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Why Garmin BlueChart G2 Vision Is the Best Choice for Recreational Marine Charts.

Honestly, Garmin BlueChart g2 Vision is the best marine electronic chart software so far I have come across. From the early ages, I have obsessed of distant countries, mysterious islands and coasts. Marine Nautical charts are an essential part to reach them. I was born next to the sea, and all my life lived and worked at jobs related to…
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The Backup Option for Boat GPS Equipment is Essential.

The final post of my adventurous sea voyage and why GPS for boats needs a backup, read below. From the very young ages, I have been taught, that the Sea should be respected. I have always tried to follow it. Often, this also applies to everyday matters. Every sailor knows that obtaining high accuracy ship’s position leads to safer sailing…
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My Experience with MaxSea Navigation Software.

 MaxSea  Marine navigation software is the next what appears in Google searches. I have some practical experience with this nautical program which I would like to share with you. About five years ago I had adventures voyage on JEANNEAU Prestige 36 pleasure craft from Riga on Baltic sea to Lowestoft UK East coast. It was very instructive, exciting and sometimes…
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