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GPS Navigācija un Cita Noderīga Informācija Ceļojot ar Auto uz Horvātiju.🇱🇻

Nesen ar ģimeni biju ceļojumā ar auto uz Horvātiju. Nav jau nekāds varoņdarbs, bet domāju, ka šis tas no manas pieredzes varētu noderēt citiem ceļot gribētājiem. Tā kā šī weblapa ir orientēta par un ap GPS Navigācijas tēmu, tad šis raksts daudzmaz arī atbilst topikam. Arī es pats pirms došanās ceļā meklēju un, arī atradu, padomus un ieteikumus no Latvijas…
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Free Garmin Map Updates, don’t Fall into Temptation.

Sounds so sweet and tempting as soon you hear or read- free Garmin map updates, isn’t it? For me as soon as come across with word „free,” I become very careful and a little alarmed. Why? I am not talking about meaning like „free as a bird ,“ free from the enemies or something like that. It is when word…
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Distracted Driving Safety Tips Could Never Be Too Much.

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about cell phone dangers while driving and the main distracted driving safety tips are Do Not Use a phone if you are at the wheel. Before I even begin to write a short maybe silly question to everyone, Is it Safe to Drink and Drive?  Stupid question isn’t it. It is…
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The Becker Map Pilot Still Is Widely Used for Mercedes Cars.

In short, the Becker Map Pilot is the removable navigation system that is fully integrated into the vehicle electronics system. It is a combination of a fixed sat nav and has advantages of mobile GPS for cars. Not so bad alternative to car multimedia system. Interesting and smart GPS navigation solution from such well-known German brands as Mercedes-Benz and Harman…
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Short Insight on Volvo Navigation System.

Many of Volvo cars came with factory installed Volvo navigation systems. It is just a normal when purchasing 40K- 60K Euros or even dollars’ worth car, then another couple of thousand bucks for GPS navigation system would not make a big hole in your budget. It is well known that Volvo is famous for its safety and reliability and many…
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How to Choose a Caravan Sat Nav for a Pleasant Holiday Trip?

Going on next vacation with the car a GPS navigation unit is a must-have device for your journey. Not so big choice of specific Caravan sat nav equipment on the market today as this particular transport mode gaining more and more popularity in the world of travel. Many travelers are choosing caravans and motorhomes because of mobility and convenience. You…
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