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  1. serres
    September 16, 2016

    i’ve never heard that such an equipment exists.You’ve surely illuminated me! Fishing has become more accurate that ever with this device! Garmin Panoptix PS31 is a necessary device for every professional scuba diver or fisher!Moreover the video shows some of its potentials.It can persuade even the most unbelieving!
    Are you fishing fan?


    • Andrejs
      September 17, 2016

      Hi and thanks for stopping by!

      You are absolutely right that fishing today becomes almost High-Tech kind of recreation. Though I prefer the more traditional way of angling but definitely it could be the real fun watching on screen how a big fish is catching lures.

      Anyway, having a Garmin Panoptix PS31 connected with compatible Garmin GPSMAP chartplotter on board gives you much more pleasure when fishing.


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