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Is it Possible to Install GPS Tracker in Dogs?

By searching solution how to better watch over my dog I found a keyword phrase „GPS tracker in dogs. “  I  guess that some folks confuse an ID microchip implant vs. a GPS tracker for pets.

Technically GPS tracker cannot be „in” the dog. Even the smallest size of GPS tracker is far big to be integrated into the dog or cat under the skin as a grain size microchip. At least for civil use, maybe intelligence has such technologies.

I read an article that one company’s clients ask of possibility to get GPS enabled bank card.

I believe that such a technology today exists, just how much it will cost?

Let’s look at realistic things.

It is no secret that market today is full of garbage and fake marketing products and services. How to find the more or less good offer? It is not so easy, especially if you are searching in the unknown sphere. It’s so easy to be fooled, but we are learning from mistakes.

So, how about the industry of GPS tracking for dogs and cats?

I honestly admit that have no big practical experience except some experiments with GPS tracker for car.

Actually, no matter what is the trackable object the principle is the same. You can read more detailed in my previous posts just in the nutshell how it works.

Tracker device includes GPS receiver, power supply, and signal transmitting unit which normally is GSM cellular network but also may be Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Iridium satellite communication system, HidenSeek and some other transmitters. On demand or scheduled GPS tracker transmits geographical position obtained by satellites and you can see it on the screen of smartphone, tablet or computer. Very simple, is it?

Sounds great but in real life not always everything is so smooth as we would like.

I still searching the best GPS tracker for the dog in the market and hope to find one until the end of the writing the present post.

Although the main features for trackers are the same, there are also some differences between GPS trackers for cars, trackers for boats, drones and GPS tracker for pets.

How I see what is the ideal device to find my dog quickly.

I will skip advice like keep your dog at home or always keep dogs on leash. No doubt that there are some designated or not places where you should keep a dog next to you. It is the other story. Just it is well known that dogs tend to run away.

What are main reasons for it?

-Trying to get home when you recently moved;

-Habit, somehow related to above;


-Loneliness or boredom;

-Something scares them;

-Something excites them;

-It’s easy and some more.

Every of these reasons has some tips to cope with like training your pup, mending fences and so.

This time, what to do and how to painlessly find your friend when it has already run away.

Finally, I have reached the topic theme, and one of the most modern solutions is GPS tracker for dog.

What I consider is important and essential for this device and may be not so needed for other trackers:

 -time interval, how long time frame between demand and feedback from tracker;

-possibility to be found in heavily obscured places (basements, tunnels, high buildings, etc.);

-durability and waterproof;

-battery life;


A Little bit more detailed what I mean.

Time is essential as a dog is always moving and even a couple of minutes’ delay could lead to an empty place. Even more, an accuracy of the GPS position varies and depends on many factors. So, as stronger is a tracker hardware as a position of an object is more precise. One of the solutions is the possibility to receive multiple satellite systems data as Russian GLONASS and in near future European Galileo satellite navigation system. Logically, such a device would cost a lot.

One detail I forget to mention, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi feature for close range direct connection with the tracker unit to get exact position.

I would like to notice that even multi satellite systems receiver equipped trackers can not be located when it is under heavy cover. So, when a dog is into the deep underground spaces than a little or no chances is to find him. The only way is to follow the past track and try to use a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi feature to establish the connection between GPS tracker and your smartphone.

Maybe I miss something important. You are very welcome to correct or add and with a common effort find the best solution.

Where to begin and how to separate the search results. My favorite place is Amazon customers reviews for information. Why not start with digging in shelves of this huge online retailer?

Let’s take a look at the device which tick all the boxes, well, almost all.

Find My Pet Nano GPS Dog Tracker is the first which fell into my eyes.

From Amazon

„… WI-FI AND BLUETOOTH ENABLED: Unlike most GPS dog trackers, the Find My Pet Nano can track accurately indoors and out using existing WI-FI and Bluetooth signals, No passwords needed! How is that for peace of mind! It’s also Waterproof & has a Rechargeable Battery. “ Read more here

GPS, GLONASS, and QZSS 18mm tuned antenna.

