Going on next vacation with the car a GPS navigation unit is a must-have device for your journey. Not so big choice of specific Caravan sat nav equipment on the market today as this particular transport mode gaining more and more popularity in the world of travel.

Many travelers are choosing caravans and motorhomes because of mobility and convenience. You are not tied to hotels and other booking places.caravan sat nav

It is evident that paper road maps era, unfortunately, is fading away although I strongly recommend keeping one in the glove box. Satellite navigation systems or GPS for cars are the primary guides for a modern vehicle.

A choice is large and prices from $20 to $600, and more but, what particular caravan sat nav devices are offered by such popular brands like Garmin, TomTom, and others?

Before looking for an especially camper, caravan or motorhome designed GPS navigation systems I would like to notice that you can easily use any GPS for cars device for touring just you may encounter some inconveniences.

Main differences are additional vehicle setup option and software features for routing. It is like GPS for trucks or sat nav for buses have a specific route planning details. Or GPS for motorcycles mapping has winding mountain trails which are not passable for ordinary cars.

Especially for caravan designed sat-nav roadmaps have an extensive additional camping ground information and routes for non-standard or oversized vehicles.

Okay, let’s make some research what could be a smart choice to choose a caravan sat nav device for next trip and future holiday adventures.

I would like to start with my favorite brand TomTom. What I found is TomTom GO LIVE Camper & Caravan.

Although this is my favorite brand, I am personally going to look for something else. Strange, starting the review with such an unattractive conclusion. In fact, I am not going to do a real review because its not fit in my established frames of the right caravan satellite navigation system.

Even in spite of the high price just for the fact that it has some additional features that are necessary for Caravan sat nav specification, this TomTom machine has more powerful competitors.

Most of all I prefer in TomTom is their own professional mapping.

It is the best in the world at the moment. It is my personal (not only mine) opinion and not just as an ordinary driver but having an academically background to this matter.

All in all, TomTom Go Live Camper and Caravan GPS for caravan Navigator were created in the best Dutch way. If the money question to you is not important, then this machine is great with some minor nuances.

no way to purchase this device

My dear readers and good caravan and motorhome sat nav GPS seekers, I don’t want to continue this particular TomTom device overview because of one reason. The reason is that no way to purchase thiscaravan sat nav device. I tried to search many ways Amazon.co.uk included and many other retailers. Either out of stock or not available. It is funny but found one for £659.99 ($ 965) at the time of writing. Is it a joke or serious? I do not know.

I consider not to spend time and search for other caravan satellite navigator.

Next, I found is UK based Snooper sat nav. This brand offers a range of GPS navigators for specialized vehicles. TRUCK & HGV, CARAVAN & MOTORHOME, BUS & COACH and conventional cars as well.

According to http://www.snooper.co.uk/
„Snooper’s award-winning Ventura range of motorhome and caravan sat navs are packed with special features and state-of-the-art technology to ensure a safe and reliable driving experience.“caravan sat nav

Surfing and searching any real user reviews or forum threads I have come to the conclusion that Snooper Ventura line Caravan and motorhome sat nav is rather a good solution.

Just Europe.

To be clear, caravan and motorhome or other oversized vehicle routing solution driving in EUROPE. Just Europe. I did not find any data for driving in other parts of the world.

Another significant drawback is only PC mode, no way for Mac users. For me personally no problems as I have standby Acer on the table although I prefer the MacBook. It is for backup, homemade routing and some other features which are more convenient to execute with the help of an external computing device.

Price is about the TomTom Caravan Live range. Regarding map updates, information is very confused and not clear a period of new updates. As stated in Snooper website Friday, 22 April 2016 10:10:07 Europe/London

„The Ventura S8100 is kitted out with an 8GB micro SD card and an in-vehicle charger with premium TMC antenna, ensuring that not only are any future European map updates or downloads available simply and hassle free, but that the amount of cables on show are reduced. Complete with an enhanced loud speaker, it offers an easy and practical addition to drivers’ dashboards.“

Sounds great, just many reclamations have to be found on the internet regarding update service. To be said that none is perfect and who knows maybe the latest allegations are correct.

Ventura S8100 Caravan and Motorhome GPS Sat Navigation System with 7-Inch Display and European Mapping
Amazon.co.uk £ 399.99 ($ 585).

At least it is available to buy on the internet. If you can afford it- go ahead!

As I expected, Garmin has caravan and motorhome sat nav device which ticks all the boxes.

It is Garmin RV 760LMT Portable GPS Navigator.

I found that the USA, Canada, and Europe road maps and driving directions for caravan and other RV (recreational vehicle) were available for the given GPS for cars device.
Lifetime map updates are not just empty promises knowing Garmin as a trusted brand.

Excluding all the details, I would like to highlight some of my favorites:

Lifetime Map and Traffic UpdatesWireless Backup Camera Compatible;

Guidance You See and Hear;caravan sat nav

Trip Planner and Navigator for caravan and motorhome vehicle;

Bluetooth and Smartphone Link.

The last one is my most favorite as any time you can connect with iPhone or Android smartphone to get tons of valuable information like weather forecast, traffic jams and even new campsites for my size and needs caravan sat nav equipped car.

And price! Sorry guys, but about 300 bucks (July 15, 2016) vs. 600 USD for Snooper! Is there anything more to say?

Your choice and have a pleasant holiday ride!

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