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How to Buy Antminer S9 for Bitcoin Mining

This post is all about how to buy Antminer s9 and bitcoin mining process. This story is true from the very beginning.

Starting with the idea of earning money by real cryptocurrency trading and ending to bitcoin mining process and details.

Someone could wonder, what is common to cryptocurrency mining with GPS navigation? Not so much, actually nothing, except money, as there are ways how to earn from both.

Today is December 29th, 2017 and I’d like to step back for about three months to begin my story.

Honestly, a couple of months ago I know almost nothing about cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and other altcoins. As every people who are watching TV or reading any other news, I have heard something about BITCOIN (BTC) but perceived it as another financial scam.

Well, today I have changed my attitude to cryptocurrency and Bitcoin particularly.

Why? It is because I see that it has the real value and you can use BTC to purchase real goods or to exchange for cash.

Honestly, the main reason why people today are crazy about cryptocurrency, trading, and mining is skyrocketing its exchange rate to $ or €. I checked on my smartphone bitcoin wallet right now and Bitcoin Price for the present moment is €12431,63.

I will not explain „WHAT IS BITCOIN,“ about Bitcoin and its story you can easily find online. Just in case, here is more or less understandable explanation

No any affiliate links or promotions except redirects to Amazon in case you wanted to purchase one or link to producer’s homepage for more information to make the direct order. All the way from the order to box at your home door can differ from country to country, so I cannot say that you will have the same path to go. Read my post and ask questions if any, I’ll try to find answers.

To be clear, I don’t want to prove someone and praise how good the Bitcoin is, just step by step description of, how the Antminer s9 was purchased, setup details and mining process with outcomes, profits or loss.

So, let’s begin.

The idea of bitcoin mining and buying a Bitmain Antminer s9-13,5 T is not mine although if I had a resource (bitcoin cash BCH) at that moment, I might have bought it myself as well.

One of my relatives in their active 20+ is smart about cryptocurrency and trading with these assets to earn some BTC and altcoins. He invested about €700 and earned enough to afford genuine Bitmain offer for purchasing Antminer s9-13,5T device.

He has no the real place to operate this device because there are some important conditions to follow, like power sockets must supply 20A current (most apartments supply only 10A). Another, still unclear, issue is noise. There are different data found online regarding noise. It comes from two vents, and it is said to be like two powerful hairdryers and mainly depends on the ambient temperature.

I offered him free space in the workshop of my private home as this room more or less tick all the boxes; just noise issue has to be solved or not. We will see in a couple of days as hopefully the DHL delivery weekends will end after New Year Days.

What is my interest in this enterprise?

The first of all I like a risky adventurous and new technology. It is the case.

Secondly, I hope to manage a miner’s generated heat to use as an additional source for my home heating thus saving a bit. I still do not know how, but I am sure that I’ll find a solution.

…we made a deal

And finally, the most important I guess is that we made a deal. The deal is about electricity consumption used for mining. It will be paid in bitcoins for the exchange price at the electricity bill date. Raw calculations show that monthly power consumption could be around 1200 kW and it is about 150 €/month with the present electricity prices from my provider.

I am sure that investing in BTC is one of the best investment for today and tomorrow as well. It is my decision regardless of so many rumors and speculations around cryptocurrency object and the present BTC price fluctuations. No doubt that there is some risk, but I think that not more than investing in shares, gold, hedge funds, property and other.

Now, as I promised, step by step real story How we bought Antminer S9 -13.5TH/s ASIC Bitcoin Miner.

The cheapest and hopefully safest way is to look at the producer offers. It was the first dates of December 2017, and the Bitmain price was $1415 for miner device plus $105 for power supply unit.


The only drawback was the late delivery date for that batch, and it was scheduled to the last dates of the January 2018. In reality, today is 30th December 2017 and miner box already is delivered just power supply unit is delayed due to holidays.

To compare with other sellers. Amazon offered for about $3500 but the local Latvian Amber mining guys for about €3200 but the other day delivery.

I forgot to mention about fraudulent offers as I have a proof of such one.

 We found the very tempting offer from the Netherlands almost the same price and the other day delivery. They said to be the Bitmain foreign branch. I contacted with Bitmain help desk and shortly got the reply „Currently Bitmain do not have any representatives or dealers around the world…“. So be careful do not believe blindly such offers.