What to add, almost everything I wished to have. Battery life never is enough, so daily recharge is only a gained habit, like an iPhone or another cutting edge smartphone to be charged daily.

It takes a time for me to read almost all fifty reviews but it is worth to read them.

I found in some one-two stars reviews a lack of instruction how to set up a device and app. Strange, it takes a minute to find Nano App Tutorial.


 It is the one to put on the must-have list. Some flaws like Geo fence issue or Tech Support slow response is not a big deal for me. Size is okay for our 6 kg Chihuahua dog and price for about $80 is quite reasonable.

Is it better than others? Never know before try.

Even though I already found what I wanted, I continued to look at others and whether they met my requirements. Correct me if I am wrong, but even amongst so popular Tractive, Whistle or Tagg GPS trackers, I did not find the right one.

Let’s return to the beginning of this post. GPS tracker in dogs still is a future option as the size of the device is too large and intended to be attached to the collar.

Take care of your dog.



  1. Douglas

    I am not sure what you are doing in this site.Are you here to advise dog owners how to find their pets with a gps tracker or are you seeking advice as to a better way. Sorry but i did not find this site very helpful.i believe this whole site is to sell this one product.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks for stopping by. In fact, I wanted to say that market is full of useless GPS trackers and I tried to find one which is more or less suitable for dog search. I set the requirements, and I found that Nano basically meets these requirements. I guess that you have more experience about GPS tracking for dogs so it will be kind of you to share an experience.
      And one more thing. Many people think that the trackers are making a magic wand after reading manufacturers ads of the product. Very few know the basics of GPS (Global Positioning System) how it works and GPS tracking particularly. There are so many factors to be taken into account for good GPS tracker for dogs. I found on the net that many people think that dogs ID chip the same as GPS tracker and searching information about offers online. Thanks a lot.

  2. Rachael Christensen

    Hey Andrei. I’ve just had a read of your article and to be honest I am just as confused as Douglas. There doesn’t seem to be a clear direction for your site. Nothing that gives us as readers any clues as to where you’re looking to communicate not just with this article, but with your entire site. Can I suggest that you maybe simplify things a little and rather than being too concerned with using big complex words that you just make your articles more conversational. You’ll find that if you write as if you are having a chat with your reader that things become so much easier and you’re not worrying about sounding like a dictionary. Simple is always best. I’m assuming that English is not your first language so you are doing fantastically well all things considered. This truly is a great effort. Keep it up and you’ll get there. No one get’s everything right on their first attempt so don’t be disheartened. You’ll get the hang of this eventually and be writing like a pro soon enough! Good luck and all the best on your journey xx

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks Rachel for criticism and advice and you are right regarding language, mistakes writing style. No one is perfect and all of us learning all the time, I hope so. When it comes to this post, I really can not understand what is incomprehensible. In a nutshell again. It is not a post just to add content to my site, in fact, I try to give a real value and advice to my readers. For the given post about GPS tracker for dogs. Hopefully for those who search for such a solution for dogs watching a GPS tracker is not an unknown solution. I just wanna warn them that need to think twice before you spend money and do not consider it to be a magic wand.

  3. Karen Noone

    Well I didn’t even know you could get Gps trackers for dogs so I did learn something from your article. I am a toy poodle owner and think that the one you reviewed would be too big and it is quite expensive?
    Finding one that is suitable would be useful as it is always a worry that your dog will get lost especially if distracted easily when off lead on the park. Thankfully this has not happened but I would be interested in your views once you have tried the product you reviewed.
    With Grace and Gratitude

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thank you, Karen, for stopping by. I definitely give you to know about my experience of Find My Pet Nano GPS tracker. I really mean to buy it if only I will not find better one.

  4. Guy Lafranz

    I shared this with my wife we are looking for a chip for our dogs and this was informative.

    1. Andrejs (Post author)

      Thanks for stopping by. I just wanna remind that ID microchip implant is compulsory almost everywhere and it is mainly when a dog is gone or lost. The chip contains information about the owner to return a pet. Size of GPS tracker does not allow implant it. It allows following the dog’s track by using GPS satellite signal and transmits a position to the owner via GSM network.


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