I recently came across Lowrance Boat Box Bundle. It is presented as an outfit of your boat in terms of „all in one box. “

Let’s look what this marine electronics manufacturer is offering in this miracle box and is it really include everything for perfect fishing as it is not just another GPS for boat device.

By searching in company’s home page terms „boat in a box” or „boat box bundle,” nothing related is found.

From the other hand, Amazon shopping giant clearly indicates and describe what it is.

Lowrance navigation equipment for boats is realy great.

Here is Product Description

„HDS-12 Gen3 Insight/HDS-12 “Boat in a Box” w/HDI Skimmer & Sonic Hub 2HDS-12 Gen3 InsightHDS-12 Gen3 Fishfinder/Chartplotter High Definition System that integrates leading-edge fishfinder technologies and the latest advances in navigation into one easy-to-use, multi-touch display.Lowrance High Definition System (HDS) combines a brighter, multi-touch display and enhanced processor with leading-edge fishfinder technologies – including CHIRP Sonar, Broadband Sounder™, StructureScan® HD, DownScan Imaging™ and Trackback™ view – plus the latest advances in navigation and user interface – including internal 10Hz GPS, dual microSD-card slots, touch-plus-keypad operation and built-in wireless connectivity – all in one easy-to-use display.Transducers & Network Accessories Included with HDS “Boat in a Box”:2 – 12″ HDS-12 Gen3 Insight UnitsHDI MH SkimmerHDI Skimmer Trolling Motor AdapterSonic Hub 2 Lowrance with Speakers TotalScan Skimmer Mid/High/StructureScan TransducerPoint-1 GPS Antenna with Heading SensorNMEA 2000 Starter KitN2K-T-RD25ft Ethernet Cable Specifications:Basemap: YesCard Format: Micro SDCartography – Preloaded: NoCartography Brand: NavionicsCartography Type: Platinum/Gold/HotmapsInternal/External Antenna: InternalResolution (VxH): 1280 x 800Screen Size: 12’Screen Type: ColorSpeed/Temp: Temp OnlyTouchscreen: YesTransducer Type: Transom MountWaterproof Rating: WaterproofWatts RMS – Max: 500W RMSWaypoints/Routes: 5000/200Weather Capable: YesBox Dimensions: 13″H x 24″W x 24″L WT: 41.6 lbsUPC: 9420024165812 “

Well, at the moment of writing this bundle price is about $5.4K. From the first sight, big money and whether those all units are really necessary for modern fishing how much does it cost when buying separately.

How important and needed they are for fishing or other similar boating needs?

This product description looks a slightly complicated at the beginning, so I decided to split the box content and make a little glance at each of them. How important and needed it is for fishing or other similar recreational boating actions? An answer is yours.

Two units of

 HDS-12 Gen3 Touchscreen Fishfinder / Chartplotter

HDS-12 Gen3 High Definition System that integrates leading-edge fishfinder technologies and the latest advances in navigation into one easy-to-use, multi-touch display.

„Hands down the best electronics you can put on your boat “

After reading manufacturer’s unit description and authorized product owners reviews, „Hands down the best electronics you can put on your boat “ I fully agree with HDS-12 Gen3 owner phrase I read in Amazon reviews section.

Actually, many of features could be found in other brands multifunctional GPS chartplotters but here is almost everything included.

 Do I need those all? You can never know and maybe just once needed feature could save your money, nerves, time and safety.

What is an attractive personality for me?

-Interface with touchscreen or keypad option provides lightning-fast, fingertip access to all HDS features;

-wireless connectivity with other compatible onboard devices;

-possibility to use other third party maps like Insight Genesis, Lake Insight™ and Nautic Insight™ PRO and HD, Insight™ TOPO, Navionics®+, Navionics Platinum+, Gold and HotMaps® Premium, Fishing Hotspots® PRO and Jeppesen C-MAP MAX-N+.

This only last feature worth all thumbs up as many boaters already owns expensive nautical mappings so not necessarily to spend extra money.

