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What is The Best Free GPS Navigation App?

Actually, I do not like the topic heading phrase, the best free GPS navigation app. Just people want to get The Best Things and it is just normal. From the other hand, it is hard to believe that The Best for Me always is the best for others. Therefore, my conclusions regarding GPS navigation apps more or less are subjective…
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Pioneer Navigation System AVIC-5200NEX as CarPlay Alternative

It is no secret that Pioneer car stereo has a good reputation. Pioneer AVIC-5200NEX DVD CD navigation receiver is one of the best examples how to stay on the top of car infotainment systems market as competition is very tough. As I often say, nothing is perfect, and there are no car infotainment and GPS navigation system which include absolutely…
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Distracted Driving Safety Tips Could Never Be Too Much.

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about cell phone dangers while driving and the main distracted driving safety tips are Do Not Use a phone if you are at the wheel. Before I even begin to write a short maybe silly question to everyone, Is it Safe to Drink and Drive?  Stupid question isn’t it. It is…
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Cell Phone Dangers While Driving Even Using GPS Navigation.

It is so obvious that cell phone dangers while driving exists. Not only typing and speaking but even using GPS navigation could lead to the car accident. This problem is well known, but I became interested after I’ve read the article on the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal regulations related to the ban on the use of phone’s GPS app while…
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