Before we start talking about GPS tracking devices, a question. Why actually tracking devices are required?

gps tracking

Security is a very important factor in people’s well-being. With a term “Security” should perceive as our health and safety of lives, as well as property security. Let’s be honest and admit that no one other than yourself, maybe only your closest relatives, will not care much about your safety and health.

What we usually do to take care of our own health and health of our children and how we protect our own property?

Answers to these questions are well known. There may be some nuances, but generally  we are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle to keep our body and soul in good condition. As well as regularly visit to family doctors and engaging in sport and recreational  activities.

When it comes about our private houses we surround them by a fences, but at a backyard running around rampant dogs. Living rooms and auxiliary buildings are equipped with different types and brands of alarm security systems. In addition, cars usually already at factory are equipped with simple or more sophisticated anti-theft systems.

A technology constantly develops and thieves do not Rest.

They becoming ever smarter and often even the most complex security systems could be unlocked. If there comes an unpleasant moment when in one beautiful morning we realize that our beautiful car is stolen. Yes, we calling the police, and they begins to act. How much positive or not so good result will be, we do not know. It depends on many factors. Unpleasant emotions and insomnia next nights are guaranteed.

And now is time to turn back to my topic of GPS Tracking. How about if we could help the police to find our stolen car. Not even only a car, any movable item, alive or not so alive. Luckily today is an opportunity and it is GPS tracking.

If you want to dive into details on this method’s technical nuances, then the internet is full of related information, but I will try to explain in two words how GPS tracking works.

The market is full of different types and kinds of GPS tracking devices.

Starting from a very small for pets and kids, to professional and much bigger devices for tracking big trucks, planes and ships at sea. The principle of operation for all of devices is about the same.

All trackers are equipped with built-in GPS receiver. GPS tracker constantly receives signal from satellites and calculate geographical position. There are two kind of tracking devices, Past Track or passive and Real Time GPS Tracking device.

Past track simply collect information about tracking object movement like speed, distance, direction, length of stops and some others. After you can download these data and analyze on computer. Passive vehicle trackers today still widely are used in long-range trucks to control driver’s working hours, analyze path and fuel consumption. No need to say, that such tracking mode’s expenses are less than Real Time GPS tracking.

More required and popular today are real time GPS trackers. These devices are able to transmit GPS position via GSM signal so you need to have an active SIM card, cellular service and monthly subscription. Each device comes with dedicated cell phone application that allows track device position and movement on mapping software and watch it either on your Smartphone or any other device able to read such software.

More and more common today is smart phone and almost all of them can be used as some kind of tracking device. Simply login your kid’s iCloud account and check “Find iPhone” position. For tracking of kid or supervise a spouse that could be enough. In that case they have to have such a phone, and it must be turned on. Good point is that does not require any additional costs and any monthly subscriptions.

But, let compare iPhone prices and smartphone data plans, than even the most expensive GPS tracker data plan cost less. So, if your kid is too young for smartphone a GPS tracker is wise choice. I do not even wanna talk about battery life. Some GPS trackers do not need to be recharged a whole week.

If you’re seriously considering about an intention of buying a GPS tracking device, then there are some of useful tips and well checked GPS tracker devices:amber alert gps

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For dog or cat tracker see here.


These are just some of the GPS tracking devices, but checked and tested by professionals.

GPS Tracking For Automobiles

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