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What is the Best GPS for Snowmobiles?

In the Northern hemisphere, a winter is just around the corner, and GPS for snowmobiles is the smart solution to find fastest and the most adventure track.

gps for sleds

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It could be snow-covered meadows and woods as well as good ice fishing spots on the frozen lakes, rivers, and even the sea bays.

I would not like to write a classic style product review or pretend to be a great snowmobiling expert. Only the honest overview of the topic as I like ice fishing and have knowledge about GPS and other systems satellite navigation systems. Even more, I used to drive a snowmobile quite a lot though have no my own. From the other hand, I have an experience of icy lake driving by four-wheel drive cars as Land Rover Freelander 2 and Volvo XC70.

Let's skip car driving a car on ice because mainly, even on most powerful off-roaders, you must follow some rules set by local authorities and sooner or later you have reached the limit. Either hummock or deep snow.

Let's stick with snowmobiles. You can reach more distant areas although a car has some advantages like the place to escape from icy winds and warm up a bit.

Depending on size and distances of the ice fishing area, mainly distance from shore, you have to have your exact position. Not only to find the right place to drill the fishing hole but it is for your safety.

Today almost everyone has a smartphone with GPS option and theoretically no problems by placing pinpoint to returns to the starting position guiding by phone GPS directions.

I would say that only smartphone GPS solution is worse than not the GPS assistant at all.

In most cases, it is so, and people relax and rely solely on the Phone's GPS. I would say that only smartphone GPS solution is worse than not the GPS assistant at all.

I do not want to argue that the phone's GPS is a useless thing.

I use it quite often both in the car and sometimes even on the yacht. Actually, I have iPhone in my inner, the closest to the body, pocket even when on the ice fishing as the backup unit.gps for OHV

So, now I want to find out what is the best GPS for snowmobile when it is used for ice fishing.

I have a post about GPS for ATV trails and the mentioned GPS as Trail Tech 912-301 Voyager GPS, and other devices could be used for a snowmobile ride. Voyager is the perfect device for the trail rider's GPS.

I say again that I am not so conversant in snowmobile details and therefore I am searching for what I do not know on the internet.

I am surprisingly found that no especially for snowmobile designed GPS device.

At least by simple typing in Google with keyword GPS for snowmobiles.

Some manufacturers try to do something to fill this gap by the help of smartphone app by connecting a phone to the factory-installed infotainment system. One of it is a Polaris Interactive Display 2.0.

Is it good solution will show the real riders reviews? I have not found any until now.

What to do at present to enjoy the safe and pleasant ride by snowmobile and not to get lost in the woods or to safely reach a solid ground when sudden fog or a snowstorm hit you on the ice far from shore.

Not so big choice of a good GPS for snowmobiles, but some solutions have been found.

Firstly, I would like to consider the idea, which was suggested by one of my site's visitor.

Why not use for your snowmachine a marine GPS device?

There are many known brand devices which fit for snowmobiling conditions. By conditions I mean is low temperatures and shatter-proof.

I would not like to dive deep into the details just to say that it could be an option for ice anglers who already have a GPS for boats.

When you do not have such a device, then better and cheaper is looking for something else even GPS watches.

Garmin Montana 6xx series devices are what I am looking for

Skipping nuances of the search process, I concluded, that the Garmin Montana 6xx series devices are what I am looking for.

First of all, Garmin Montana series units are designed for outdoor use. Operating temperature range: From -20º to 55ºC (from -4º to 131ºF)

Charging temperature range: From 0º to 45ºC (from 32º to 113ºF).

For snowmobiling it is crucial. We used to sled in conditions when the temperature is close or even below the temperature range, and GPS unit may unexpectedly shut down.

The cold kills any phone when using GPS. Therefore, smartphone app cannot be as main navigation source for snowmobile adventures.

A battery life of Montana device is also significantly reduced by the cold so need to look for the constant power source. Even more, mount a GPS device in most wind-protected place and do it in a way to be easily removable from cradle or holder to put into the pocket close to your body to heat up.

The cold can cause the fragility of plastic and GPS device's display is slowing down. So, the extremely low temperature is not the best friend of any electronic device, and we need to use it with maximum caution.

How could this be solved?

Only by heating the GPS unit that is not so easy to do, but it is possible.

Modern snowmobiles can be fitted with plug-in outlets to power nice-to-have items like a GPS, heated apparel or electric visors and add some heating to the glove box. Because the glove box is the perfect place to install Garmin Montana 650 e.g. I found the great instructional YouTube video and if your hands are in the right place then you can easily DIY in the garage.

Relating to the options and features and characteristics of Garmin Montana 600, 610,650 and the latest model Montana 680.

 Not as much difference could be found regarding the main purpose- obtaining your geographical position.

Only more or less considerable improvement I found is GLONASS receiver for Garmin Montana 680t.  In some situations, it can improve an accuracy and accessibility. In fact, it is a consistent improvement for sled journeys in high latitudes.

GLONASS is Russian Satellite navigation system, and orbits of navigational satellites allow terrestrial objects to be found at latitude 60º+ with more accuracy. So, if you are about to hit the ride in Alaska, Northern Canada or Lapland, then GLONASS feature could help.

