Led Marine Navigation Lights Cheap and Effective Solution.

I found that the by purchasing a led marine navigation lights could be a quick, cheap and convenient way to solve a problem of lack of navigation lights at all or in a case of replacement these.boat navigation ligts

I have noted many times that Safety First when you are sailing on any size of the boat. Navigation equipment like GPS, radar, wind gauges is an essential part of safe sailing but no way to feel safe without properly installed marine navigation lights.

Usually, factory or boatyard made boats come with navigation lights which require COLREG (International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea).

There is a strict international regulation regarding lights and signs to be carried but exceptions, and local regulations could require additions and so on.

So, in any case, there may be instances when you will have to buy navigation lights.

Mainly it could take place for smaller boats like John Boat or so. Even when any rules not required to carry such light, you feel much safer when a green-red-white light will be burning to be visible for big boats skipper.

Honestly, I was surprised finding such a big offer of different kind of led lights for boats. Like many of us, I have used on led torch lights, spotlights or even backup light for laptop and know how economical is a led bulb.

An energy consumption of led light is small but at the same time, the brightness is excellent. One more convenience is that often you even do not need to make for anybody so unpleasant wiring puzzle. Many of led marine navigation light boxes come with strong adhesive tapes, and you do not need to make such painful holes in your boat deck.

Some of the lights are feeding on batteries and need replacement, but some require wires to be connected to boat DC net. Both have his advantages, but even replaceable mode could operate very extended period and is good for casual boaters or fishermen.

Here is just one customer review from Amazon about Attwood LED 2-Mile Deck Mount Navigation Bow Light, Stainless Steel.

„I bought this light because I wanted a bright “2 mile” light that was LED (longevity and lower power consumption). The lakes I boat on are very congested and I want to be seen. I had just purchased another LED light but it was to large for the space given on the bow to mount the light (if you have a “Four Winns”, check your dimensions). This light looks great and its bright. I also like the indicators on top that let you know the lights are on, nice touch and it also looks good. Very easy install. Nice Product. I would absolutely recommend this product“ Attwood LED 2-Mile Deck Mount Navigation Bow Light

 Naturally that you can find some unsatisfied customers, and mainly I found was regarding cheap plastics for some models and actually nothing more as cons.

When it comes to Attwood Marine Led navigation lights, better read this-

 Attwood presents the most energy efficient LED navigational lights in the world;

Our line of 3500 and 5500 series navigational lights exceed US coast guard requirements;

Completely sealed LED units resist water intrusion, electrostatic discharge;

Our LED navigational lighting also features high quality electro-polished style and durability;

Rated for 50,000+ hours of use and protected by a 10-year warranty, 1 NM, bi-color.

Sound great, Isn’t it? And prices!

I think that excellent way to save replacing your old, broken or unstylish boat lights with new and perfect Led Marine Navigation lights.

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