What GPS for Snowmobile to Choose in 2021?

This year the winter is great, and the snow is enough. Time to start your motor sleds, and to make it easier to navigate the snowfields, the appropriate GPS for snowmobiles is needed.

I’ve already written several times about various navigation devices used when driving off-road and snowfields. For those few years since I touched the subject, no much to add. In fact, nothing new on the market for GPS devices has emerged pointed for navigation with snowmobiles, at least from well-known brands like Garmin, Trail Tech, and Magellan.

You could object, then what’s the point of writing about it? In my opinion, the existing GPS navigators for snowfields and other off-road ATV trails are good enough, and real users are satisfied and share their experience.

So, what would I prefer as the best choice for GPS for snowmobiles? In two words, the answer is Trail Tech Voyager Pro.

Why exactly Voyager Pro?

Among many other useful things, one is an undeniable benefit-almost fully smartphone mirroring feature. I mean those phone functions that could be used with a mirroring when driving a snowmobile or ATV, like Bluetooth connection for phone calls or music streaming and some other.

A small indent and a reminder to those who still think that an iPhone or some other great smartphone model is entirely enough to feel safe and comfortable, both when driving a snowmobile, ATV, or even riding a motorcycle on a roadless basis.

No matter how powerful the smartphone is, it really is so. The iPhone 12 Pro Max, for example, can’t stand cold or shaking through bumps and hills. It will turn off at -5 C (23 F) in 15 minutes or so.

Do you really want to risk and use $1.3K worth of iPhone? Perhaps the smarter thing is to buy a great one, directly designed for both snowmobiles and ATV vehicles, a Trail Tech Voyager Pro for $599. I don’t think it’s such a big sum comparing to the average price of a snowmobile fluctuates around $10K. Your love-in iPhone will be in the heat somewhere in your internal pocket, but at the same time, you’ll be in touch with both a phone call and music through a Bluetooth headset.

I won’t go into all the technical parameters; you can easily find it on the manufacturer’s home page.

I want to touch a little on the features that I think allow the Trail Tech Voyager Pro unit to rank as the best GPS for snowmobiles in the 2021 snow riding season comparing to others.

Endurance is at a very high level, sealed, and rated IP67 for anti-dust/water intrusion.


Color, glove-friendly navigation screen, topography maps, hill shading, support tracks, routes, and waypoints.

It has an extremely bright and easy to read screen that is viewable in even the brightest sunlight.

Tracks speed in mph using the GPS or wheel sensor; displays speed, temperature, distance, elevation, and voltage.

So you have complete control of the engine of the vehicle.

Buddy tracking displays the current location of up to 20 members of your ride group on the map screen.

Independence from GSM communication system in the company of snowmobile riders.

Bluetooth enabled for intercom, phone dialing, messaging, and media controls.

It is possible to connect two Bluetooth users simultaneously, thus communicating with a passenger through an intercom.

Snowmobile and ATV trails friendly as easy to load and save GPX files. It is essential for off-road riders.

Some of the above features have in other GPS for snowmobiles devices, but only Trail Tech Voyager Pro is all in one.

Returning to extreme driving conditions and, more specifically, low ambient temperatures.

I didn’t find any GPS devices whose technical data would show the operating temperature below -10 °C (14 °F). So, it looks like it is totally unacceptable to use GPS on a snowmobile, and if the wind is taken into account, the comfort temperature will be even lower.

What to do?

Try to protect the GPS unit against the wind and heat it. Luckily Trail Tech has solutions for this.

For those who tend to drive off-road in the company, Buddy Tracker’s function is very much an assistant because it is unnecessary to stop and wait for other drivers to appear behind the bend and, if anyone has problems, it is easy to find it. No other brands offer such a feature.

Nothing is perfect, and we can find flaws in the Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS device for snowmobiles I won’t list this time. Enjoyable and safe rides on the beautiful snowy off-road!

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