Montana has a good reputation among ATV riders and except the cold, driving conditions are about the same.

Finally, but not less important is maps.

 Garmin GPS devices have a wide range of mapping solutions.

For road driving, you can use turn by turn navigation like City Navigator NT maps.

For hiking and even for ATV or a snowmobile you can use TOPO Maps.

Blue Chart maps are for boaters and yachts.

There are some companies which develop GPS maps directly for ATV and snowmobile trails like GPS trailmasters, and Garmin units are top consumers.

„Our GPS snowmobile trail maps and GPS ATV trail maps are ONLY compatible with Garmin brand GPS units. In general, we tell people that our maps are compatible with just about any Garmin GPS that is less than 10 years old. This means you can use your automotive GSP as well as outdoor units.“

But do not be sad if for your region is not yet covered by ready to go GPS trails for sleds.

There are ways to create your own trails or use the Topo maps.

Owners Manual

In any case with Garmin Montana GPS for snowmobiles, you will never get lost whether it be a snowy mountain slope or deep ice-covered lake.




  1. Nick

    A few winters ago my friend and I decided to go out on our sleds for a little winter fun. We stuck to the trails but where I’m from, the trails are hundreds of miles long. We got a bit worried if we would run out of gas before the next stop. Luckily we found a restaurant and were able to fuel up. Its moments like this that I wished we had a GPS on our sleds. We could have used our phones, but with the temperature being in the teens, it would’ve been a terrible idea. I will def have to look more into a GPS for my sled for this upcoming year so I can go on adventures without being scared of getting lost!

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks Nick for stopping by.

      You are right, and I mentioned in my post that the very low temperatures could stop any electronic device. The good habit is to keep paper maps or topo charts and magnetic compass in sled’s glovebox or backpack. Once you get lost and GPS is dead keep warm it in your inner pocket.

      As your smartphone is all the time kept in heat switch it on, obtain your geographical position and put it on the paper map. Then switch on your school time brain cells and find the right direction bay the help of a magnetic compass.

  2. Paul

    With winter around the corner in my area, I am in the process at looking at getting a snowmobile. Came across your site as I was looking at the various attachments or gadgets that I should consider to add and how much it would cost.
    It’s interesting to see that there really isn’t any specific GPS device made for snowmobiles.
    Nice to see you’ve done all the research and found an option with the Garmin 600 series.
    Nice to see that it is portable and would be able to use it for other purposes than snowmobiles.
    Is the 600 series waterproof? How deep underwater can it go?
    Thanks again for providing various options, including the importance of paper map and compass if electronics break down.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks Paul for commenting my post. Regarding your question about waterproof. So e.g. Garmin Montana 680t water rating is IPX7. It means that such a device is protected from accidental submersion in 1m (about 3.3 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes. More info here

      For sledding it is enough but I think that for summer fun like water scooter better look for more specific devices.

  3. Egils

    Sakiet lūdzu vai priekš Latvijas arī ir kādas, tieši sniega motocikliem, veidotas kartes ar ceļiem? Es parasti lietoju Jāņa Sētas topo kartes ar Garmin Montana 650t. No sākuma to lietoju ar iPhone aplikāciju, bet tagad ar Garmin. Darbojas samērā labi, jo pats ar draugiem dalāmies ar iebrauktajiem trekiem un ceļiem. Papētīju amerikāņu NY state snowmobile kartes, manuprāt lielisks darbs un rezultāts. Paldies par informāciju.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Sveiks Egīl!
      Es nedomāju , ka priekš Latvijas ir izveidotas speciāli sniega motocikliem vai kvadrocikliem GPS kartes, bet, kā jau kaut kur savā lapā minēju, ir pieejama lieliska Topogrāfiskā karte. Tur informācijas avots pārsvarā ir no padomju laika slepenajām armijas kartēm un detalizācija ir lieliska. Es to bieži lietoju savā aifonā ar maksas JS aplikāciju. Cik noprotu, tad arī pats esi pazīstams ar to.
      Katru gadu braucu pie brālēna uz Somiju uz trīs-četru dienu izbraucienu ar sniega močiem. Es gan tad sevišķi neiedziļinājos maršrutā, jo bija priekšbraucēji. Ja finanses atļaus, tad šogad noteikti braukšu bet jau ar specifiskā kartēm un GPS rīkiem.

  4. Brendon

    Great read you have here. I live in northern Wisconsin and well snowmobiling is a big thing here!
    Usually I just wing it when I am out, but I was given a Garmin Montana as a gift so I figured I would put it to use.
    Overall it is a great GPS works very well. However as you mentioned. It did cut out on me twice during very cold ride sessions.
    Just something to think about for your readers. I do have to be honest, I was out when maybe I should have just stayed home, but in either case I recommend not using it to much below zero.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hello Brendon and thank you for taking the time to comment! The real user’s comment always is value. When it comes to GPS performance in cold weather then the main problem is a battery. Need to think how to wire device to vehicle’s battery, it’s not that complicated. Almost every Garmin handheld GPS comes with different type of holders and wiring sets.


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