance company offered me free of charge OBD security lock with the arrangement that the next three years will stick with given BALTA insurance company. I heard a conversation of a beautiful lady sitting next…
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DeLorme InReach SE GPS Tracker is Independent of the Cellular Network

Use DeLorme AG-009871-201 inReach SE as the real Global GPS Tracker and satellite communicator in the area without cellular coverage. Satellite-based voice communication and data transfer were available already back in last decades of 20-is century. Mainly satellite communication means were on commercial transcontinental shipping routes vessels and remote mine fields. As a rule, they were wealthy companies which could…
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Is Passive GPS Tracking the Only Solution When Cellular Signal is not Available?

Passive GPS tracking occurred sometime before the real-time tracking. Actually, it is a very simple solution which could be explained in a couple of words. So, a GPS receiver collecting data from GPS/GLONASS/ GALILEO and other systems satellites. The passive tracking device is able to record these data and replay on demand of the user. That is it, no rocket…
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Use TrackmateGPS Hydro to track Jetski, Boat or Bike in the Best Way.

I accidentally came across with TrackmateGPS’ HYDRO which I guess is worth to research a bit more detailed.   Product: TrackmateGPS’ HYDRO Price: The manufacturer: TrackmateGPS, USA, New York City-based company (info based on web search) Cheapest place to Buy: Amazon.com Dimensions: 3.3 X 2.4 X 1 (Inches) / 87 X 64 X 26 (mm) Weight of device: 5 oz…
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My Conclusion Is That iTrack 2.0 Fits as GPS Tracker for Boats.

Product: iTrack 2.0 GSM GPRS GPS Portable Tracker Price: The manufacturer: ElectroFlipp LLC, USA Cheapest place to Buy: Amazon.com Dimensions and Weight: 4 x 3 x 2 inches/1 pounds Guarantee: One year My Rating: 8.5 out of 10 ______________________________________________________________ More and more people are looking for GPS tracker for boats and another vehicle to sleep sweet and live more peacefully. GPS…
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