Product: BlackVue Wi-Fi DR500GW-HDdashboard camera blackvue

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Camera: 2 megapixel CMOS sensor, Diagonal 120, horizontal 98, Built-in microphone

Dimensions:7 x 4 x 3.5 inches

Display: WiFi connected devices

Warranty: 365 Days (Parts)/ 365 Days (Labor)

My Rating: 8,5 out of 10


Today I’d like to give a review about Dashboard camera BlackVue Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD. This is not a latest PITTASOFT Blackvue dashcam model but still is popular in drivers community.

On my car windshield it is sticked since April 2013. So, I have a big enough experience to speak about this device. It will not be an usual review where mainly praises given object, but a real user’s summary who also is smart enough in such a type of things and with over than  three years of experience in it’s everyday use.

Obviously, as I use this BlackVue Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD dashboard camera so long time , there have to be some reasons to do it. First of all it was not so cheap purchase and I spent about $340 back in 2013. Today it cost almost twice less but still available in many shops.

More important reason why I still not change it to new model is that this Blackvue dash cam fits to almost all my needs. I said Almost all my needs but not to all.

Actually just one main additional function my dashcam lack i an absence of rear camera.

What else I found that new Pittasoft BlackVue New 2 Channel DR650GW-2CH is a bit faster and possibility to store data on  64 gb memory card.

Someone could argue, that there are more upgrades in new cameras and somehow they are right. But for me, not a reason to change my existing one and spend another $350 just to carry latest product.

This is a bit different story than New iPhone every year. When speaking about iPhones, it is some kind of Obsession. I know as I am one of such a guy.

And as far as I mentioned iPhone. App Store or Google Play are full of apps to use smartphone as dashboard camera. So why you need to spend money for stand alone dash cam?

In short term Yes, it is such a option and somehow even very convenient as you do not need to copy recorded files to computer  to see a video and audio recordings. I’ve tried couple of apps and found really cool features. There are even GPS navigation apps with dashcam options. All this is cool, but main shortage is lack of continuous recording. You never left you new iPhone in car when parking and sometimes just forget to put in holder and activate camera mode.

Trust me that smartphone dash cam apps never be able to outweigh stand alone high quality dashboard cameras. My thinking is, when someone is seriously about to increase his state of security and safety while driving or parking his car, definitely a good dashboard camera is only solution.

BlackVue Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD car DVR include all main features to be deemed as Good dashcam. By my mind these are:

1)   Wide range of recording settings up to Full HD.

In maximum quality, mode video is great even in night time when driving with headlights. When in parking mode and no lights just street lights, than resolution is not as good. I keep dash cam switched on constantly even when my Volvo is located in my yard. Street lights are about 20 metres away. Last winter youngster hit my fence at night and run away. The next morning I looked at the cameras records and relatively easy found a model and color of car. I forward those data to police and in two days they found culprit;

2)   Loop Recording

It’s mean as soon as storage memory card is full data are overwrite old files so to infinity. So actually I never met a lack of memory as my dashcam is loaded  standart 16 GB memory card;

3)   G-sensor;

4)   Parking mode;

5)    GPS receiver.

Very helpful feature but when speed is activated in settings be careful and do not speeding. In case of accident it can be used against you;

6)   WiFi

From beginning it sounds very cool, but by me is not so important function. Yes, sometimes it is convenient but I used WiFi just to change some settings;

7)   Very durable equipment.

Easy to adjust even in 360 rotation. I used to use it and rotate towards saloon in case of the Police check. I am doing it in rather visible manner to police officer see it. Sometimes it works pretty well. No unnecessary questions have been asked. Video is upside down but no problems to adjust it when playback on PC;

8)   Never been overheated even in sunny Summer days when inside temperature is very high. Device feels hot but works with no problems.

See live on my car

In all operating period I have only one problem. Time stamp was showing incorrect readings. It took place after scheduled software update. Actually it was an important failure as an incorrect time leads to unusable data in case of the court as evidence.

This issue was solved after correction file found in Pittasoft website. Actually latest software no problems with time stamp at all.

My conclusion is that BlackVue Wifi DR500GW-HD dashboard camera is smart choice. Definitely new BlackVue New 2 Channel DR650GW-2CH is better but cost twice a more. Your choice, but I recommend not spend money for cheap chinese scrap. If you need dashcam just to record weekend trip better download smartphone app for free.

Safe driving and funny footages in your video archives.


Yesterday, February 9, 2017, I was witness to a car accident (not deadly), and my dashcam recordings help a lot to the innocent driver.

I still want to replace my existing camera to dual channel BlackVue DR650S-2CH 64GB and apparently will sell my good assistant for the symbolic price.