Is this Lowrance third generation High Definition System better than other marine electronic manufacturers HD devices?

 Read reviews to answer the question, just 4.6 Stars out of five is strong enough indicator for such a statement.

Today on September 4th, 2017 Lowrance price tag is $2,249 but in Amazon.com $2,275 for given device.

As far as a box has two units, so the sum is about $4,500.

Before continuing the box exploration, other folks and I would ask, why two equal GPS combo units? After hours of searches, I still can guess about an exact answer.

My understanding that due to easy cable and Wi-Fi connectivity between bundle items you gain more information space. Either it is the same picture on both displays in opposite boat sides or each screen showing different data like bottom and fish under the keel vs. charted fishing spots and nautical maps on the second screen.

What else is in the box?

-HDI MH Skimmer
-HDI Skimmer Trolling Motor Adapter
-Sonic Hub 2 Lowrance with Speakers
-TotalScan Skimmer Mid/High/StructureScan Transducer
-Point-1 GPS Antenna with Heading Sensor
-NMEA 2000 Starter Kit
-25ft Ethernet Cable

The quick overview of remaining items.

Although it is not clear which one is the correct model I compare with on the bundle picture presented items.

HDI Skimmer Depth/Temperature Transducer.

Click on pics and see details.

Prices is about $120.




HDI Trolling Motor Adapter.
Prices $20-$35





SonicHub Marine Audio Server Pack with speakers
Price $225

Product Description

„Lawrence Sonic Hub Marine Audio Server Pack with speakers. Take your music onboard and experience the ultimate in marine audio with Bluetooth streaming connectivity from your enabled media device to the Sonic Hub module — allowing control of your favorite selections directly from your chart plotter/multifunction display. For additional convenience, the optional UNI-Dock can be dash-mounted and connected to the Sonic Hub module -providing a direct, watertight connection to smartphones, media players and USB flash drives. You can also listen to your favorite AM/FM radio stations. With the Sonic Hub marine audio system you will no longer need a separate stereo head-unit. Connect Bluetooth devices with the included FUSION MS-BT100 Bluetooth module for wireless media streaming. SiriusXM Weather Integration (USA only) allows you to watch weather forecasts direct on your display as well as listen to your favorite satellite radio stations. Create up to three different speaker zones (for example: on-deck, in the galley and in the cabin) and adjust the audio levels independently in those designated areas. Enjoy excellent sound clarity with a 4 channel 50 W amplifier built-in. Also includes a line out for a subwoofer. Connectors: Stereo AUX line input for audio devices; Stereo AUX line input for SIRIUS satellite radio; Stereo Line Output from zone 3; Mono Line Output for Subwoofer; Mono Line Input for intercom, alarm emergency override; AM/FM antenna. Warranty: Two years parts and labor. Dimensions: 4.2″D x 8.9″W x 2.4″H. In the box: Sonic Hub Module, speakers, BT-100 Bluetooth Module, NMEA 2000 cable and T connector, documentation and mounting accessories.“


Totalscan Transducer
Price around $300

This is all you need for normal, side-down scan. You get depth and Temp with CHIRP functionality. With all that, you still have to hold your mouth right.


Point-1 GPS Antenna with Heading Sensor

Price about $250

Point-1 GPS antenna, GPS/GLONASS receiver with waas/egnos/msas & 4′ cable, NMEA 2000-10hz output, and built-in rate-stabilized heading sensor. Includes NMEA 2000 Starter Kitwith15′ cable, mounting hardware and install guide.

-NMEA 2000 Starter Kit
-25ft Ethernet Cable

I am not hundred percent sure that all items I described are exactly what Lowrance has included in „boat in the box” offer but hope that it is very close to reality.

Returning to the main and most expensive content HDS Gen3 unit I have to accept that presently it is on the highest position in the industry of marine electronic for fishing.

When it comes to money then summing all parts separately and Lowrance boat box bundle as one purchase value is almost the same. It is no doubt that box is the more convenient option and I would prefer this way.

Have a good time fishing!

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