Product: Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver
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Weight 13.6 ounces

Dimensions 5.7 x 1.9 x 3.2 inches

Display Size 3.7 inches
Display Resolution 480 x 320
Warranty 365 Days (Parts)/ 365 Days (Labor)

My Rating: 8 out of 10


Recently I met with in my opinion an excellent GPS navigation system – Garmin GPSMAP 478 GPS Receiver.

it can be easily used on boat as well as in your car

What so cool is in this device? This Garmin GPS receiver began to produce for many years Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver ago, and satnav technologies have in the meantime taken a significant step forward. But why is it still today are quite satisfactory purchased?

The main reason for me is durability and multipurpose. I mean that it can be easily used on the boat as well as in your car. You even could not switch it off. Just unplug from boat charger, if it used, and put on car’s dashboard.

Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver comes with preloaded Marine Detail Charts Of The United States Coastline and Alaska and Hawaii included.

If you want to used it as street navigator not necessary even switch it over or change something in menu. Just enter “Destination Home” and the device will guide you to sweet home doors.

From seller it in standard packaging this Garmin GPS is Preloaded With City Navigator Nt Detailed Street Maps Of The United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

‘Hey Siri play music”

As stated in the manual as additional options are weather data on the display and even satellite radio with optional GXM 30 antenna. The time is ticking, and such features are not so actual today. Almost everyone has a smartphone in his pocket, and information, such as weather forecast or any genre of music you love is ”Hey Siri play music” away.

Those additional options some five-six years ago were good for overall trading competition but now rare any used.

What I like most in  Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver is simplicity. For years, tested and corrected navigation software as well as the marine charts and land road maps. Straight forward, navigate to your favorite fishing spot just keep safe 10 feet under keel clearance.

And the same in a car. Just find closest Burger King from points of interest stored in the unit and drive.

able to catch a satellite signal under rather solid ceiling

I find a rather wide range of reviews about this unit and found many pros and cons. For me the biggest cons are antenna. For me, it is important as latest iPhone and Samsung smartphones can catch a satellite signal under rather a solid ceiling. In some reviews read that for better sat signal reception is good to plug in outdoor antenna? Strange, as I see rather a big antenna fitted on the same unit.

I suppose that it took place years ago when those reviews were written. I know that new GPS generation satellites were launched last years, and terrestrial receiver signal receptions are significantly improved. I have a prove. Somehow I found old Garmin handheld GPS, which I navigated in 1998. No words that it was able just to get geographical coordinates and store about 100 waypoints in memory. I plotted my position on navigation map as well as a waypoint. Old classic fashion marine navigation just position has been obtained not by Celestial Objects as Sun or stars, but from GPS constellation.

old Garmin was excellent inside the yacht

So, I remember those days and there were no way to read GPS display readings down in Chart room because of the deck above my head. A month ago I try the same procedure and signal strength in my old Garmin were excellent inside the yacht with 5-8 satellites in view.

As other cons were found is a poor battery. That problem nowadays is almost every GPS receiver as well as smartphones. Not a big difference battery holds 4 or 24 hours, everywhere are available different charging possibilities as additional charger battery solar or even portable wind generators on the boat.

==>My verdict about Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver is<==

, durable, years proved and tested money worth GPS Navigation Device Not the best one in the market, but “THE BEST” is a subjective evaluation.

Stay Safe and drive with caution

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