Product: iTrack 2.0 GSM GPRS GPS Portable Tracker


The manufacturer: ElectroFlipp LLC, USA

Cheapest place to Buy: Amazon.comgps tracker for boats

Dimensions and Weight: 4 x 3 x 2 inches/1 pounds

Guarantee: One year

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10


More and more people are looking for GPS tracker for boats and another vehicle to sleep sweet and live more peacefully.

GPS technology is developed in so high accuracy standards so we can trust and find the desired position of GPS receiver equipped device within desired distance.

GPS tracking systems market grows in a speed of light and unfortunately not all are as good as often have been announced in device producer’s advertisements. With such a statement I would like to say that it is not so easy to find superb in all aspects GPS tracking system.

The best way to clarify what is good and what is not so good or bad at all is to check a device or equipment by myself. We know that it is almost impossible to execute for every desired GPS tracking device.

The only thing we can do is either blindly believe to advertising of producers or analyze GPS trackers reviews by yourself, both online and from real users if any are to be found in a neighborhood.

Real reviews count is depending how long time the given GPS tracker are on shopping desks it is one of the most important indicators. The shorter time and more various reviews, the more it is worth to watch this product direction.

Well, let’s go closer to a theme. I have a lot of friends who own private floating vehicles and recently I have been asked to help to choose GPS tracker for boats. I am also interested in the same question and began to research what the market offers.

I started in the traditional way by simply typing in Google search GPS trackers for boats. I was a little surprised when the search results did not show me more real usable results. It was found a lot of offers and ways how to use conventional GPS tracker for dogs or kids for a boat, but almost none specially designed for boat users.

I don’t want to blame a GPS tracker developers and manufacturers for this my conclusion. When digging deeper, a more accurate solution would be found. And I found a smart and affordable solution, but definitely not the only one.

It is an iTrack 2.0 GSM GPRS GPS Portable Tracker made by ElectroFlip LLC which is USA Company.gps tracking for boats

A Very subjective factor was letter „i“, as I am very Apple fan, but in this case, there are nothing common with Apple.

I executed a research of almost all publicly available online information and made a conclusion that this GPS tracking device is valuable to perform his direct aim- tracking any object in real time and a proper manner.

Next traditional pros and cons.


Incredible battery volume. A long-life Lithium-Ion battery that lasts up to 2 months on a single charge. According to real users feedback, this given time could be a value of change depending on user habits. In manufacturer web page is stated that battery could run for four months in standby mode, and one year in deep sleep mode. Unbelievable values !;

No monthly memberships or any other subscription needed. Just insert any GSM SIM card, even prepaid from any providers and you are good to go. I think that this is a real value as you could use it in any place in the World just purchase a prepaid SIM card for $10 or so, and receive your boat or other tracking object position;

Professionally strong magnetic mount no need to comment;

Waterproof case even no comments;

And next features as almost for all more or less noticeable GPS tracking devices as;

Google Earth Compatible it means that you just click on from tracker’s sent link which directs you to the point on map;itrack 2.0 gps tracker

Sends Street Address: If you are using a cellular network with data capability;

GeoFencing capability;

Speed Restrictions;

Manual Shut Off Notification is a cool feature as you will be notified before iTrack 2.0 is powering down;

Excellent Power management, as you can monitor battery usage at any time.


Somewhere is not happy with CUSTOMER SERVICE;

Not mobile applications available.

By me, it is not a vital necessity for it. All you need is click on the link or insert coordinates in empty fields or receive automatically generated a message about battery state or other data. For those actions, not any particular apps are needed.gps trackers for boats

For now, I could not find any other negative sayings about given GPS tracking device for boats, cars or even motorcycles.

 As written in Amazon Product Description:

„Specifically designed with Joe the Plumber in mind, the iTrack 2.0 is easier to use than a cell phone and cheaper to operate than most GPS services on the market. There aren’t any “special” codes to memorize and you won’t need to take any college-level computer courses to learn how to use it. If you can use Google or Yahoo maps, you’ll find where your iTrack 2.0 is – quickly and accurately.“

Next is your decision trust me or continue to worry about the safety of your vehicles or invest by purchasing iTrack 2.0 – Real-Time Long Term GPS Tracker.

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