Get fun with Towable Tubes for Boating. No GPS Navigation Needed.

You could ask me, what is related GPS for boats and cars with Towable tubes for boating? Nothing, just boats, and the fun.towable tubes for boating

My last previous articles about Sea Voyage on Jeanneau Prestige 36 powerboat are somehow related to pleasure and recreation, and why not. We do not live only to work and eat.  A healthy lifestyle is what we deserve.

As far as my website is about boating, I would like to say some words about the very popular water recreation way where powerboat is an integral part.

It is towable tubes for boating. In two words, the power-driven boat is towing inflatable tube, you enjoy and get fun. It could be even sailboat as some sailing yacht speed, and towing force is enough for such a task.

Many different types of inflatable tubes and solid type towable floating objects to get fun on the water are available. I would never have written about this if had not enjoyed this pleasure myself. But it was years ago, and just a couple of models I remember, but adrenaline I got was worth to try again.

I don’t want to give a detailed description of towable tubes. There are so many available online. I want to stop on the safety for this tube riding.

It is fun and entertaining of people of almost all ages, and there are some basic safety precautions to be followed.

  1. Life Jacket On. Even no questions asked, why? Just ON;
  2. Helmets ON. Sports helmets could save your life in case of an accident;
  3. Knowing Hand signal communication between boat skipper and people on the tube in case of emergency is essential;
  4. Use a secure and sturdy tow line;
  5. Spotter on the bow of the yacht to watch swimmers and other obstacles;
  6. Local knowledge and other regulations required;
  7. Not to use any alcohol before riding;
  8. Check weather forecast as sudden changes could happen;
  9. GPS for boats to push MOB (man overboard) button can ease searching if such a case appears.

You can set your experience accumulated safety procedures, just remember. Never joke with water activities! Better take more precautions than to ignore them altogether.

The main advantages and why tubes are stand out of other water recreation activities like water skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding other similar sports that are multiple availabilities. You do not need to wait while other enjoying. Jump on AirHead HD-3 Hot Dog or AirHead AHGF-3 G-Force and get fun in the company of two friends.

It is available simultaneously up to twelve people enjoy the

ride with two toboggan-style tubes because some towable tubes for boatingaccordingly set up boats can afford it. Powerboat has voracious engines and fuel prices. Today is the main component of the cost of this entertainment. That it is much cheaper if more people ride together.

Here is just one customer review 

„Now in its 2nd summer, our Jumbo Dog is so awesome. I researched this type of tube quite a bit before purchasing, do I go smaller and cheaper or go really high end and spend more (up to $1000 or more). This Jumbo Dog fell right in the middle; its big enough to hold 5 younger adults and its heavy enough also to hold them. The Jumbo Dog has held up well and believe me it has taken a lot of lake abuse. Little kids love it but big kids (in their 20’s) seem to enjoy it more. You can putt along at a low speed with little kiddies and they love it because it makes them feel safe and adventurous but once the 20 something’s jump on it and I put the throttle to the metal, all heck breaks loose and the Jumbo Dog turns into a wild ride. It does take up a lot of room in the house and on the boat but it sure has brought us lots of fun on the water and has provided great pictures and videos of family and friends.“

 The main common problem with inflatable towable tubes is punctures.

Riding high speed and even more speed on high acceleration on turns tubes are vulnerable to floating debris. Better keep repairing kit on the boat to avoid an unnecessary and costly trip to the base pier.

One more to know, from first sight not so important, is using of dedicated for tube towing ropes. Those lines are different than other ropes involved in water sports activities.

Summer in my part of the world is coming but for lucky ones never-ending season. It is just smart to look forward and be ready for new adventures with towable tubes for boating.

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  1. coughlanmaureen

    Hi there this is a very interesting website!
    I have never come across a site about boats and navigation before I think it’s a great idea very informative as well as being fun!
    I love that the towable tubes hold up to twelve people it looks like a brilliant team building activity and a fun way to socialise!
    I think being on a boat especially during the summer months is a great way to enjoy nature and to relax and unwind!

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Yes. Twelve people together for towable tubes, it could be a real fun. But I think that it is a bit dangerous on high speed. For me, as long term sailor and yachtsmen, safety is the first, as water never does not forgive mistakes.


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