For today the prices are almost doubled, but producer’s homepage shows „out of stock” or „Coming Soon.“ The latest price I noticed some days ago was around $2500 for Antminer s9. Local guys set price €5590.19, but Amazon offer please check here. These number alone shows how demanded is this miner and Bitmain with difficulty coping with high demand.

To end today’s writings and prepare for the New Year’s Eve just some numbers from customs and VAT. As you see it is €252.92 plus another €29 for power supply unit which is not yet delivered.

 Happy New Year!

January 4, 2018.

Hello everyone!

Power supply box has arrived the first working day of the year, and yesterday the Bitmain Antminer S9 13.5 T was started up.

Just a couple of words as the more detailed story a bit later. The first 24 hours of run time mined about 0.0021 BTC ($36 for the moment) with electricity consumption about 30kW and it is $ 5.4 per day.

Set up is easy without any problems. Noise? Not as bad although we are looking for noise reduction solution, either cold box or DIY box. There are some useful ideas on YouTube. Anyway not so bad as we thought about it.

Watch my quick video. The readable content after a couple of days.

Today is January 12th, 2018.
It is nine days since we started up bitcoin mining with Bitmain Antminer S9 13.5 T. Data you can see on pics.

It is not so much to explain just to say that miner is digging BTC and it is no any problems with cashout FIAT money. Nine days average electric power consumption is €5/$5.9 a day. Hot exhaust air slightly warms up the floor though converting the heat into the common house ground source heating system.


After ten days of operation with Antminer S9, some suggestions and observations have been found.

By experimenting with ambient temperature, I noticed that difference in fan speed (r/min) is about 1000 per 10C/50F, and it’s about 50 Watts. Actually, it is not so much $. From the beginning, I enjoyed the cold weather and kicked out the suction pipe outside the window.

Do not do it!

 It creates condensate and my miner has stopped mining for a couple of times. Fans are running just not mining as my pool dashboard shows-No active workers.

Fortunately, I understood it in time, and it’s ok now. I am not sure that it was the main cause, but it is no doubt that below zero intake air can result in condensation on video cards which is ultimately unacceptable.

Today was the second payout event and 0.02 BTC are in my wallet which fully covered my electricity power money and the net profit is accumulated in my account.

To be continued.


  1. Shannon

    I always get confused when bitcoin is mentioned. excuse me if i missed something.

    Does this machine give you an advantage in mining? if it causes a surge in power use but doesn’t guarantee advantage is it worth it?

    Bitcoins may be something i should look into as i am just finding out it can be cashed out. I was under the impression it could only be used on the dark web.

    I guess that’s what i get for not doing my own research!

    Thank you for posting,

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hello Shannon and thank you for taking the time to comment! 

      I mentioned in my post that some risk of investing in cryptocurrency exist. My first impression about bitcoin and other altcoins was almost the same. I do not wanna prove to anyone how good is investing money BTC but skipping all pros and maybe drawback about price fluctuations, the bitcoin is the same as $ or €. I can buy air tickets, pay for domains in Namecheap or cashout using MONACO VISA card and more. Antminer s9 is making money at least for the moment. Watch my today’s Youtube. Take care.

  2. Al

    So how do we buy? or did I miss something? Amazon link not working BTW

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks for stopping by. The first of all weird on Amazon link, I recheck and it works. We purchased directly from Bitmain.com

  3. Gomer Magtibay

    I always thought of mining as a process only done by giant companies that look like mega factories in industrial compounds. But after reading this article of yours, I was opened to a new world of mining and honestly, this looks tempting. It’s just that I got a bit shocked with the price of the device sold in Amazon. Do we have cheaper alternatives?

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Hi Gomer and thanks for finding time for comment.

      Regardless of recent Kylie’s post about concurrency and any rumors around it I am making the real $. Yes, it is mining and anyone can do it. I do not know about the future of bitcoin and is it safe to invest in crypto but my miner made about $ 220 for seven days. The most cheaper way to buy Antminer s9 is directly from producer Bitmain dot  com. The last price I noticed was $2300 but delivery in March or April. So it is in three or four-month. Not so difficult to calculate when you buy it right now for $6K on Amazon but the next day delivery.


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