Let’s call it „Live view fishing“- incredible possibilities of Garmin Panoptix PS31 Forward Transducer.

garmin panoptics transducer

It is not just an ordinary sonar or echo sounder; it is in real time and real picture around your boat like Garmin say „All-Seeing is Believing “.

I was learning a hydrographic survey and different professional technical means of echo sounding. I even had the opportunity to participate in a hydrographic trawling expedition. So I know a little bit about such transducers, but….?

 But I could not imagine that this technology will be available to any angler or amateur scuba diver. As I remember these devices cost astronomical sums. I suppose 1.5K for Garmin Panoptix PS31 Forward Transducer could be affordable for many fishermen.

I did not know.

I do not expect that many anglers, scuba divers or simply occasional boaters even know about an existence of such a device. I did not know.

For those techie guys who are familiar with and maybe even enjoy fishing with this gorgeous invention you can skip my post and „Enjoy your fishing day!“

For others, I’ll try to give a short overview of Panoptix™ PS31 Forward Transducer.

„Panoptix™ all-seeing sonar is the most unique and innovative sonar on the water. Available exclusively from Garmin, it gives you the ability to see fish swimming, see your lure, even see fish attack your lure — and see it all live and in real time. It even shows you 3-D images of fish and structure around your boat.“ The short and clear description from the Garmin website.

I would not like to overwrite what producer stated in its description just my two cents.

The first of all it is Garmin product and just based on this reason it is worth to look on this device.

So, do not fall for cheap imitations.

Secondly, the price of $1.5K. Not unreachable but not too unrealistic to as $ 50- $ 150 for the scrap that can be found in some fake marketplaces. It can not cost less than the price of precious metals like gold and platinum integrated into the High-Tech schemes of PanOptix transducer. So, do not fall for cheap imitations.

Unfortunately, still not found any users comments on my favorite Amazon.com pages but there are some Youtube videos which show the benefits of angling by using this Garmin Panoptix PS31 Forward Transducer. You can see on compatible Garmin device (most of the echoMAP series and GPSMAP series) screen the bait and how fish is approaching, chases and finally catch it almost every foot around your boat in a range about 100 feet.

It is literally Live View Fishing and it fundamentally changed a way of fishing.

It is short about advantages for fishing.

For me and I suppose for every reputable boater, very crucial is safety on the water.

The PanOptix sonar offering us a safe navigation feature. Particularly when it comes to sailing in uncharted and unknown waters.

…even scuba diver or submerged log will be clearly indicated

It is so clear and understandable. The sonar beam is continuously scanning up to 300-foot forward range. You will not miss any obstacles even scuba diver or submerged log will be clearly indicated on the attached Garmin device screen. When sailing in shallow waters, a safe depth alarm could be set.

There is speed limit set for safe operating up to 20 knots but no way to fishing on such a speed and navigating in shallow unfamiliar waters on high speed is highly dangerous.

I am very interested in Garmin Panoptix PS31 Sonar. Need to wait a little time for a bit more information from real users to make the decision of buying it.

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