Technology is developing at a fast pace, and along with many others, watchmakers also do not stand still. One of the examples is Seiko GPS Solar Watches.

Why I choose this Seiko brand?

The main reason is my personal experience of this watches. My ex-wife presented me the Seiko about ten years ago, and it is in good condition so far. It is battery powered, and the factory installed one was replaced just about three years ago. Time accuracy is simply great. I still wearing my Seiko and use this watch to this day.


Seiko watches never been the low budget items, but they make really good products. Mainly it is the watches for women and man as Japanese Seiko Watch Corporation is the first quartz watchmakers in the world since 1969.

There are hundreds of watch brands all over the world as A. Lange, Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, Breitling, Bulgari, Cartier, Casio, Citizen and more. Seiko is amongst the most famous one.

Before I start to dive a bit more detailed in Seiko GPS Solar watches a couple of words how to choose your watch in general.

I somewhere came across the next steps to choose your next watches as,

1. Style;

2. Power;

3. Atomic & GPS;

4. Material;

5. Watch Brands;

6. Water Resistance,

7. Size.

I’m a pretty practical person, and for me, the most important from listed above is power, mechanical or battery charge.

Time correction and accuracy as the GPS correction is a winner.

Water resistance as I don’t want to bother much about my watches on a beach or during fishing times.

 I would add a couple of words in point seven about size and weight.

I don’t know why, but recently I found that my Seiko has become a little bit heavy. I’ve been wearing it for nine years, and everything was okay just today I feel slightly uncomfortable to keep my watch for all day on the wrist. From the beginning, I wanted to list it as a disadvantage, but it really is just in my head.  We have smartphones into the pocket or next on the table shoving the very correct time. The weight issue is solved by titanium, extremely light and durable metal.

To see all the beauty, let’s take a look to Seiko Astron Solar GPS 100th Anniversary Men’s Watch. Actually, I hardly believe that ever wear it as the price is rather steep almost $3.5K but who knows.

Here is one happy customer’s review which explains much about this Seiko masterpiece.

“This watch is extremely light (Titanium). Fits very well and comfortably. Time is impeccable. Easy to read time. As I have seen on other posts, hard to stop looking at it. Nicer in person then in the pictures. Having the choice of two bands is very nice too (Alligator or Titanium). I live by the ocean, so the leather strap is going to be for occasional use. I have had no problems linking to satellites. The illumination is fine and easy to read the time at night. Also very sunny where I live, so haven’t seen the power move of FULL.
Overall – Very Happy with this watch. Be careful, there is a Seiko warning about authorized dealer warranties. If you don’t use one (authorized dealer), you take the risk of not being able to get the watch fixed under warranty (3 yrs for this watch). Actual Lesson learned, make sure the serial is not scratched off the back. Hope this helps. I bought mine from Japaha International in Waikiki, HI. Excellent. One last thing – there is a Free APP (Seiko Astron) that will show you how to do the basic satellite finding and Airplane mode, etc…nice touch!

From my side, just summary and why I like Seiko GPS Solar watches at all.

Time accuracy is on the highest level because of the GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites signals.

Wherever you go around the Globe, your watches will show a correct time zone.

Say you took off in New York but landed in Sydney, Australia. As soon as you step out of the plane, a Seiko GPS solar watch will show you the actual time in Sydney. You might object that every smartphone does it. Well, then you do not have to discuss the topic of wristwatch at all.

The light will power up your watches no worries about battery ended up in the very inconvenient moment. I found that Seiko Astron watches solar rechargeable battery volume remains up to 80% even after 20 years. The only you need not completely to drain out power is ambient light in the bedroom for a minute and once per winter time leave solar watch under the reading light for overnight. Even if you have fully empty, then one minute of light will be enough to watch start ticking again.

I will not stop to discuss the design. I never saw the ugly Seiko Astron GPS Solar watch; one is more beautiful than the other.

The desires and demands of your wristwatch may be slightly different, but the key is precision and design. I feel better wearing a fine wristwatch of a prestigious company, and Seiko GPS Solar watches is one of the best choices for me at least.

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