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Magellan GPS

Short About Magellan GPS Content Manager

Before I try to answer the question, what is Magellan GPS content manager, a couple of words about the brand? Statistics show that Magellan is the second followed by TomTom, but on the first podium is Garmin GPS for everyday use brand. These are just the stats, and it doesn’t mean that one is much better than other. Everyone has…
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Magellan Roadmate GPS Ever Going to be in My Car?

Answering the title question about Magellan Roadmate GPS system I would say, it’s only when a GPS device I would have got for free. Magellan has declared themselves as a leading portable GPS navigation consumer electronics company. Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California. I never had Magellan portable sat nav device but many various reviews have been…
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